Musa Bihi cannot choose between China and UAE

Bihi announced that the UAE military-base was discontinued; however, he later reversed his decision.


Somaliland president rushes around and cannot choose between China and UAE

September 18, 2019 (IA REGNUM, RUSSIA) – According to media reports, Somaliland President Musa Bihi acknowledges that China is currently the largest player in the Horn of Africa and intends to make it a replacement for the UAE, which is actively investing in the economy of a self-proclaimed state. Earlier, President Bihi, at the invitation of his colleague from Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh, visited Djibouti, where he examined the free trade complex, as well as ambitious infrastructure projects implemented by China. This is reported by the Ethiopian News Agency.

President Bihi visited the Free Zone Complex in Djibouti, the Art Dam and the Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway, which were funded by China. The President of Somaliland noted that the concept that Djibouti has brought to life is to serve millions of people around the world by providing port services in Africa.

The UAE’s bilateral ties with Djibouti are extremely tense, and Guelleh tried to convince Bihi that the UAE could not carry out the investment deals that were signed with Somaliland.

It is reported that the head of Somaliland was advised to cancel the deal with the UAE and sign agreements with the Chinese government. A few days after this, the president announced that the construction of the UAE military airbase in the country was discontinued, and therefore the Berbera airport will be used for civilian purposes. However, Musa Bihi later reversed his decision and stated that everything remains as it is.

Also, the President of Djibouti has proposed stalled negotiations between Somaliland and Somalia. The leader of Djibouti promised to play the role of mediator in order to bring the Somali leader and his Somaliland counterpart to the resumption of negotiations that he proposed to hold in his country.


Although populations in all African countries are growing at the fastest pace, inequality and poverty in the region remain the worst in the world. While the northern and western parts of the continent live relatively rich due to oil and gas production, most of Africa is engaged in agriculture, and in extremely unfavorable conditions: lack of water, soil erosion, constant political instability.

African countries in most cases still have not been able to overcome the remnants of the colonial economy, with its poor development of manufacturing, infrastructure and transport. The intervention of Western countries is often devastating: the progressive countries of Africa have suffered from the Arab Spring and foreign intervention, less developed territories are used by Western corporations as dumps for hazardous waste.

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