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Somalia`s New Tongue Twisting Names
By Roobdoon Forum

How to Start
Your Own Xubin and Waax Country

By Roobdoon forum

Carrab Lo'aad Caws Looma Tilmaamo
By C/fataax Faamo(RF)
Running as a Nation Watches
Roobdoon Forum
New Beginning
in Muslim World
Islamist Vs Islamist
Hammiga Waliid & Hangoolka UNPOS
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Puntland: A Quisling Scheme
Roobdoon Forum

Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Axmed Harti
By M B Dubbe

Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Maxamuud Harti
By M B Dubbe






UN peacekeeping force for Somalia not viable-Ban
"Given the complex security situation in Somalia, it may be advisable to look at additional security options, including the deployment of a robust multinational force or coalition of the willing," Ban said....
Somalis drag Ethiopian soldier's body through streets of Mogadishu
"God is great! Death is for the invaders and their stooges," hundreds of protesters, mainly women and children, chanted. "Down with the unbelievers and down with the puppet regime." ...
Somali Rebel Leader Vows To Fight On Against Ethiopia
Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed: "As far as the Abdullahi Yusuf clique is concerned, they have no authority they are only a puppet of the Ethiopians, and as long as that situation prevails there is no question of negotiation with them." ...
VOA's Somali Service Interview with Assistant Secretary Frazer
With Prime Minister Gedi's resignation, there is a new opportunity to try to reach out very broadly to get a prime minister who can help to bring the communities together in Somalia. Frazer says insurgents need to join political reconciliation process. ...
Wareysi madaxweyne ku xigeenka Puntland xasan daahir uu siiyey Idaacadda SBC Bosaso
"Humpty Dumpty Has Fallen Off the Wall"
Experts agree the current government is widely distrusted and unpopular among most Somalis. ...
Somali lawmakers make move to speed PM's replacement
"The parliament will meet tomorrow and the president and the international community will attend ... from today the president will probably nominate a prime minister to replace the former one," lawmaker Ibrahim Isak Yarow told Reuters....
Interpol to fight sale of fake medicines in Africa
International police body Interpol will join the fight against the growing trade in Africa in fake drugs for tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS which threatens the lives of thousands, a senior official said Tuesday....
Pope, Saudi king, hold historic meeting
The Vatican wants greater rights for the 1 million Catholics who live in Saudi Arabia, most of them migrant workers who are not allowed to practice their religion in public....
Minnesota man sets sights on Somali prime minister position
Abdurahman Ali Osman is among a handful of Somalis in line to become prime minister in Somalia, where the country's leader stepped down last week amid growing violence after losing a power struggle. ...
Forget Exploration, We Must Defend Puntland, Says President
"Somaliland does not control Las Anod. They are unable to enter [the city]. The people fighting [each other] are 'our people'," President Muse said, referring to the local clans of Sool region....
Help Canadians detained abroad
If Addis Ababa thinks Makhtal is guilty of something, why is Canada not able to prevail on Ethiopia, a nation that receives our development aid, to go ahead and prosecute him rather that allowing the Ethiopian authorities to keep him in indefinite detention? ...
Thousands More Leave Capital As Troops Converge
"Thousands of people are leaving the city as we speak," said Mohamed Hassan Haad, the chairman of the Hawiye [the predominant clan] elders' council. "They are worried that the arrival of thousands of Ethiopian troops will lead to a major attack on the city." ...
Puntland Govt Has 30 Days to Recapture Las Anod, Says Parliament
Puntland lawmakers met in the capital Garowe on Sunday where discussion was mainly centered on the deteriorating situation in Las Anod, provincial capital of Sool....
The invasion and capture of Laascaanood
There is creditable news report connecting Dahabshiil directly in the war efforts. if this report is true, then, Dahabshiil financial services is part of the naked aggression....
Ethiopian Rebels Claim Killing More Than 270 Government Troops
Their claims could not be independently verified as journalists and aid workers are blocked from accessing the region, which borders lawless Somalia....
''Somaliland Moves to Close its Borders and is Caught in a Web of Conflict''
With the capture from Puntland of Los Anod, the capital of Somalia's post-independence Sool region, on October 15 by local forces allied with Somaliland, the latter has been drawn inextricably into the tangled web of conflicts in Somalia's south and central regions....
US-backed candidate for post of Somali premier arrives in Ethiopia
