Why has Khadra Ahmed Duale been sacked?

Khadra was dismissed from the government after the President was pressured by

Why has Khadra Ahmed Duale been sacked?

Khadra Duale

Former Minister for Trade and Industry, Khadra Ahmed Duale

According to information obtained by the Indian Ocean Newsletter, the minister for trade and industry, Khadra Ahmed Duale (Dir/Issaq/Haber Jelo), was dismissed from the government on 3 January after pressure was brought to bear on President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo (Darod/Marehan), his prime minister Hassan Ali Khayre (Hawiye/Murusade) and their inner circle. This follows the minister’s decision to embark on an overhaul of the board of the Chamber of Commerce and to remove powerful members of the Hawiye/Habar Gidir clan. After their dismissal, they took their grievances to the highest level and warned that if Khadra Ahmed Duale was not herself sacked, it would have repercussions for the security situation in Mogadishu.
Source: ION, February 02, 2018
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Farmajo’s cry for help

On 11 August, the minister of foreign affairs, Yusuf Garaad Omar, addressed a letter to the American ambassador Stephen Schwartz in which he ‘appealed to the American army for urgent military assistance’ to confront a ‘system of terror’ being threatened by the Islamist extremists of Al Shabaab . The letter did not warn the USA of an imminent danger but simply of the existence of a ‘surface mining operation at a uranium deposit in the Galmudug region […] whose contents are reportedly being exported to Iran’. Hardly a reason for a new arms race in the region, although the minister does write that ‘every day the enemies of America are obtaining material for manufacturing nuclear weapons’. However, confronted by this long-term threat, the minister warns that Islamic State is actively involved and that ‘the time for surgical strikes is past and we need to crush the Al Shabaab elements operating on our territory’.

The true reason behind this desperate appeal lies elsewhere: President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo has realised that his election was due to a confluence of circumstances which were ephemeral and that various Hawiye sub-clans – in particular the powerful Habar Gidir – are eager for his downfall. His own family of Darod clans is too vast and too little interested in his survival to save his skin. Yusuf Garaad Omar’s aim was to remind the Americans that Farmajo is a US citizen and that there is therefore ‘a special bond between our two countries’. In the era of Donald Trump, there is perhaps some doubt about that.
Source: ION, September 08, 2017
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Habar Gidir clan looking to the United States

Two representatives of the Habar Gidir clan resident in Virginia (USA) – the intellectual Mohamoud Iman Adan and the former ambassador Ali Hassan Gulaid – hired the Washington legal firm Steven M. Schneebaum PC (SMS) on 16 December to help them in their legal fight against the American government. They plan to claim against the US government on behalf of their clan for compensation due to the US Operation Michigan military intervention in Somalia in 1993. According to them, Washington will have to channel the damages via NGOs created for this purpose to avoid any possibility of embezzlement. But especially, they demand that the USA also promote the aims of the Habar Gidir clan and defend its efforts to support the Mogadishu government.

The two lawyers in the American practice hired, Arin Melissa Brenner and Steven M. Schneebaum, will each receive an advance payment of $20,000 followed by two more payments of the same amount during 2015. More importantly, in the event that their legal action is successful, they will get 15% of the sums awarded in compensation to the Habar Gidir clan by the American government. Schneebaum is no newbie in Somalia; he was involved in gathering information in 2010 for legal proceedings against the regime of the late Mohamed Siad Barre in Somalia, for its alleged violence.
Source: ION, January 02, 2015
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