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Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Axmed Harti
By M B Dubbe

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By M B Dubbe







Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi Expresses Support to Mujahidin Youth Movement in Somalia
Jihadist Websites
October 9, 2009

A hard-line Somali Islamist prays near a roadblock in southern Mogadishu September 18, 2009.

On 5 October, “Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi” posted to a jihadist website a message of support for the Mujahidin Youth Movement, in which he advised them to keep the course, and called on Somalis to support them.

A good portion of the message focused on demonstrating the “manipulations” of what he called the “scholars of falsehood,” who distort many “righteous” scholars` writings and accounts by writing opinions that the current Somali Government cannot be charged with infidelity despite its alliance with the United States.

A translation of the statement follows:

“A Message of Support for the Mujahidin in Somalia and Exposing the Suspicions of the Phony Scholars

“Praise be to God, Who glorified Islam and Muslims, and humiliated polytheism and polytheists. Prayers and peace be upon the leader of the mujahidin and the seal of the prophets and messengers, upon his family, his companions, and those who follow his guidance to the Day of Judgment.

“What delights the eye of every monotheist is the degree of excellence, the purity of the methodology, the clearness of the announcements, and the maturity of the leadership`s perceptions. This delighted the monotheists and saddened the polytheists. It gave us hope in an imminent victory, for this ummah, and a manifest conquest.

“Today, I address my message to the heroes and the mujahidin of Somalia (the Mujahidin Youth Movement) may God grant them victory, and honor them with religion and may He empower their banner.

“We have followed their news and some of their requests for advisory opinions have reached us. We were delighted to see their eagerness in seeking the truth, and their quest for God`s satisfaction. We witnessed the purity of their methodology, the clearness of their banner, and their adherence to it. I ask God, to Whom belong Might and Majesty, to honor them, support them, empower their banner, and restrain their enemy.

“And if the state of the mujahidin there is so, then, no wonder America is interfering in the jihad in Somalia, fighting the mujahidin whose vision is clear and methodology is upright, and supporting those who declared war against the mujahidin.

“The news and statements that emerged from within Somalia and America recently, clearly show that Washington is now meddling in Somalia`s affairs, through political and military support to the government of Shaykh Sharif Shaykh Ahmad.

“On 23 August, Shaykh Sharif said that his government has political and strategic ties with the United States of America, and on that ground, it is necessary to improve such ties. Moreover, he explained that the country was in need for the US support to restore security and stability in Somalia.

“In an interview with the Al-Jazeera News Channel, he said that public interest requires cooperation with the United States, because they came under the threats of al-Qaeda and the piracy. He said: “For these reasons, I accepted to shake hands with the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, although I am an Islamist president, necessity required taking such a step.”

“I say Shaykh Sharif is aware of the necessities, but he does not give them their right precedence. The truth is that with such excuse he is deceiving the Somali people, and portraying the event as a mere handshake with a woman that was required by necessity, in order to obscure a stark reality and in an attempt to cover it with this manipulation. In fact, with this handshake, he put his hand in the hand of the enemies, and contracted a support deal with them, sided by them, and favored their enmity and outward show over the mujahidin.

“This is the truth of Shaykh Sharif`s handshake with the US Secretary of State. It was not a mere handshake with a passing woman. As for a discussion about the non-permissibility to shake hands with women from a religious standpoint, this is the view of the Murji`ah (non-righteous scholars) of this era. In that respect, they constrain religion and the Shari`ah. It is well-known that they (the non-righteous scholars) categorize within the great sins, on which they pour a great deal of talk, a great more thinking than that devoted to matters of infidelity and polytheism, and they are all so trivial compared to Sharif`s championing the infidels and siding by them against the mujahidin.

“Prior to that and more specifically, on 6 August last year, the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton pledged to continue supporting the transitional government in Mogadishu, financially and militarily. At that time, Clinton met with the Somali President Shaykh Sharif Shaykh Ahmed in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, where she vowed to continue supporting his government in its confrontations with the mujahidin.

