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SNM, SPM Rebels Issue Joint Communiqué


(Clandestine) Radio of the Somali National Movement Somali 1500 GMT 19 Nov 89

[From “Xog-Ogaal” program]

[Excerpt] Following talks between the Executive Com­mittee of the Somali National Movement [SNM] and a delegation from the Executive Committee and the Cen­tral Committee of the Somali Patriotic Movement [SPM] held in a fraternal atmosphere at the headquarters of the SNM, the two sides issued the following communiqué.

The two sides discussed the critical situation occurring in Somalia today, the position of the opposition forces, and the level of the liberation struggle, and expressed their identical views on all these issues. The two sides also expressed the need for collaboration, unity, and cooperation among Somali opposition forces in general, and in particular between the SNM and the SPM, which is a prerequisite for expediting the collapse of the Siyaad Barre regime and the formation of a nationalist demo­cratic system by the Somali people that will serve their interests.

The SPM hailed the protracted armed struggle waged by the SNM for the freedom of the Somali people, in which concrete victories have been scored, and which has encouraged the Somali people in all parts of the country to take up arms.

The SNM for its part welcomed the birth of the SPM, which has joined in the armed struggle against the fascist regime, and it hailed the speedy victories it has scored in the areas of its operation. The SNM also pledged assis­tance in experience and military hardware to its twin organization, the SPM.

The SNM and the SPM believe [words indistinct] the dictatorial Siyaad Barre regime which they view as [words indistinct].

Two, the propaganda spread by the regime regarding talks with the opposition, the establishment of a multi­party system in the country, and the holding of elections, are a ploy aimed at confusing the struggle of the Somali people and the international community, and the two sides affirm that holding talks with the regime would be immoral. Anyone taking part in such talks would be deemed by the Somali people to be no different from the criminal Siyaad Barre.

Finally, the SNM and the SPM have adopted the fol­lowing two resolutions:

(1) To adopt a unified position on internal and external political policy.


(2) To cooperate in military matters, such as carrying out joint operations, the dispatching of fighters to any group that needs assistance. The SNM and the SPM also jointly condemn the policy and cannibalistic actions of the dictatorial regime and any government, institution, or group which extends assistance to it, in massacring Somali people, and violating their rights.

The SPM and the SNM call on the Somali people everywhere join in the armed struggle against the fascist regime, and to beware of Dictator Siyaad Barre’s tricks in setting one Somali group against another. The two sides also call on troops still loyal to the Siyaad Barre regime to join in the struggle for the freedom of the Somali people. The two sides call on the international community not to assist the oppressive regime. [passage omitted]


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