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  Re:Bosaso Contemporary History

Thanks to Roobdoon Forum to their historical researches about the city of Bosaso and it's background civilization, we know that no body can be proud if he/she were not given something to be proud about.

Looking back on a past situation of events makes easy to understand when we were settled here and where we come from before Bosaso.

In learning the earlier civilization and contemporary ancestors has a great influence to the next generations on any society on earth.  I believe that (Moracase clan) and have Mooracse country created in certain date, I remarked the Huge Maintains and smaller peoples were  same in age.

The Axmed Harti are the indigenous of Bosaso city and naturally based the area of the city and it's vicinities and constituents in any claim against this will be null and void. and reason being there are so many tangible proves for who owns Bosaso were the first pioneering tribes. all available sources  of historical information about this holy city has correctly pointed out That Mooracase (ex) Dishiishe and Kabtanleh were the first pointers of Bosaso who come down from near villages before they settled Bosaso.

Some traditional historical version  says when Majeerteens come down to Bosaso in later part of last century, Dishiishe and Kabtanleh have already been settled there more than two centuries. among this Proves and live evidence is the remaining part of our earlier buildings  on painted massive stone building houses of which still stand in the centre of the City. to gather with Maps and statement Carto Corresettee and Gulio Baladccia, the earlier  Italian explorers who visited in Banderqasim during 1906-1909 and the subsequent colonial administration who put Dishiishe at the top of the tribe list who inhibits in Bosaso .

   By Abirizak Nooh Mohamed
                   Bosaso Somalia

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Bosaso contemporary History (
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