“In a press conference she held with Shaykh Ahmed at the US embassy in Kenya on 6 August, Clinton said: “The international community and the United States continue to support the Somali transitional government.” She warned that the control of the Mujahidin Youth Movement over Mogadishu would provide a safe haven to Al-Qaeda Organization in Somalia, a matter that would threaten the United States. The US Secretary of State added that the United States takes the threats that arise from the extremist Mujahidin Youth Movement very seriously.

“Thus, in fact, the issue relates to the security of America, which wants to turn or rather it has already turned Shaykh Sharif into a policeman to guard its interests in Somalia. It turned him into a puppet, an authorized agent, or a replica of the tyrants that rule in the other lands of Muslims today, and who are faithful to the care of Israeli and US interests in the region. Therefore, he sides with the US enemy, supporting it against the mujahidin, and surely not for Hilary Clinton`s blue eyes, Shaykh Sharif attacked al-Qaeda and said: “it is a terrorist organization that adopts the Takfiri ideology and makes permissible to shed the people`s blood,” He added: “Islam and Muslims disavow al-Qaeda`s actions.” He was acting totally like those heralds at the doors of hellfire, and the imposters, who follow the methodology of the one-eyed Antichrist in their employment of religion. They talk in one-eyed Antichrist`s name deceiving the people and confusing truth with falsehood and mixing the path to paradise with the path to hellfire.

“Although the coming of the Antichrist will only happen at the end of time, the scholars stated that his type of sedition is present at all times. Every prophet warned his people of it, and our Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, taught us to seek refuge from the Antichrist, and this sedition represents in every evil whose falsehood is disguised and beautified, and every truth that has been distorted and shrouded in suspicion that easily allure the weak minds and deceive those lacking clairvoyance.

“The Antichrist will come with a paradise and a hellfire to allure the people and to mislead Muslims. However, the true believers will not be duped by his sedition and they will know that his paradise, which that he embellishes in the eyes of the people and calls them to it, is in truth a blazing hellfire. The hellfire, which he is warning them of and keeping them from, is the real paradise, and Shaykh Sharif`s paradise is an American hellfire. The hellfire of the mujahidin, which Sharif is keeping the people from and describing it as Takfir and terrorism, is a true paradise in the shade of the Shari`ah.

“Thankfully, the Somali people make a distinction between the American paradise, which is in fact the hellfire of AIDS, moral deterioration, economic corruption, social ruin, and rejection of God`s laws. Moreover, the paradise of the mujahidin is the paradise of security, prosperity, and success in this world, and the sanctuary that God has promised and prepared for His righteous servants in the hereafter.

“The two paradises, the true paradise and the false paradise cannot be mixed up, but by those who are blind. Perhaps what took place last June confirms that America`s heavy and clear meddling in the affairs of Somalia has became obvious to all. As soon as the control of the Mujahidin Youth Movement over large areas of Mogadishu, and their approaching the presidential palace were announced, Washington was set in motion to provide weapons and ammunition to its associates in Sharif`s government in order to confront the advance of the mujahidin. Actually, a few days ago, and more exactly on 14 September, the US was actively involved in a raid by US helicopters in southern Somalia to assassinate jihadist Salih al-Nabhani, may God rest his soul, and Washington justified its action by saying that he was involved in attacks against US and Israeli interests in neighboring Kenya.

“In conclusion, the people are now aware that there is large US support for Shaykh Sharif and his government against the Muslim mujahidin, who are said to be affiliated to al-Qaeda everywhere, to justify every open support and every blatant meddling. Therefore, it has become clear to everyone that the American war is no longer a war against al-Qaeda (and terrorism as they like to call it) in Afghanistan and Iraq and which by the way extended to include Pakistan, Somalia and all parts of the world, in fact, it is a war on Islam and jihad. Whether the mujahidin in Somalia or elsewhere announce their adherence to the jihad and the mujahidin around the world or not, as long as they are upright in the methodology of truth and fervent in defending the sanctity of their religion and the interests of their ummah, declaring their innocence of the Americans and their collaborators in the area, the enemies of God, the Americans and their agents among the ruling tyrants and their associates among the scholars of evil will associate them with terrorism, al-Qa`ida, and the Takfiri ideology and other names with which they keep the people from the methodology of truth. Therefore, Muslims should not promote such lies on the mujahidin, even if the turbaned titled sheikhs of sedition and government Muftis are doing so.

