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Somalia`s New Tongue Twisting Names
By Roobdoon Forum

How to Start
Your Own Xubin and Waax Country

By Roobdoon forum

Carrab Lo'aad Caws Looma Tilmaamo
By C/fataax Faamo(RF)
Running as a Nation Watches
Roobdoon Forum
New Beginning
in Muslim World
Islamist Vs Islamist
Hammiga Waliid & Hangoolka UNPOS
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Puntland: A Quisling Scheme
Roobdoon Forum

Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Axmed Harti
By M B Dubbe

Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Maxamuud Harti
By M B Dubbe






Somali Pirates Demand $2 Million Ransom for German Hostages
An intermediary in the negotiations for the hostages` release told Deutsche Presse-Agentur that the couple are in good health and being treated well, although the man suffers from diabetes and has not had access to insulin for several days....
Ethiopian Government Prepares Assault on Civil Society
Ethiopia` government should immediately abandon plans to impose strict government controls and draconian criminal penalties on nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International said today...
Interview With Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayif on Latest Terrorist Arrests
Prince Nayif tells Al-Sharq al-Awsat that 90% of those arrested in the recent operations are Saudi nationals; the turmoil in Iraq has brought the terrorist threat closer; we do not rule out the possibility that Al-Qaeda may have alternative schemes; we shall crush anyone that threatens our security...
Germany: Fight Against Sea Piracy Ensnared in Domestic Policy Disputes
On Tuesday, the kidnapped Lehmann Timber and the Rockall will be on the agenda of a cabinet meeting; all departments concerned will be represented. If the coalition is willing to act, things may go pretty fast; the German Navy is still cruising in the region....
Spain thanks Somalia Over boat hijacking, pledges food aid
Spanish Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos held a working meeting in Madrid today with Somali prime minister, Nur Adde , with whom he discussed the hijacking of the Spanish fishing boat Playa de Bakio in April by a group of pirates in Somali waters....
Somalia: MYM Claims Attack on Ethiopian Forces in Galguduud Province
Mujahidin Youth Movement claims responsibility for attacking Ethiopian forces in the city of Jar`il in central Somalia, resulting in the killing of a number of Ethiopian troops. The statement is attributed to the Sada al-Jihad Media Center of the Global Islamic Media Front...
Will Africa take action against Zimbabwe`s Mugabe?
Monday, at a meeting of African leaders in Egypt, Mugabe faces a critical personal test. Will the African Union join the international community in pushing for new sanctions, even military intervention, in Zimbabwe?...
Somali Foreign Minister Criticizes Eritrea, Views Recent Accord with Opposition
Foreign Minister Ali Ahmad Jama tells Al-Sharq al-Awsat Eritrea plays a negative role and funds the opposition. He called on the African summit in Sharm al-Shaykh to support his country`s efforts for the deployment of international forces. He refrained from criticizing the Arab League...
Olmert Does not Accept Iranian Possession of Nuclear Weopons
Olmert: I think the key is to understand that Israel cannot under any circumstances accept that a country calling for its destruction can have nuclear weapons. That is all. Also Tehran `targeting Israeli reactor` ...
Envoy Says Uranium Mining in Somalia Russian Prerogative
Somalia is rich in uranium, which has been prospected by Soviet and Russian companies. We are adherent to the agreement, which gives Russians preferential rights to mine uranium...
Saudi Interior Ministry Spokesman, on Al-Qaeda`s Exploitation of Religion
Major General Mansur al-Turki, the official spokesman of the Saudi Interior Ministry, has said that there are factions that are exploiting the religious character of the Saudi people in order to influence them and manipulate their emotions so as to recruit them and control them...
Italian Commentary Sees Control of Oil As Demographic `Weapon` in Hands of Islam
In order to make ends meet, our fellow Italians not only abstain from procreating, but are also forced to go for low-cost products which come from countries, such as China, which are already starved of energy of their own to keep up with this growing demand....
Afduubayaashii Laasqoray oo Madaxfurasho Dalbaday
Bosaso: Sidii caadadu ahayd ayey Afduubayaashii Laasqoray dalabdeen Madaxfurasho lagu sheegay $1,000,000(1Milion us dollar)...
Why should Barack Obama`s religion matter?
The presumptive presidential candidate of the Democratic Party is vilified on the question of his faith, often accused of being a “closet Muslim” _ thus, supposedly, bearing wicked plans to destroy this country from within....
Jihadists’ warning to UAR Rulers
"O rulers of the Emirates, after 10 days of the publication of this message, if the situation does not change in every emirate, we will consider this message to be null and we will take it to indicate a formal confession on your part of your apostasy....
Al-Qa`ida Figure Al-Libi Urges Somali `Mujahidin` To Only Accept `Islamic State`
The departure of the Ethiopian occupation forces and their replacement by any other forces, such as the peacekeeping forces, will not change the situation at all....
Al-Qa`ida Leader Al-Libi Says Somali Peace Agreement `Big Conspiracy`
