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Somalia`s New Tongue Twisting Names
By Roobdoon Forum

How to Start
Your Own Xubin and Waax Country

By Roobdoon forum

Carrab Lo'aad Caws Looma Tilmaamo
By C/fataax Faamo(RF)
Running as a Nation Watches
Roobdoon Forum
New Beginning
in Muslim World
Islamist Vs Islamist
Hammiga Waliid & Hangoolka UNPOS
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Puntland: A Quisling Scheme
Roobdoon Forum

Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Axmed Harti
By M B Dubbe

Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Maxamuud Harti
By M B Dubbe






Youth Mujahedeen Group Leading Attacks in Somalia.
Since April, a militant Somali group, calling itself the Mujahideen Youth Movement, has taken responsibility for numerous Iraq-style guerrilla attacks against the leaders of Somalia's interim government and the Ethiopian troops protecting them....
Cabasho Laasqoray
Gabaygan Xasan Xayle wuxu tiriyey 1955kii, xilli uu ka maqnaa Laasqoray mudo dheer isagoo ogaa Laasqoray oo magaala maarso weyn ah, markii uu kusoo noqdayna wuxuu la kulmay magaaladii oo hoos u dhacday dadbadana ay ka guureen, wuxuna yidhi :...
Anigoo arkayaan waddada eerigoo xulaye. gabaygan waxaa tiriyey Axmed dirir oo reer Buuhoodle ah wuxuuna u tiriyey saaddiyadii iyom reerkuu ka qabay...
Gabaygan wuxuu ka mid ahaa silsiladii Hurgumo wuxuuna abwaanku tiriyey 1979 isagoo xilligaa joogay magaalada Muqdisho. Wuxuu ugu jawaabayey Khaliif Sheekh Maxamuud oo ahaa ninkii bilaabay silsilada. Wuxuu yidhi Cali Cilmi Allaah ha u naxariistee ...
The Stories of Refugees, Wrapped in Stereotypes.
In its more unfortunate passages, “Rain in a Dry Land,” Anne Makepeace’s film about two Somali refugee families being relocated to the United States, reinforces unpleasant stereotypes that some people still harbor about Africa...
The World’s Worst Currencies – as listed by Foreign Policy Magazine.
In today’s List, Foreign Policy Magazine takes a hard look at the soft currencies of some of the most unstable economies on the planet....
Xildhibanadii Xilka ka qaaday Duqa Magaalada Bosaso oo la shiray Odoyaasha Magaalada Bosaso.
Xildhibaanadan oo gaaraya 19 xubnood ayaa shir la yeeshay Odoyaasha iyo waxgaradka Magaalada Bosaso oo ay ugudbiyeen Dacwad ka soo horjeeda qoraalkii Madaxweynaha Puntland uu ku burinayay xil ka qaadistii ay ku sameyeen Gudoomiyihii Golaha Degaanka Khadar Candi Xaaji Mire ...
In Ethiopian Desert, Fear and Cries of Army Brutality.
This is the Ogaden, a spindle-legged corner of Ethiopia that the urbane officials in Addis Ababa, the capital, would rather outsiders never see. It is the epicenter of a separatist war pitting impoverished nomads against one of the biggest armies in Africa....
Madaxweynaha DGPL oo soo saaray Qoraal Burinaya Xilka qaadis Golaha Degaanka Bosaso ay shegeen in ay ku sameyeen Duqii Degmada Bosaso.
Kadib markii maanta Xubnaha Golaha Degaanka Bosaso oo gaaraya 19 xubnood ay shegeen in xilii ama kalsoonidii ay kala noqdeen Gudoomiyaha Golaha Degaanka ahna Duqa Bosaso ayaa qoraal dane oo uu soo saray madaxweynaha Puntland ku sheegay go'aankaasi mid aan sharci ahayn. ...
Benadiri International Youth Organization PRESS RELEASE
The Benadiri International Youth Organization (BIYO) declares its utter disappointment with the way in which seats in the Benadir and Lower Shabelle regional and municipal administrations...
Kala Fadhigii 5aad ee Golaha Degaanka Degmada Bosaso oo maanta Furmay.
Furitaanka kala fadhigan waxa ka soo qaybgalay Masuuliyiin ka socota Dowlada Puntland oo hadalo ka soo jeediyay Furitaanka kala fadhiga Golaha Degaanka Degmada Bosaso....
Report on Somalia Conference Postponed, Expected Escalation by Islamic Courts
Report compiled from Cairo by Khalid Mahmud: "Postponement of Somali Reconciliation Conference because of request by tribal leaders for more time to select representatives"...
Hotelka International Village Bosaso Hoy u noqday Martida iyo Wafuuda Caalamiga ah.
Hotelka International Bosaso ayaa hoy u noqday Marti sharafta iyo Wafuuda Caalamiga ah ee doo booqanaya Gobolada Puntland gaar ahaan Bosaso. ...
Cade Muuse oo ka aamin baxay Saraakishii Sar Sare ee Ciidanka Puntland.
Madaxweynaha DGPL Cade Muuse Xisri ayaa shir jaraa'id oo maanta uu ku qabtay Xafiiskiisa Garowe ku sheegay in uu la wareegay Masuuliyada Ciidamada Puntland sida Booliska iyo Ciidanka Daraawiishta. ...
Policing the undergoverned spaces - Africa and the “war on terror”.
In east Africa, the United States is already intimately involved in a full-blown offensive against al-Qaeda in Somalia… The Americans have been battling al-Qaeda in the region ever since it blew up the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, killing at least 225 people....
Somalia aims to spark oil interest. Hopes players will see potential in wake of political reconciliation.
A broad-ranging conference was planned for 14 June in Mogadishu to decide the political and economic direction of the war-torn nation. Also expected to attend is Australian explorer Range Resources, which did a separate deal with the government of the semi-autonomous province of Puntland, home to influential the current transitional government's head of state President Abdullahi Yusuf....
The scramble for Africa's oil. Within a decade, the US will be heavily dependent on African oil. Little wonder the Pentagon is preparing a strategy for the region.