“Thus, the plot is clear and exposed, and will no longer deceive anyone. With that, I have become aware sometime ago of a letter containing a statement laden with ambiguity, trickery, and fraud addressed to the Somali people and written by Shaykh Abdullah Omar Nassif and Abdullah Bin Al-Mahfoudh Bin Bih.

“In it, I found fallacies and confusions that require exhortation, warning and clarification in support of our brothers the mujahidin in Somalia, and in order to clarify and remove any confusion that might mislead the Somali people. The authors of the statement spoke of two suspicions, to which those they described as the rejecters of dialogue adhere. They insist on fighting, in order to clarify the ruling of the Shari`ah on the others, and of course, they clearly meant the Mujahidin Youth Movement, may God grant them victory and glorify religion through them.

“We say: perdition and life are not determined by tyrannical policies, whims, desires, or by the existential minds (derogatory reference to the scholars, who issue advisory opinions in exchange for money) from which the scholars of shame and the sheikhs of Marines emerged, rather, they are determined according to the limits of God and His Almighty words. The verses of the Koran have shown that a decent and true life that God and His Messenger, prayers and peace be upon him, love is a life in the shade of the Koran and within the rule of God`s Shari`ah. Almighty God said: `In the Law of Equality, there is life to you, o ye men of understanding; that ye may restrain yourselves.` (Koranic verse, Al-Baqarah, 2:179) The Koran has also shown that a safe and quiet life that preserves the rights of the people, their blood, money, and sanctities lies within the obedience of God, to Whom belong Might and Majesty. Almighty God said:

“`O ye who believe! Give your response to Allah and His Messenger, when He calleth you to that which will give you life.` (Koranic verse, Al-Anfal, 8:24)

“The Almighty showed that there is true perdition when His orders, such as jihad and spending for the cause of God are abandoned, the Mighty and Most High said: `And spend of your substance in the cause of Allah, and make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction; but do good; for Allah loveth those who do good.` (Koranic verse, al-Baqarah, 2:195)

“The two authors alleged that what they called: `the suspicion of the non-implementation by Sharif`s government of Hudud (Shari`ah punishments) and the suspicion of al-Wala wal Bara (loyalty to Muslims and enmity towards the unbelievers), given the fact that Sharif`s government has ties with non-Muslim states, were behind the takfiri sedition and the legitimization of bloodshed in many parts of the Muslim world. This happens because of a lack of awareness and poor judgment. The words of the Amir of the Believers Ali, may God be pleased with him, came true when the Khawarij said: `No rule but to God,` he answered: ` word of truth that meant falsehood,` because it came in the wrong context. The manipulation of the authors in the fundamentals of the Shari`ah when describing these two great matters of suspicions, and if they truly have any ties wit (religious) science, they would not have disdained such great matters, and so in disdain and with disregard, they dared calling them suspicions.

“Then in their statements, they falsified the words of Ali Bin Abi Talib, when they said that the first sedition of Al-Khawarij, who derived their reasoning from the verse aforementioned (as received) came to demand the establishment and the implementation of Hudud, and for which the mujahidin are fighting today. May God destroy these fraudulent and lying turbans, and woe to those minds.

“May their mothers be bereaved of them, how dare they, was Ali disrupting the Hudud ? How dare they utter such distortion, and will this corrupt reasoning benefit them?

“How will your titles of Sheikhs and Doctors benefit you, when you categorize and describe as suspicions, al-Wala wal Bara described by the Chosen Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, as the most secure bonds of faith? The implementation of Hudud was glorified by the Legislator (God) to the degree it was said in some accounts that `Applying one of the Hudud on earth is best to people than a week worth of rain.` In another account, it was said: `Applying one of the Hudud on earth is better to the people than one month worth of rain.`

“Thus, those two individuals, who feign knowledge described demanding these two great laws as suspicions and described those who demand them as lacking judgment and followers of the Khawarij ideology, what sort of science do they hold? What knowledge do they boast about? Except for their knowledge of Satan and that of Bal`am bin Ba`ura`.

