How Abiy is handling Cagjar

Abiy Ahmed had harsh words for Moustapha Cagjar during a meeting on 12 June.



How Abiy Ahmed Ali is handling Cagjar

June 21, 2019 (ION) – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali had harsh words for the president of Somali National Regional State (SNRS), Moustapha Mouhoumed Omar aka Cagjar, during a meeting to critically evaluate regional government that he hosted in his offices on 12 June. He criticised him for rising corruption and the insubordination of certain members of his cabinet and also raised the shooting dead of four young people by the Liyu Police.

However, the prime minister’s underlying gripe with Cagjar is that he is not helping him with the elections scheduled for 2020. If Abiy has so far kept him in post, it is because he belongs to the Somali/Ogaden clan and could help him pull the rug out from under the feet of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) led by Mohamed Omar Osman, a former admiral in the Somali navy under General Mohamed Siad Barre. This organisation is allied with the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) led by Dawud Ibsa Ayana, which recently decided to merge with the Oromo National Congress (ONC) of Merera Gudina to position itself as a rival to the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP).

In late March on the eve of the Somali Democratic Party (SDP) conference, Abiy personally intervened in order to resolve the conflict between Cagjar and the finance minister Ahmed Shide, who is also the party chairman (ION 1491).

Abiy suspects Cagar of wanting to create problems for him, for example by criticising the accord to recognise the Afar region’s claim to three disputed municipalities (ION 1498).


Tensions mount in Somali region

January 24, 2019 (ION) – According to our information, the President of the Somali National Regional State Moustapha Mouhoumed Omar, aka Cagjar, who has been in post since October, is already in the firing line.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is thinking of relieving him of his functions as conflict continues to simmer between the Oromos and Somalis, which may explain why Cagjar has been publicly critical of the PM since 21 January.

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