America's new Africa strategy reflects its key priorities in the Middle East: oil and counter-terrorism. Currently, the US has in place the loosely defined Trans-Sahara Counter-Terrorism Initiative....
Mujahidin Youth Movement Response to Alleged Reconciliation Conference.
On 14 June a jihadist website posted a statement issued by the Mujahidin Youth Movement in which the group claimed responsibility for an attack on 12 June in an attempt to delay the Conference for Reconciliation....
Somalia Continues its Political Collapse
Drafted By: Dr. Michael A. Weinstein
Hotel Jubba Bosaso oo ka mid noqday Hoteelada Dadweyuhu ugu Jecelyihiin.
Hotelka Jubba ee Magaalada Bosaso ku yaala ayaa si aad ah u soo jiitay Dadweynaha Reer Puntland iyo Jaaliyadaha Soomaliyeed ee u soo safra Magaalada Bosaso iyo Gobolada Puntland....
Dilal kala Duwan oo ka dhacay Magaalada Bosaso
Habeen hore iyo xalay waxa ka dhacay magaalada Bosaso Dilal kala duwan oo isugu jira dhaawac iyo dhimasho ay geysteen gacan ku dhiiglayaal burcad ah oo si bareer ah ugu noolaa Magaalada Bosaso. ...
Shirkada Isgaarsiinta Golis oo Dadaal ugu Jirta sidii Bulshada Reer Puntland ay ugu soo kordhin lahayd adeegyo Casr ah.
Shirkada Isgaarsiinta Golis Puntland oo ah mid kaliya ee adeegeeda uu qanciyay Dadweynaha Reer Puntland ayaa weli xusul duub ugu jirta sidii ay u soo kordhin lahayd adeegyo kale oo ah isgaarsiinta Casriga ah. ...
Aid vessels targeted as armed gangs terrorise ships off coast of [Somalia].
WFP said: "We urge key nations to do their utmost to address the plague of piracy, which is now threatening our ability to feed one million Somalis. Unless action is taken now, not only will our supply lines be cut, but also those of other aid agencies in various parts of Somalia."...
Ethiopian premier says forces to stay in Somalia until situation stabilizes.
Meles: “Since the police and the defence forces of the transitional government were not well organized, the situation was likely to return to where it was if our defence forces were to withdraw.”...
U.S. relies on Sudan despite condemning it.
Sudan has secretly worked with the CIA to spy on the insurgency in Iraq, an example of how the U.S. has continued to cooperate with the Sudanese regime even while condemning its suspected role in the killing of tens of thousands of civilians in Darfur....
Egypt Call for Observance of Somali Arab, Islamic identity; Arab League to fund African peacekeepers in Somalia one million USD.
Egyptian Foreign Minister, Abul-Gheit, warned against ignoring the Islamic and Arab role in the Somali crisis. The Arab League (AL) has decided to allocate one million U.S. dollars to fund the African Union (AU) peacekeepers in Somalia, a spokesman for AL's chief said Sunday....
Somalia's first president remembered as 'true patriot'.
Aden Abdulle Osman, elected president when the former British and Italian Somali colonies joined to form the Republic of Somalia in 1960, died Friday in Kenya after months of illness, his son said. He was 99. ...
Austrian Foreign Minister Sees Africa as 'Continent With Enormous Potential'.
Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik said "Security and stability are the basis for any development. The importance of human security to peace and stability cannot be overestimated...”...
Somali leader blames country's instability on Iran, Egypt.
In an interview with (the London-based) Al-Hayat newspaper, the president accused Iran and Egypt for inciting the Somali people and creating hostilities in the country....
Representatives of International Contact Group on Somalia View Situation.
The reconciliation conference, to be held on 14 June, will include representatives of all Somali groups that undertake to end violence. They would be chosen by the tribe or group they represent. The conference would enjoy international support....
Secret African Union. One of the funders of a united African government, Gaddafi, has a vision which many regard a plan to turn Africa into his own version of Americanized Iraq.
Chinwezu, a Nigerian critic, has marshaled evidence from writings by Ibn Khaldun to speeches by Gaddafi and Sudan's El Nimeiry and Turabi to beat drums of alarm about a plot by Arabs to launch a second occupation of Africa. ...
Falanqeynta Siyaasada Beelaha Somaaliyeed By:Eng. Ahmed M Moalin - Waharey
Canadian begs for rescue from Ethiopian prison.
Former Torontonian Bashir Makhtal has asked his family and fellow Canadians for help in getting Ottawa to safeguard his rights as a citizen under illegal detention in Ethiopia without access to Canadian diplomats or a lawyer....
Maalinta Badaha Aduunka oo laga Xusay Maanta Bosaso
Bosaso(BYO):-8 Bisha Juun waa Maalin wadamada aduuna qaarkood isku raceen in loo aqoonsado maalinta Badahada aduunka ama xeebaha. ...
Muslim Brotherhood Figures on Penetration in Africa. Documents seized by the State Security Intelligence indicate that the Brotherhood has been able through its international organization to recruit 10,000 individuals in Somalia.
Muslim Brotherhood Figures on Penetration in Africa. Documents seized by the State Security Intelligence indicate that the Brotherhood has been able through its international organization to recruit 10,000 individuals in Somalia....
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