“The truth in the matter is that a mere reflection on their falsehood, their despicable methodology, and their expressions that do not adhere to the constants of Shari`ah suffice a man to understand the truth and the shallowness of the knowledge they convey. It is the knowledge of Rand Corporation of America, which follows in the procession of tyrants and stems from the niche of American interests. In fact, it is such that both individuals avoid the use of the word unbelievers, which the scholars of shame attempt to disguise and remove by replacing it with a lighter word when talking about the enemies of religion among the guardians of the tyrants such as non-Muslims and non-Muslim states. Could non-Muslims be other than unbelievers? However, it is wordplay to please the enemies and a defeat before their force. You hear them say: `considering that the government of Sharif has ties with non-Muslim states.` This is undoubtedly a way to demean and ridicule the words and arguments of the people of truth, to facilitate answering and manipulating them, and simply to regard them as mere suspicions.

“Otherwise, would the people of truth find fault with the people falsehood and the tyrants only for establishing rapports with non-Muslim states? Moreover, would they criticize them for becoming prepared soldiers and close supporters of those infidel states, supporting them against the true Islamic project that seeks to restore the glories of the ummah, and aiding them against the mujahidin and the supporters of religion?

“They said, may God shut their mouths for ever: `As for the first suspicion, i.e. the implementation of Shari`ah law in the domain of punishments, I would like to say that the material of law is expansive, and sprawling in all directions. It contains all the commands and prohibitions in various areas of righteous life and business fields that serve the individual and the society, and the domain of punishments is one of them.` This glorifying methodology is not meant to glorify Shari`ah as it is intended to look in the statement; rather it is meant intimidation and amplification to make difficult the implementation of Shari`ah. It is meant to give excuses to every ruler, who implemented any part of it, that he is within the realm of Shari`ah and its guardians, although the Almighty said in ordering the believers to follow his law: `O ye who believe! Enter into Islam whole-heartedly.` (Koranic verse, Al-Baqarah, 2:208) It said about he who adheres to some of the Shari`ah and leaves out some: `Then is it only a part of the Book that ye believe in, and do ye reject the rest? but what is the reward for those among you who behave like this but disgrace in this life?- and on the Day of Judgment they shall be consigned to the most grievous penalty. For Allah is not unmindful of what ye do. These are the people who buy the life of this world at the price of the Hereafter: their penalty shall not be lightened nor shall they be helped.` (Koranic verse, Al-Baqarah, 2:85-86)

“Moreover, know that the goal of their discourse is intimidation to disrupt and make difficult the implementation of Shari`ah. Contemplate on their words after that as they say: `however, he has to meet conditions, first, provide a stable regime that people yield to, for it is one of the rules of sovereignty as it is known, and without sovereignty, it is not necessary, or rather it is not permissible. Muslims are unanimous on this matter as explained by Qurtubi,` to the end of what they mentioned of conditions (as received).

“We say that this alleged consensus was flawed in transmission by those ignorant people, as it is the case with the people of innovations in their claims of consensus on their falsehood. In that, Imam Ahmad said: `He who claims consensus has lied, how he knows if the people have disagreed, this is the claim of Bishr al-Marisi (Hanafi jurist) and his followers. Hence, they speak of a consensus to disrupt the establishment of Hudud. Al-Qurtubi and others only mentioned the agreement of the imams, who issued the fatwa (advisory opinion), which those (Somali scholars mentioned in this message) have called a consensus. Thus, al-Qurtubi and others mentioned the agreement on the context of non-permissibility to encroach on the ruler, when he is in power by the establishment of Hudud by the people without his permission. While the ruler is still governing them, and he who reflects on the words of al-Qurtubi and others would understand that easily. However, this group, through their cursed standing by the side of the camp of betrayal and defeat, forbid understanding and knowledge. God said: `By no means! but on their hearts is the stain of the (ill) which they do!` (Koranic verse, Al-Mutaffifin, 83:14)

“They relate from the people of knowledge without examination or scrutiny, and they think that, by piling up the opinions of scholars or by attributing consensus to them in whatever way, they would achieve the true jurisprudence, but between jurisprudence and them there is a gap that cannot be filled with seas and oceans, and how wrong they are.

