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Somalia`s New Tongue Twisting Names
By Roobdoon Forum

How to Start
Your Own Xubin and Waax Country

By Roobdoon forum

Carrab Lo'aad Caws Looma Tilmaamo
By C/fataax Faamo(RF)
Running as a Nation Watches
Roobdoon Forum
New Beginning
in Muslim World
Islamist Vs Islamist
Hammiga Waliid & Hangoolka UNPOS
Roobdoon Forum
Puntland: A Quisling Scheme
Roobdoon Forum

Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Axmed Harti
By M B Dubbe

Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Maxamuud Harti
By M B Dubbe






Obama Photo Swaddled in Mystery of Its Intent
"If Barack Obama's campaign wants to suggest that a photo of him wearing traditional Somali clothing is divisive, they should be ashamed. Hillary Clinton has worn the traditional clothing of countries she has visited and had those photos published widely. ...
Ciidamadii Somaliland oo isaga Baxay Magaalada Badhan
Sida uu Biyokulule Online Telefoonka ugu sheegay, isaga oo ku sugan Badhan C/rashiid Camale waxa saacado ka hor halkaasi isaga baxay ciidankii iyo Baaburtii tiknikada ahaa ee Somaliland oo maanta gelinkii dambe joogay Badhan.; iyo warar kale oo dheeraad ah....
Weli Markabkii Sviter Korsakov sidii buu u qafaalan yahay!
Weli wax iska badelay ma laha xaaladda markabka Svitzer Korsakov, oo lagu qafaashay xeebta Eyl laga soo bilaabo bishan February 01, 2008....
Jihadis use foreign phone networks
Security sources told The Weekend Australian there was concern the phones were predominantly being sold to young Muslim Somalis who were vulnerable to extremist messages. Agents believe the primary seller of the phones is a Somali community member from Melbourne's northern suburbs....
UN envoy: Sec Council must end impunity in Somalia
Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah said many Somalis pointed to international prosecutors working on criminal cases in other African nations like Liberia and Uganda, and could not understand why no one was being blamed for their country's woes....
Ethiopia reportedly supporting former Premier Gedi as next Somali president
Because the Ethiopian government cannot forget the sincerity of former Somali premier Ali Muhammad Gedi, it has now invited him to its capital, Addis Ababa, in order to support him to become Somalia's president in the next elections....
Extension of peace mission's mandate not enough, says government
Abdi Haji Gobdon said: "Only a much stronger and robust UN force can make a difference to the Somali situation." He said that given the country's state of insecurity, the small AU force would not be able to help in stabilization efforts....
Al-Jazeera panellists discuss Bush's African tour, "rivalry" with China over oil
"By controlling the African oil, the United States can diversify its oil imports," noting that China "is obstructing US efforts in Africa." ...
Security Council Extends Authorization of African Union Mission in Somalia
The Security Council this afternoon extended its authorization of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) for a further period of six months, until 20 August. ...
Axmed Saciid Awnuur oo Sheegay inaysan dowladdu u dulqaadan doonin musharrax dambe.
Waayadan dambe ayaa shaashadaha Puntland waxaa ka muuqanayay musharaxiin iyagu ka imaanaya dibadda iyo kuwa dalka horay u joogay....
Talks with pirates who hijacked Switzer tug boat off Somalia’s coast continue
Details of the negotiations are not being disclosed for the sake of the crew's safety, a source said. ...
Safarkii Madaxweynaha DGPL ee Dalka Itoobiya oo rajo xumo ku soo dhamaaday kadinba u soo Gdubay Dhinaca Imaaratka
Bishan aynu ku jirno horaanteedii ayaa wafdi uu hogaaminayo Madaxweynaha DGPL safar ku aadeen Dalka Itoobiya gaar ahaan Caasimada Dalkaasi ee Adis ababa...
Bosaso International School
Waxaa lagu qabtay school-kan “Bosaso School” Xaflad lagu gudoonsinayo shahaadooyin ardaydii gashay kaalinta koowad iyo labaad iyo saddexaad imtixaankii dhexe ee sannad dugsiyeedka Bosaso school. ...
Al-Jazeera TV talk show discusses relations between US, Islamic world
Al-Minshawi says: The Americans want to know what the Islamists, particularly an influential group like the Muslim Brotherhood, have in mind." ...
Facts about Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood
Charismatic schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna founded the Brotherhood in the Suez Canal town of Ismailia in 1928, partly in response to the British occupation of Egypt....
CIA Front Companies Closed Down
After spending hundreds of millions of dollars setting up as many as 12 of the companies, the agency shut down all but two after concluding they were ill-conceived and poorly positioned for gathering intelligence...
Tanzania: Local Oil Invites Americans
