President Aden’s 1964 Independence Speech

Our joyous celebration reminds us that all Somalis are not allowed to unite-together.



President Aden Abdullah Osman Asks Somalis to Place Nation First

Mogadiscio, Somali Domestic Service in Somali, 0300 GMT, July 1, 1964—K/X

(1964 National Day address by President Aden, recorded)

(Text) My brother Somalis: I greet you in the name of God and may peace be upon you. Today is the start of the fifth year of our independence and sovereignty. The first of July is a day that fills the heart of every Somali with Joy, as it was an act of God that decreed this day to bear witness to the severance of the chains and colonialist remnants and to contribute to the unification of the dismembered Somali territories, with this as the nucleus.

Our joy at celebrating independence and the union of two parts of our country also reminds us that all Somalis are not allowed to unite together, to unite with us into a single entity, as God created them to be.

In view of this, we ask our missing brothers to have faith in God, the merciful, and in his justice, and they should rest assured that their republic, now in the midst of celebrations, will not fail to do everything possible to achieve a peaceful settlement of their problem.

Our happiness and joy today should not in any way make us forget the very many blessings granted to us by God and which we enjoy today.

First, he gave us- our freedom. Second, he helped us by rightly directing our first stages in independence to safety, the consolidation of independence, and assumption of responsibilities. Hence, brothers, we must show that we deserve the blessings Of God, which can never be repaid.

Our infant republic is faced with certain problems, which collectively require political or legal action to solve. The aim of my speech is to say that I join all Somalis in honoring and rejoicing over Independence Day, I do not want to utter anything like a warning, or speak strongly to you. However, I have no alternative but to tell you of my concern and say this to you: As Somalis, in particular those in responsible positions, we must–unless we want to go mad–overcome this habit we have formed of distorting everything and turning it into politics. We distort everything, or twist it out of perspective. Every effort made is disputed, and this has now reached the stage where people can no longer tell good from bad. I appeal to God and to the good senses of nationalism of the men I am talking about to abandon these misguided, policies, embrace the interests of the country, and forget about polemics for the sake of our dear country and nation.

Let us take as our slogan the words of a man who headed a government [JFK], a sensible man who has now resigned and gone. They are what we should all say: What can I do for Somalia, instead of what can Somalia do for me. If all of us remember these words in our hearts, then we shall realize that the importance and value of Somalia enjoins and compels us to forget all these minor issues, which may occur, and that all of us must concern our efforts, brains, and wishes to the quest for the well-being of the entire Somali nation. Let us remember all the time that not one of us in this country will live in this world forever. We all have to depart on a set day, but Somalia will remain forever, until the end of the world.

In our departure from this land and earth, we shall leave the country and everything else, good or bad, to our children and their children. We have enacted a constitution for ourselves that is based and founded on democracy and justice for the people. We have given it unto ourselves, not to any other person. It is we, who are bound to respect and observe it in the interests of the country.

If not, then we will suffer great losses, and we and our country will be plunged into a situation from which there is no recovery. I hope that this year which has begun, the fifth, will set our foundations and bind us together like cement and stone, for the sake of our children and theirs.

I beseech God to continue to give us the help and blessings he has given us in the period through which we have passed.

Long live the Somalis


Defeat for British

Moscow, Soviet African Service in English, June 27, 1960, 1600 GMT—L

(Excerpts) It was a long and difficult road to independence the Somali people had to travel. The supremacy of the British colonialists in this little country on the shores of Aden Bay endured for 80 years.

For 80 years, the British capitalists robbed this poor country with no concern for the needs of the indigenous population.

For 80 years, the British imperialists used all means in their power to deprive the people of their self-respect.

But the events of recent years have frustrated the calculations of the colonialists. A mighty wave of the national liberation movement rose in British Somaliland, as it did in other African countries.

The political parties, organized several years ago, demanded independence for Somaliland. The entire population gave their support to this demand because they saw it as the only way to improve their life. The British imperialists could do nothing but retreat and lower their flag.

The first steps that this new state is making on the international arena are toward peace and friendship among people. Somali’s political parties, the Somaliland National League (SNL) and the United Somali Party (USP), representing the majority of the people, stated in their communiqué issued on the eve of the declaration of independence that the new state will conduct a neutral policy of nonparticipation in military blocs.

They understand that the imperialists will continue their attempts to safeguard their economic supremacy and so demand that Somali refuse all financial assistance connected with restrictions on its national sovereignty.

The communiqué also says that Somali will be guided in its foreign policy by the resolutions of the Bandung and other Afro-Asian conferences. The Somalis understand that Afro-Asian solidarity is a guarantee of the successful construction of the new state.

In a few days, on July 1, Italian Somaliland will also achieve independence and will unite with British Somaliland, to form a united state, the Republic of Somalia.

The Soviet people, who display sympathy and interest in national liberation movement of the African peoples, cannot but welcome this triumph of the Somalis.

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