“In an attempt to find excuses to every tyrant, who delays and disrupts the law of God, even if he met all the conditions that they cited, they said: in case all the conditions aforementioned are met, he who does not implement the rules of Hudud, without a denial of their religious obligation, will not step out of the realm of religion (Kharij). This is agreed upon by the righteous among the people of knowledge, who relied in their interpretation on the word of the Most Exalted: `If any do fail to judge by (the light of) what Allah hath revealed, they are (no better than) Unbelievers.` (Koranic verse, Al-Ma`idah, 5:44) This is infidelity besides infidelity, and a debauchery besides debauchery as said by Ibn Abbas and Hudhayfah, may God be pleased with them, and that is not regarded as stepping out of the realm of religion. Hence, it is not permissible to fight people on account of that argument.`

“This is a call from those two monks to disrupt the Hudud and an attempt to rationalize and downplay the crime of those who do, and to protect them, so that, they are not of infidelity and cannot be fought if they prevent implementing them, in both case, whether they meet the conditions or not. Then, they do not feel shame to relate falsely from the righteous scholars and pretend that this clear falsehood and ugly untruth is the doctrine of the righteous scholars. Moreover, they involved the companions, Ibn Abbas and Hudhayfah in their manipulations, what effrontery is greater than this? When did Ibn Abbas and Hudhayfah say that disrupting all Hudud, by those who meet the conditions or not, is an infidelity besides infidelity, a debauchery besides debauchery, and an injustice besides injustice!

“When were the Hudud disrupted in the time of the companions in such an ugly and heinous manner as it is the case in our time, or does the task of these monks constitute fixing every mistake, and fault and finding excuses and unwarranted suspicions to disrupt Shari`ah , even through deception, fraud, lies and distortion.

“As for their saying `he who does not implement the rule of Hudud without denying their religious obligation has not stepped out of the realm of religion as it was agreed upon by the righteous among the people of knowledge,` to come out with their ridicule conclusion which makes falsely fighting such individuals non-permissible.

“Sufficient is the response relayed by Imam Muhammad Bin Abd Al-Wahab, may God rest his soul, reported by the Shaykh of Islam Bin Taymiyah, may God rest his soul, in the last part of his discourse on the infidelity of those who forbid giving almsgiving: `The companions did not say, you confess it is obligatory or you deny it, this is not the way of the companions under any circumstances.`. Rather, Al-Siddiq (companion Abu Bakr al-Siddiq) said to Omar (companion Omar Bin al-Khattab), may God be pleased with them both: `By God, if they forbid me in kindness from giving (almsgiving) to the Messenger of God, prayers and peace be upon him, I would fight them for forbidding it.` Hence, he made disallowing almsgiving and not its rejection a reason to fight. It was recounted that groups recognized almsgiving to be an obligation, however they refused to give it, and the Caliphs acted towards them in the same manner, by killing their fighters, enslaving their children, confiscating their properties, declaring them all their to be in hellfire, and calling them apostates.

“This is the discourse of the true and righteous scholars, the righteous not the fraudulent ones, and so if this is the case with he who disrupts one divine precept, what with he who disrupts all the Hudud.

“Recalling the opinions and words of the righteous scholars in fighting those who disrupt the religious laws and refuse to implement them, might take a long time. However, it is sufficient for us that the Muslims in Somalia and elsewhere know that the matter is being argued and disguised by these two monks, who are attempting to make invalid what is received the consensus of the righteous scholars of the ummah. This was mentioned by the Shaykh of Islam Bin Taymiyah, may God rest his soul, in Al-Fatawa, he said: “the scholars of the ummah have agreed that any group abstains from any of the clear and recurrent laws of Islam, ought to be fought until religion is all for God. Moreover, a group may abstain from some of the obligatory prayers, fasting, and pilgrimage. It may not be committed to avoid bloodshed, alcohol, gambling, adultery, and incest. It may avoid jihad against the infidels, impose taxes on the people of the Scripture, or any other religious obligation and its sanctities, in which there is no excuse for he who denies or leaves them, making he who denies their obligation accused of disbelief. Then, this group ought to be fought even if it recognizes them, and in that, I do not know of a disagreement among scholars about it.`