Abu-Yahya al-Libi says: all the "mujahidin" should know that this agreement is an inseparable part of "a big conspiracy" and "covert vindictiveness" of the "enemies" of Islam that aim to control your land and "appease" Muslim nations....
UN Envoy to Somalia Views Djibouti Agreement Between Government, Opposition
Speech delivered by UN Special Envoy to Somalia Ahmad Ould Abdallah at the Chatham House Institute in London...
Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood history and policies
The interviewers question Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood Official on a number of issues concerning the positions and agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan, and its affiliation with the global Muslim Brotherhood movements. ...
Uways Says Opposition Alliance Might Replace Sharif at Asmara Meeting
Uways accused Shaykh Sharif of violating the Coalition`s strategy and main objectives by recently signing a unilateral agreement in Djibouti with Somali Prime Minister Nur Hasan Husayn, under the aegis of Special UN Envoy to Somalia Ahmad Ould Abdallah....
Arab Writer Views Arab League Chief`s Argument With Israeli President in Jordan
Musa`s anger is legitimate and can be justified. However, it was directed at the wrong person. Such remarks should also be directed more severely and openly at Peres`s friends, the Arab leaders...
For Yemen`s Leader, a Balancing Act Gets Harder
With an insurrection rising in the south as well, the turmoil has renewed fears that this conservative Muslim country of 23 million, a longtime haven for jihadists, could collapse into another Afghanistan. ...
Russia: US Aims to Maintain its Position of Leading International Power
A leader of the "neoconservatives" says: "With the ending of the Cold War we really needed an obvious ideological enemy, one worthy in ambitions, which could unite us in opposition to it." This statement became the conceptual prime source of the doctrine of the "New American Century."...
Analyst Views `Ferocity` of Western Media`s `Coordinated Assault` on Zimbabwe
All reportage illustrates Mugabe as a mindless dictator despite the fact that his party actually won the popular vote in the House of Assembly and Senate elections....
Jihadist involvement ruled out in Italian aid workers` abduction in Somalia
According to nagging rumours, the two Italians have been sold to another gang by the group that captured them on 21 May. In fact, they may even have changed hands a couple of times....
Opposition website says Eritrea lost "25-30" soldiers in Djibouti clashes
Eritrean officials always keep their casualties a secret until the mission is complete or the war is concluded. But according to our military sources, Eritrea has lost 25-30 soldiers and that over 100 have sustained injuries....
Arab writer thinks USA will withdraw from Iraq no matter which candidate wins
The new American president will use his image as a man who understands and knows the mistakes of the previous president and the need for a new period and page to deal and develop relations with friends and enemies alike. ...
President Yusuf says Qatar "helped destabilize Somalia"
Yusuf: I want to tell the government of Qatar that the day will come when the Arab people hold accountable all those who helped destabilize Somalia. The Qatari Government can rectify its policies towards us, and his includes the hostile rhetoric used in its media outlets...
Libya`s Kadhafi slams Sarkozy`s Mediterranean Union project
Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi Tuesday lashed out at the controversial Mediterranean Union project aimed at linking Europe with six countries of North Africa which French President Nicolas Sarkozy is due to launch officially July 13 in Paris....
Saudi Editorial: Freedom Institute `Cozy Club For Unemployed Neoconservatives`
"Freedom Institute" has that nice Orwellian ring to it and is, without doubt, destined to be a cosy club for unemployed neoconservatives -- a peaceful haven where they can hatch yet more plans for world domination between teeing-off....
Back to the Drawing Board
Groups of Somali intellectuals, as well as United States officials, have been trying to map out what a federal state would look like. ...
French Forces to Join Djibouti Army Against Eritreans When Needed
France had started to send strong reinforcements to back Djibouti in these difficult times in addition to sending medical teams, evacuating the wounded, setting up military means in the region, and intensifying the reconnaissance sorties....
Commentary Urges Us to avert Possible Islamic Terrorism in Somali Crisis
The vicinity of Somalia, and the catastrophic decision to send the racist thugs of tyrant Zenawi (with American intelligence) to Mogadishu precipitated the events. ...
Commentary Says Libyan Leader Intends To Play Godfather at Cen-Sad Summit
The CEN-SAD is the means by which the Jamahiriya and its leader have found to play in the court of the great in Africa. The last mishap of a will as blundering as it is obstinate to search for the conservation of Libyan influence south of the Sahara...
Former Israeli Minister Urges Caution on Obama`s Pro-Israeli Stands
I could not help but wonder: How is it possible that a leader who has just delivered such a pro-Israeli, pro-Jewish, and pro-Zionist speech had never been really active in our affairs before?...
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