Reports reaching us from Addis Ababa say that Ali Jimale, who is expected to be the new Somali prime minister, has arrived in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. ...
Labadeenna Ra’iisal Wasaare Alloow Daa Ma Dhahnaa?
Ma waxaan dhahnaa “Labadeenna Ra’iisal Wasaare Alloow Daa? Ma waxaan dhahnaa “ Xeer-jajabkeenna Alloow Daa”? ...
The Fall of Las Anod
For most Dhulbahante people, the capture of Las-anod is the beginning of an atrocious period in their territory. As for Puntland, the loss of Las-anod to Somaliland is a big threat to the existence of this tribal-based regional state. As a result, Somaliland and Puntland are sandwiching the city by massing their troops from the west and from the east respectively. The Situation is spinning out of control....
Egypt's Al-Azhar Clerics Front wants Shaykh Tantawi removed
The clerics of Al-Azhar have decided to collect all the fatwa's issued by Al-Azhar Shaykh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi ever since he held his post as Shaykh of Al-Azhar so as to prepare lists of the fatwas he has made which the clerics believe violate the Shari'ah of Allah....
President proposes the appointment of cabinet from outside parliament
The president said that he was advising them to accept the appointment of the new prime minister and the council of ministers from outside parliament, adding that parliament would not be excluded from having members in the cabinet....
Range Resources First Well Expected To Start In !Q 2008
Africa Oil expects to mobilize a drill rig into the area in late 2007/early 2008 with the anticipation of spudding the first of two back-to-back wells in the first quarter of 2008....
Ethiopia: A brittle Western ally in the Horn of Africa
It is alleged that Ethiopia is a destination for prisoners interrogated under the CIA's “extraordinary rendition” programme. ...
Failed state, failed leader
It was probably the prime minister of next-door Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, who advised Mr Gedi to go. The pair are close....
Photos follow refugees from camps to America
"Stories of the Somali Diaspora: Photographs by Abdi Roble," at the Columbus Museum of Art, answers many of the questions by telling the story of people who, in their wildest imagination, never thought life would take them from the Horn of Africa to cities throughout the United States....
Eritrea Based Opposition Leader Reacts To Prime Minister Resignation
"The colonizer replaces one loyalist with another after using him to achieve his objectives. He said the individuals jockeying for power in Somalia serve the colonizer; they have were not elected in accordance with the wishes of the Somali people,"...
Range Resources: Puntland Confirms Support
Range was pleased to advise on 13 September that the Government of Puntland had reinforced its support for Range and its joint venture partner Africa Oil, and formally stated that it will not accept the proposed Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia’s National Oil Law. ...
US Senate panel approves 'Law of the Sea' treaty
With Senate ratification, the United States would join 155 nations that are party to a convention that sets rules and settles disputes over navigation, fishing and economic development of the open seas and establishes environmental standards. ...
Africa Oil Corp.: Corporate and Operations Update
Africa Oil Corp reports that it has granted 250,000 incentive stock options to a director of the Company. The stock options are exercisable at a price of $5.26 per share over a period of three years and are subject to vesting provisions....
Interview: Exiled Somali Islamist leader backs insurgents
"It was part of the scheme the coloniser used to capture Somalia and whoever replaces Gedi will certainly serve the coloniser. ... It has no impact and we expect to see no changes." ...
Analysis: Millions in Ethiopia's Ogaden region face humanitarian crisis.
Jendayi Frazer criticized the ONLF and called the reports of military abuse by humanitarian agencies as mere allegations. The ONLF, in turn, accused Jendayi Frazer for taking sides and defending the government....
Freed North Korean Vessel Opens New Window for US-DPRK Ties
It was early Tuesday when the USS James E. Williams, operating near Somalia, received a request from the International Maritime Bureau to investigate a North Korea-flagged ship reportedly hijacked by pirates....
Somali President Consults Parliament, Clan Elders Before Appointing New Premier
"The president is consulting with members of parliament and clan elders in order to get the proper person for the premiership post," Education Minister Ismail Mohamed Hurre told AFP....
Somali PM Resigns after Conceding Defeat in Political Row with President
Political speaking, the former premier has been a dead man walking for the last few weeks after Yusuf's supporters in the government and parliament began making moves to have him removed from office....
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