“This is the true consensus, on which the light of God is shed and His proof, not the consensus of the scholars of evil and the sheikhs of Kings. As for the claim of these two monks on ruling, with other than what was revealed by God in its current form, as not being infidelity, that would make one step out of the realm of religion, and does not require to be fought. It is the claim of the government lackeys and the shoes of tyrants who argue about their outright, multifaceted, and diversified infidelity in all the land. We have shown in another study in our writings that the infidelity of those tyrants can be demonstrated in various fields. It is not limited to the fields of ruling, and we have responded to the suspicions of the adepts of al-Tajahum and al-Irja about allowing a rule with other than what was revealed by God, in their reasoning based on the words of Bin Al-Abbas. We have demonstrated the vast difference between the outright infidel and polytheist practices of the rulers in the field of governance and religious legislation today. The reason for the advent of such saying that was attributed to Bin al-Abbas in his debate on the Khawarij, who charged the imams of Muslim that rule with the laws of God with disbelief. Moreover, all are detailed in their right place in our published writings and in which we have crushed the suspicions of those people and dispersed their unity. This was long ago, and there is no need for repetition. He who wants to know about them ought to read them in their right place.

“Those two monks have exposed their Irja` and Tajahum doctrine through their saying as follows: `disbelief is in the heart and faith.` This is the doctrine of Irja` and Tajahum, which constrains disbelief in the innermost convictions and do not charge with disbelief based on outward acts and words. This is not the doctrine of the Sunnis, to which the two monks and the worshippers of palaces pretend to belong to in falsehood and lying, just as did the worshippers of graves that pretend to belong to it in falsehood and lying. Therefore, a Muslim should not be deceived by the falsehood of those people for the simple fact that they came up with claims void of evidence, for the Almighty said: `Say: `Produce your proof if ye are truthful.` (Koranic verse, Al-Baqarah, 2:111)

“And if claims that are not built up on evidence...then their respective owners are only claimers. (A poetic verse)

“If they claim `that disbelief is in the heart and faith` only, no rebellious demon will commit disbelief on the face of this earth, for what is the way to judge innermost matters. Therefore, we were ordered to judge the outward appearance and on that were based the provisions of the religious Shari`ah in this world. Then, the charge of disbelief can only be made on the ground of an outward apparent word or act as evidenced by the Shari`ah and as determined by the righteous scholars. If we were told to prospect and explore the hearts of people, and we cannot do that; and if the claim of these two monks is right, then for what purpose was the punishment of apostasy ordained then? Moreover, what is the way to implement it, since apostasy cannot be ruled upon through the secrets that lie within a heart as they claim?

“There is so much in the Book of God and in the Sunnah of His Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, contradict this suspicion? Of charging people with disbelief who showed their disbelief with words, and hence became disbelievers after they accepted Islam and God declared them disbelievers. Although some of them swore and employed a similar excuse to that of the two monks that they were not serious about it, or did not hold a belief in it as if to say: `we just rushed into it and were fooling around. The people, who practiced polytheism with their actions, God declared them disbelievers and scorned their actions while they thought they were doing what was right, and others pretended they only meant no more than goodwill and conciliation.

“All this is well known in the words of God and the words of His Messenger, prayers and peace be upon him, in the words of the divine scholars, and in the words of the righteous Imams. However, those monks turn their backs on them, and disguise their words and suspicions with shows of alleged examinations to deceive the public. Moreover, the statement added: `As for the second suspicion, it is al-Wala wal Bara and it is a principle used in the wrong place and wrong context, for the people that were charged with disbelief base on unfounded outward words or acts, and interpretations hard to comprehend. There are types and degrees of Wala (loyalty) and the type that makes one steps out of the realm of religion is loyalty in creed.` Contemplate how they turned one of the most secured bonds of faith into mere suspicion, and contemplate how they narrowed down disbelief in the domain of creed, although the loyalty that constitutes disbelief, as it was explained by the people of knowledge, is loyalty, with weapons and the tongue, to the enemies of the Shari`ah.

