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Somalia`s New Tongue Twisting Names
By Roobdoon Forum

How to Start
Your Own Xubin and Waax Country

By Roobdoon forum

Carrab Lo'aad Caws Looma Tilmaamo
By C/fataax Faamo(RF)
Running as a Nation Watches
Roobdoon Forum
New Beginning
in Muslim World
Islamist Vs Islamist
Hammiga Waliid & Hangoolka UNPOS
Roobdoon Forum
Puntland: A Quisling Scheme
Roobdoon Forum

Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Axmed Harti
By M B Dubbe

Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Maxamuud Harti
By M B Dubbe






Writer Laments US Presidential Candidates` `Absolute` Support for Israel
The "circus" of the presidential primaries ended with a public auction among the three candidates (Obama, Clinton, and McCain) on who can guarantee Israel`s security more than the other. ...
Satellites confirm Ethiopia destruction - US group
Satellite images confirm reports that the Ethiopian military has burned towns and villages in the remote Ogaden region....
Libyan leader attacks Obama, calls on him to change US Mideast policy
Al-Qadhafi said: "We were surprised that our African brother when he came out with statements which stunned people in Africa. We hope that it is just electioneering." Al-Qadhafi alleged that Obama was seeking to court the Jewish vote....
Writer Slams Saudi Clerics Who Signed `Hatred Statement` Against Shi`ite Sect
A small group of religious scholars in the kingdom have released a statement signed by 22 figures that deals with the topic of the Shi`ite danger. ...
Two dead in Djibouti, Eritrea border clash
Patrick Smith, editor of the Africa Confidential newsletter said: "Eritrea is sending out a warning to Djibouti in particular saying if it chooses to go with Ethiopia then it`s opening itself up to conflict with Asmara"....
Italian Commentary Hails Bush as `West`s Warrior`
The American President will be in Rome and will be received by Napolitano as well as by Berlusconi. Also, the Pope wishes to tell the American President that he represents the sign of the permanence of Christianity in modernity and beyond!!...
Will piracy never be sunk?
The most realistic way of combating piracy is cooperation between militarily strong countries in protecting navigation in problem areas. A united squadron of ships set up on the basis of a broad coalition (NATO countries, Russia, and the Gulf states) could effectively counter piracy off Somalia....
US Senate Proceedings
US Senate Proceedings Senator Feingold: The United States has a critical interest in establishing a secure and stable government and society in Somalia. I support the U.S. strategy in Somalia and believe that the only way to stabilize the country is through political reform. ...
Ethiopia’s presence in Somalia justified
Ambassador Retta: Ethiopian defence forces entered Somalia in December 2006 at the invitation of the TFG and city elders in Somalia. The movement was and is supported by the international community, including the African Union and UN Security Council....
Press Releases: Agreement in Djibouti
Press Releases from US, UN, AU, Egypt, and Russia state that they welcome the agreement between the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and the Opposition Alliance for the Liberation of Somalia....
Kuwaiti Writer Calls on Muslims to `Confront Intellectual Extremists`
A group of Arab intellectuals called for bringing a host of clerics, renowned for their fatwas …. Among the clerics the Arab intellectuals want to put on trial is Yusuf al-Qaradawi....
Somali Opposition Alliance To Meet Next Week To Dismiss Sheikh Sharif
Zakariya Mahamud: "the ARS Central Committee will meet next week to put an end to Sheikh Sharif`s betrayal of the ARS principles, cancel the unilateral decisions he has made, and reject the stances he has taken, which are opposed to the ARS policy."...
Obama-mania sweeps Africa, but could he deliver?
A Somali Tradesman said: "Obama`s successful election will not positively change the politics of Somalia ... Just like Bush, Obama is only concerned about Israel but never mentioned any hope for Somalia."...
Who is the Threat to the Mecca Dialogue?
“Regardless of how hard non-Muslims try to insult Islam, it is Muslim extremists who are threatening Islam today and not the followers of other religions.”...
Phobia War Between Islam and the West, Is there a Winner?
Mohamed Mestiri, director of the International institute of Islamic Thought in Paris, considers that action and reaction keep the fire of the "phobia" war blazing; it is a war between the extremists, those belonging to the Islamic culture, and those belonging to the western culture....
MYM Commander Shaykh Al-Zubayr Sends Message to Global Jihad Leaders
"There is no dialogue or negotiations with the ignorant of the secularists, nationalists, and all apostates. Shaykh Muhammad Bin Abd-al-Wahab stated: `These tyrants who people believe it is a duty to obey instead of God are all apostates from Islam.”...
Saudi king, grand mufti, Rafsanjani address Islamic dialogue conference
Rafsanjani warns against le lack of security in the world. He says security should be established all over the world, particularly in poor countries. In this context, he gives the examples of Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan....
World Court to rule in Djibouti suit with France