Traditional oil producers in the Middle East and Latin America are tightening grip on their resource. Which is why East Africa is believed to be the next oil frontier the West appears determined to hold onto....
Puntland minister says islamists to blame for insecurity in region
Mr Gaagaab further said that the issue of insecurity situation still prevails in the region and is being carried out by the remnants of the ousted Union of Islamic Courts and other insurgents who are opposed to peace and development in the region. ...
Somali Aide Denies Claims Sharif Ahmad Had Secret Meetings With US Officials
"No secret or public meetings took place recently between Shaykh Sharif Ahmad and US administration officials."...
African Union briefing Security Council on Somalia
The representative of the African Union this morning conveyed to the Security Council her organization's solemn appeal for urgent action to deploy a United Nations peacekeeping operation in Somalia...
Here Comes Again the Old Cliché of ‘Christian kingdom’
Defining Ethiopia as ‘the only Christian Kingdom or state’ is not a new phenomenon. Haile Salassie, the late emperor of Ethiopia, used the same tactics to persuade the west to give him weapons....
Tanzanian Muslims demonstrate against Bush visit
About 2,000 Muslims marched through Tanzania's capital on Friday and burned U.S. flags in protest against a visit by President George W. Bush....
Al-Shabaab Spokesman Eulogizes Senior Al-Qa'ida Leader
Here is a statement issued by Shaykh Mukhtar Roboow in which he eulogized Abu-al-Layth al-Libi, a senior leader of the Al-Qa'ida organization....
'Abu-Mansur al-Amriki' Condemns 'Courts,' Praises MYM Views, Bin Ladin
The Courts tried to steal the efforts of the MYM by claiming that they are controlling the jihad path and the events taking place on the ground from their hotels in Eritrea!...
Al-Arabiya TV programme examines suicide bombers' motives
"Those who recruit, train, and dispatch attackers to kill are teaching religion the wrong way, because the religion of Islam rejects all forms of aggression." ...
India Plans To Strenghen Ties With African Nations During April Summit
India is all set to follow China's footprints into Africa through an April summit where it hopes to rediscover old relations...
Unnamed Source Denies Plan for Somali Premier To Visit Asmara, Meet Opposition
Speaking to Al-Sharq al-Awsat by telephone from the Somali capital, Mogadishu, a high-ranking official in the Somali Government said Prime Minister Nur Adde has no plans to visit Asmara at present. ...
US Warships Fire On Somalian Pirates, Somalian Official Says
"Some of the artillery shells hit around the coastline but no human casualties were reported. Unfortunately the gangs escaped," Abdullahi Said, the district commissioner for Eyl....
Egyptian Islamic scholar Al-Qaradawi advocates limiting term of ruler
“It is true that Islam does not accept the culture of submissiveness and humiliation by the rulers, but it is also does not accept that if anyone becomes angry at another one he then should carry out an armed revolution…”...
Who is this Mad Mullah?
The Mad Mullah is a sort of African Washington and Napoleon rolled in one. With a temperamental veneer of Peter the Hermit. Like Washington, he wins his victories by defeats; like Napoleon, he dominates the imagination of his followers. His eleven years war has been like a conflict between a lion and a hawk, in which the lion has finally turned tail and fled....
New radio opens in Somalia as political forces jostle for media control
Idaacada Codka Nabada (Radio Voice of Peace) has joined Somalia's already crowded media scene. Reports indicate that the radio is a sister station to another Radio Voice of Peace, which broadcasts from northeastern Somalia region of Puntland....
Eritrea accuses USA of playing "game of fire" in east Africa
As everyone recalls, once again, the US Administration gave the [Ethiopian] regime the green light to violate Somali sovereignty, ensuing it to further chaos and turmoil....
Warar dheeraad ah ee ku saabsan Qaraxii ka dhacay Magaalada Bosaso
Haddaba mar aan soo Booqday Hospital-ka ayaan waxaan ku arkay muuqaallo argagax leh, kuwaasoo ahaa dad hilbahooda ay go go’een iyo kuwa luga la’ iyo kuwa gacmaha ay ka go’een. ...
We are Not Pirates, Say Ship Hijackers
The spokesman of the pirates claimed that the Russia-registered ship, Svitzer Korsakov, is "part of the environmental destruction" being committed by various foreign ships off of Somali shores. ...
Italian navy sends ships to stop Somali pirates
In the southern seas, off Somalia, pirates are back. They are modern pirates, but they are just as merciless as their ancestors....
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