“Then, they revealed their goal and objective to downplay the issue of al-Wala wal Bara by calling it a suspicion. In kindness, they said: `It was not permissible to adhere to the suspicion of al-Wala wal Bara to fight the African troops that came to help the country upon a regional and local resolution of the government of Shaykh Sharif.`. Contemplate how they shuffle the cards and laugh at the people, according to their claim, the African troops `came to help the country` not to assist Sharif`s pro-American government and to help establish it. Thus, it is not permissible to fight them in any case.

“They argued that it was not permissible to fight them on the grounds that they came by a decision of Shaykh Sheriff as if he was the imam of the believers or the imam of Muslims. In their reasoning, they relied on the Hadith that says: `the lowliest of them (among Muslims) can promise protection on their behalf,` (note: the whole hadith reads: `the blood of the believers is equal, the lowliest of them can promise protection on their behalf, and they are all united against others. Verily, a believer is not to be killed for (killing) an unbeliever, and he who has an agreement (with Muslims) shall not be killed while the agreement is still in force.`) The Hadith made the Muslims equal, and it did not mix Muslims with disbelievers, or the believers with the criminals! Sharif and his government are not among the lowliest among Muslims, even less the highest in status, to employ such Hadith in their benefit. However, as it is said, the rotting of the branches is the inevitable result of the rotting of roots, and because of the fact that those people do not differentiate between Muslims and criminals, they employed what was meant on Muslim for the benefit of criminals. They made an outright disbelief and a blatant polytheism and disbelief besides disbelief, and they called the greatest religious obligations of Islam and most solid bounds of faith suspicions. They framed the demands to implement them part of the ideology of Khawarij and Takfiris. They strayed and led others to stray. That is why they later mentioned a long incoherent talk on their conception of a state they aspire and seek to set up. According to them, it would be a state that unites Muslims with criminals. A state that traets the mujahidin in the same manner as the so-called the generals of the great Somalia. They seek to involve all in one rule, which would satisfy all th”Beware Muslims from the lies of those priests and monks.

“Did anyone other than the kings, priests, and monks of evil corrupt religion? (A poetic verse)

“Know that the foundation of the religion of Islam and its base are two matters, first, the command to worship God alone with no partner, loyalty to those who do so and charge with disbelief those who leave it. Second, warning against worshipping other deities along with God, advising emphatically against that and charging with infidelity he who encourage it.

“This is the monotheism heralded by all the Messengers, may God`s prayers and peace be upon them all, and it is the meaning of `there is no God but God.` God Almighty said: `There is for you an excellent example (to follow) in Abraham and those with him, when they said to their people: `We are clear of you and of whatever ye worship besides Allah. We have rejected you, and there has arisen, between us and you, enmity and hatred for ever, unless ye believe in Allah and Him alone` (Koranic verse, al-Mumtahinah, 60:4)

“The erudite scholar Ibn al-Qayyim said: `When God forbade the believers to champion the infidels, he required them to be hostile to them, to keep their distance from them, and to manifest aggression against them in every situation.` (Bada`I al-Fawa`id, 69/3)

“Shaykh Hamad Bin Atiq, may the mercy of God be upon him, said in his book ` The Path for Escape and Survival ` and going along the lines of `We are clear of you and of whatever ye worship besides Allah. We have rejected you.` (Koranic verse, Al-Mumtahinah, 60:4) What a splendid wit! God has given precedence to distancing oneself from the polytheists, who worship other than God over keeping clear from the idols, which are worshipped without God. The former is more important than the latter, because, if a man keeps clear from idols and does not turn his back on those who worship them, he would not feel obligated to go against them, but if he distances himself from the polytheists, he will be required to distance himself from their idols. This is mentioned in God`s words: `And I will turn away from you (all) and from those whom ye invoke besides Allah.` (Koranic verse, Maryam, 19:48) Thus, God gave precedence to distancing oneself from them (polytheists) over distancing oneself from the idols, whom they worship besides God. This is mentioned in His words: `When he had turned away from them and from those whom they worshipped besides Allah,” (Koranic verse, Maryam 19:49) and His words “Hence, now that you have withdrawn from them and from all that they worship instead of God.` (Koranic verse, Al-Kahf, 18:16) Now enjoy this wit, for it opened a door to you to antagonize the enemies of God. Therefore, many people do not fall in the trap of polytheism, but they do not antagonize its people, thus they are not Muslims for they have left the religion of all Messengers.