President Ismael Omar Guelleh was accused of ordering Judge Bernard Borrel`s murder; however, the President has denied the charge and in turn accused France of trying to destabilize his country. ...
Osama`s brother`s Djibouti-Yemen bridge project
The Dubai-based construction company controlled by a half-brother of Osama Bin Laden, Tarek, is planning a 100 billion pounds project to connect Africa to the Arabian Peninsula with a bridge across the Red Sea...
Security Council Authorizes For Six Months `All Necessary Means`
Security Council Condemns Acts Of Piracy, Armed Robbery Off Somalia`s Coast, Authorizes For Six Months `All Necessary Means` To Repress Such Acts; Resolution 1816 (2008) Adopted Unanimously With Somalia`s Consent; Measures Do Not Affect Rights, Obligations Under Law Of Sea Convention ...
Forum Participant Posts Scholars` Opinions on Usama Bin Ladin
"Among the calamities that have afflicted many youth in our nation is their infatuation with the so-called Usama bin Ladin who went to the extreme in order to revive the Khawarij traditions and thrust it to the Salafist tradition, and he made legitimate his terrorist actions against the Arab Saudi Kingdom and other countries in the name of jihad.”...
Is there shame in work or this is part of clan warfare?
I see no shame in people, especially refugees working to eke a living. After all, there is no Somali who was born and brought up in a palace. ...
`I Really Hate Your Country’
“I know everybody who looted. They were my neighbours; some lived across the road. I gave sweets and chips to their children. I sometimes did their shopping for them. I lent them money … A woman across the road asked: `Where`s this man? We must put him six feet under tonight`.”...
Location Gives Tiny State Prime Access to Big Riches
“As a salt person, my first impression was why was all this salt just sitting here,“ said Daniel R. Sutton, an American salt miner who is overseeing a new $70 million operation to industrialize the collection of Djibouti`s plentiful salt. “There`s 50 square miles of salt. It runs 20 to 30 feet deep. This could be huge.“...
Warbixin ku Saabsan Degmada Waaciye
Waaciye ayaa ah degmooyinka ugu faca wayn deegannada Puntland iyadoo hadda u muuqata inay tahay degmooyinka ugu caansan deegannada Puntland. Mar aan booqannay degmada ayaan waxan halkaas ku soo aragnay horumar aad u ballaaran....
Analysis: Peace Talks Risk Deepening Political Fragmentation
Divisions surrounding the second round of Somali peace talks, scheduled to begin on 31 May in Djibouti, threaten to deepen Somalia`s complex crisis....
Abu Mansur Rooboow Discusses Progress of Jihad – Part II
“Which neighboring country is ready to host the mujahidin in its lands? Is it Ethiopia, the source of the Crusader rancor and the base of Orthodox extremism? Is it Kenya, the CIA`s stronghold and the base from which the campaigns to fight Islam are drawn up? Or is it Djibouti, the trap set for everyone, particularly the mujahidin and the believers?”...
Abu Mansur Rooboow Discusses Progress of Jihad – Part I
He says that the jihad in Somalia belongs to the "global jihadist movement" and calls for more foreign fighters to come to Somalia … [Jihadists] are hoping to restore the caliphate, which our honest Prophet told us about when he said: `Afterwards, a caliphate will be established according to the prophetic method....
Taliyihii Boliska Puntland oo shaqadii laga eryey
Garoowe:-Waxaa maanta xilkii Taliyenimo ee ciidanka Booliska ee maamulka Puntlland laga xayuubiyey S/guuto? C/casiis Saciid Maxamuud Gacmeey,waxaan xilka looga wareejiyey wareegto ka soo baxday Xafiiska Madaxtooyada ee Maamulka Puntlland....
Qaraxyada oo ku soo Badanaya Gudaha Magaalada Bosaso
Xalay ayay ahayd markii qarax lala beegsaday mid ka mid ah baabuurta ilaalada u ah madaxwayne-ku-xigeenka. Cabbaar ka dibna waxaa qarax lala beegsaday ganacsade reer Puntland ah Gurigiisa...
All Russian Seamen On Board Hijacked Ship Feel Well
The dry cargo ship Amiya Scan was hijacked by pirates off the shores of Somalia overnight to Tuesday. It was carrying an oil platform from Mombasa to the Romanian port of Constanta when it was attacked by pirates in the neutral waters of the Gulf of Aden....
Council of the European Union on Somalia
The Council is seriously concerned over the security situation in Somalia and its negative humanitarian and human rights consequences. The Council reaffirms its commitment to a comprehensive approach to a lasting settlement of the Somali crisis....
Chairman of Islamic Federation Said Optimistic About European Muslims` Future
Shakib makhluf says: Islam is no longer connected with an immigrant Muslim community, whose members came to one or another European country as cheap labor. Matters have changed and some members of the indigenous population have chosen to become Muslims themselves....
Mujahidin Youth Movement Posts Video of Battle in City of Diinsoor
The video is 20 minutes and 12 seconds long and shows the mujahidin entering the city of Diinsoor after a brief battle and then leaving the city after their leader delivered a speech to the welcoming residents of the city....
Eritrean president raps Ethiopian intervention in Somalia
Isayas said the Ethiopians were working at the behest of the USA, and that it was Eritrea`s right to support Somalia. He said UIC was "removed by an invasion, in spite of the decisions of the Security Council, which called on neighbouring countries not to intervene or even contribute....
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