The problem of the American empire

Is the United States seeking by any means to impose its will on others?


The problem of the American empire

The nature of American politics is rather ruthless: the winner gets everything. And today, as never before, it is clear that the United States seeks by any means to impose its will on others.

August 27, 2019 (, Russia) – America is an empire, President Donald Trump is an emperor. At least they act like that. Why shouldn’t Washington absorb Greenland by spitting on the 56,000 people who live there? And why shouldn’t President Trump cancel his trip to Denmark, simply because the prime minister of this country called the idea of acquiring Greenland “absurd”?

There are a number of commentators who seriously believe that Greenlanders can be bought with promises of large investments, subsidies and tourism development, as well as membership in the American “national family”. Moreover, if someone made a similar proposal to the residents of Alaska or Hawaii, this would be regarded as an insult.

Why on earth should Greenlanders submit to the US empire? Today this island is completely self-sufficient; the life of its inhabitants is distinguished by national color. Joining the “national family of the United States” would force Greenlanders to comply with Washington’s rules and regulations. This would bring suffering from clashes with a completely different political system, according to The National Interest.

If the United States swallows Greenland, it will begin to manage most of the lives of local people, although this management should be left to the hands of individuals, families and communities. Denmark and their Scandinavian brothers are often ridiculed by Americans for being “socialists.” However, in these countries, there is greater economic redistribution and more effective regulation that is convenient for the market. The sparsely populated Greenland may not like Washington’s rule.

When it comes to international affairs, America’s “national family” is very aggressive, cruel. Sometimes she is very reminiscent of Manson. As can be seen from the dissatisfaction of the president with Copenhagen, Uncle Sam does not like to be refused. Canceling a trip is a kind of small sanction. Washington usually starts an economic war against those governments that resist its dictatorship. Now it is Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria and Venezuela. Yes, these governments are vicious, but no more than other regimes that support the United States. Moreover, people in these countries suffer the most from US sanctions. Washington is trying to put pressure on its allies, forcing them to comply with US policy, such as the one that is being implemented against Tehran.

War is the most severe and absolutely ineffective policy. There was a time when Denmark was a military power, but these sad days are far behind. However, in the case of America, everything is different. It took several decades after the expansion of the military power for it to become a dangerous temptation for Washington – attack on Mexico and capture half of this country, an unwarranted war against Spain and the Philippines. It is an unscrupulously stupid decision to enter the First World War in an attempt by the hypocrite President Woodrow Wilson to change the course of things on the globe. On the contrary, in 1914, the Danes had the common sense to stay away from the impending imperial battle, which killed 20 million people, destroyed four kingdoms and almost bankrupted many of its other participants.

More recently, the United States has spent years, many lives, and huge wealth, trying unsuccessfully to put weak, incompetent, and corrupt governments in Afghanistan and Vietnam at the helm. Washington, with enormous expenses, intended to carry out a regime change in Iraq and Libya. To restore influence in the Middle East, American politicians spent decades supporting the poor Saudi family’s governance system over the people of Saudi Arabia, Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, brutal military dictatorships in Egypt and even the bloody aggression of Saddam Hussein against Iran. In addition, the United States intervened in terrible civil wars that were practically irrelevant for America: Lebanon, Libya, Syria, and Yemen.

The Second World War “ended” for 74 years. Democratic European states overtook Russia in terms of economic power and population. However, Americans still remain watchmen for NATO members, especially for new members. It is not clear what Montenegro and Macedonia have to do with U.S. security. Georgia and Ukraine will involve the entire transatlantic alliance in the war with Russia. Nevertheless, the capital of America with its imperial manners intends to make them all dependent on the US defense system.

However, the impact on Greenlanders is not yet the most important issue. More important is another. For example, why do those who believe in the best of nations want to constantly expand it by uniting peoples with very different perceptions of national life? This does not mean that their views are bad or wrong. Rather, there is no real reason to unite politically more and more people, especially as the resulting organization loses its human face, creating an ever-growing gap between rulers and peoples.

The electoral college and the Senate have a non-democratic influence, but their supporters do not unreasonably regard such institutions as the last defense against mass rule. Instead of a brutal and futile struggle to change the rules, decentralization of power would be the best approach.

Eloquent statements about the “mystical chords of memory” are not enough to unite 330 million people into a “national family”. There are striking differences between the red and blue, rural and urban areas, between residents of the Rust Belt and suburbs of America. And instead of dreaming of adding new, completely different members to what acts as a separate empire, politicians should fix what already exists.

America’s virtues are real and great, but so are its shortcomings and vices. If she had strengthened the first and smoothed the second, then her influence would have increased. But that would require abandoning the imperial arrogance and hypocrisy that distinguish U.S. foreign policy. Instead of looking for new grounds for expansion, Americans should return to the serious republicanism that characterized the nation’s initial steps.

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