“Shaykh Abd Al-Latif Bin Abd al-Rahman said in his book ` Al-Durar al-Suniyah `: `A man might escape polytheism and love monotheism. However, a defect can taint him if he does not distance himself from the people of polytheism, and if he leaves the side and refrains from supporting the people of monotheism. Then, he will become a follower of his whims, and he will join the people of polytheism, who will destroy his religion and everything he has built so far. Leaving behind the precepts of monotheism, without which the faith he chose will no longer be upright, he will not love or hate God, and he will not be hostile or champion He Who created him, and all that take away from the testimony of `there is no god but God.` (Juz` Al-Jihad, page 681)

“Shaykh Muhammad Bin Abd Al-Wahab, may God rest his soul, said: `It is essential for a Muslim to announce that he is part of the community of believers. Thus, he will strengthen it and it will be strengthened by him, so as to frighten the tyrants, who will not achieve the purpose of their enmity until it is announced to them that he (the Muslim) belongs to the group that fights them.` (Majmu`at al-Tawhid )

“Accordingly, I advise my Muslim brothers in Somalia and elsewhere to announce their support for the Mujahidin Youth Movement, who raised the banner of monotheism, to provide them with all kinds of support and assistance, to join their ranks, and not to let down their banner or desert their jihad. The people have witnessed their honesty, purity of hands, and integrity of rule in each province they conquered. Moreover, I advise them not be deceived by the ambiguities of the phony scholars, who confuse the truth with falsehood and confuse the path to Paradise with the path to Hellfire.

“Do not be deceived by the Government of the imposter Sharif, who allied with the Americans, and contracted a deal with the shake of a hand, opened his arms to them, and became an agent that cares for their interests in Somalia, like his fellow collaborator rulers in other Muslim countries today. Therefore, I warn you from supporting the government of the imposter, or engage in his government`s police and military forces, be recruited as his supporter, or help his army, for he who champions an infidel is a disbeliever, God Almighty said: `And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them.` (Koranic verse, Al-Ma`idah, 5:51) He who champions the enemies of the Shari`ah and the guardians of America over the Muslims and the mujahidin would have disbelieved in God the Great as evidenced by the righteous scholars.

“I also advise my brothers the mujahidin to remain steadfast under the banner of monotheism, to adhere to its true methodology, and to avoid being affected by the treacherous violators. Thus, God willing, you become part of the victorious and apparent sect that the Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, had informed it will fight for the cause of God, will not be affected by those who fail it or contradict it, and will remain fighting until they hear the order of God.

“I warn you as of now against allying with anyone who deviates from the methodology of monotheism, among those who lay in wait to reap the fruit of your jihad. Those who like to climb onto the chairs of governance on the remains of martyrs and on the skulls of heroes, who sacrificed their lives, offered their souls to raise the banner of monotheism and to establish the rule of God on earth. By God, this is a great trust, give it all your care, and protect it with your hearts, do not forsake any of it, and do not let any claimer share its fruit with you.

“O Lord, Champion your servants the mujahidin in Somalia. O Lord, guide their aim, unite their word, bring them together, empower them on the earth, crush their enemy, and turn his cunning against him. O Lord, conclude a good outcome for our Muslim brothers in Somalia, with which bring pride to your people and humiliate your enemies. An outcome, in which good is allowed and evil is forbidden, and in which your rule is established.

“May God`s prayers and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family, and his companions.

“Written by: Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi
“Shawwal 1430 (corresponding to 2009).”

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