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By M B Dubbe







Clan Wars with Religious Coloration
Biyokulule Online
August 12, 2010


In mid 2001, Abdullahi Yusuf convened numerous news conferences in which he declared that Al-Ittihad [al-Islami] organization had bases in Shimbiraale, located in Somalia`s Northeastern Region, Puntland; and Al-Ittihad had links with Osama Bin Ladin, the man claimed by the Americans to be a terrorist. Abdullahi Yusuf said “This Al-Ittihad move to undermine the existing democratically-elected administration is a recipe for civil war in a regional state known for peace and stability.”

Abdullahi Yusuf also loudly stated, “Puntland State of Somalia shall not accept the installation of a radical, fundamentalist and extremist regime, as it will not allow the expansion of Arta faction to the territory of this state.”

Given the primacy of the “War on Terror” in the Western World and in neighboring countries, one might expect Somali regional leaders/and warlords` declarations being given to some attention. Subsequently, a group of journalists, including Americans, has visited Shimbiraale, where Abdullahi Yusuf cited as hosting a camp to train terrorists. However, Yusuf`s claims have turned out to be false. One of the journalists interviewed by the BBC said Shimbiraale hosted Somalis who were fishermen. The journalists said there were no camps for training terrorists.

As any other Somali warlord/politician, Abdullahi Yusuf, charged against his rivals of undermining the peace and stability of the region, labeling them as agents of terror groups. In addition, what made Abdullahi Yusuf so furious, satirically, was that his rivals were following his footsteps: organizing a pseudo-government in which the so-called House Members (66 members from different clans) has so far the right to select Puntland leader.

In fact, when Abdullahi Yussuf`s three-year term ended in mid 2001, he attempted to stay on until he was overthrown in August 26, 2001, by local elders and militias. The elders declared Abdullahi Yusuf`s extension of mandate null and void; and they kicked him out of Bosasso and Garowe towns. Abdullahi Yusuf retaliated by accusing Al-Ittihad [al-Islami] of being behind his ouster. He also maintained to be the legitimate president of Puntland, claiming that he was running the Puntland regional administration affairs from Galkayo.

To counter Yusuf`s propaganda, a number of Puntland elders at Garowe released statements, underlining the false reports about Al-Ittihad bases in Puntland. They said “there are no members or bases of Al-Ittihad religious group in the region.” Their factual statements though fell on deaf ears. If there are training camps, where? The country is an arid piece of real estate, not known for hiding places.

In fact, the Ethiopian involvement in Puntland conflicts has been coming to surface gradually since early 2001. In late November 2001, Ethiopia`s covert military contacts with Abdullahi Yusuf have become an open secret when it sent a convoy of eight trucks to Galkayo. With the aid of Ethiopian military machine, Abdullahi Yusuf fought on his way to regain power.

From these factual references to the brief glimpse of the current Galgala debacle in Puntland, Roobdoon Forum attempts to underline a parallel in the new developments of President Abdirahman Farole`s Administration, where its recent military successes stipulated the reruns of  Abdullahi Yusuf`s 2001-2002 Jiffo supremacy shows. It is clear that Puntland rulers, in terms of progress, do not seriously think of the importance of good governance that calls for a dialogue. The basic idea of effective administration still remains alien to the inhabitants of Puntland. The Forum is also skeptical about the ability of the Puntland leadership to defuse social fragmentation. So far, Puntland has for the most part failed to satisfy people`s expectations; it serves primarily the sub-clan interests of those who are in charge of it.

The Administration seems to enter a similar if not more dreading stage; all it will bring again is Yusuf`s modus operandi of prolonging sub-clan power struggles. To some extent, Puntland will become the turf to exact old wounds.

The Forum is keenly aware of Farole`s clannish Administration, now masquerading under the false pretenses of secular, pro-Western entity, and therefore anticipates that the transforming of clan conflicts into a religious one is a chameleon-like ploy – and that old fashion clan loyalty awaits to resume.

The current Galgala conflict, instigated by Farole, is indeed a war with religious coloration. The conflict is also similar to the early 2000s Puntland wars in terms of its hidden incentive. Farole is probably driven by the notion of Jiffo supremacy as well as grabbing Warsangeli`s strategic territories/ resources, in order to secure the full control of the long road between Garowe and Bosasso.

Our concern in zooming into previous articles is to analyze how 2001-2002 power struggles in Puntland have been recycled, paralleling it to the new developments in Galgala. Therefore, Roobdoon Forum forwards to you news-articles of 2001-2002 about power struggles between Abdullahi Yusuf (Omar Mohamud/Majeerteen) and Jama Ali Jama (Osman Mohamud/Majeerteen).

Islamic movement declares holy war against Puntland leader
August 25, 2001

Text of report in English by Somali pro-Puntland web site on 24 August

We, the joint Mujahidin forces of Al-Ittihad Somalia Islamic Movement, and the newly formed armed groups, the Total Liberation Tigers (TSLT), under the command and leadership of Lt-Col Jama Ali Jama, have begun, this week, a long awaited struggle and war to overthrow the pro-Ethiopian regime of Abdullahi Yusuf, the so-called president of Puntland.

Our holy war, jihad, against Abdullahi Yusuf has now reached its biggest success. We captured this week the strategic port of Boosaaso in the northeast Somalia, and are now heading to liberate the rest of the region.

In an attempt to recapture the port of Boosaaso the Puntland darvich [as published] police supported by Ethiopian military advisers, their weapons, have tried yesterday to attack our positions in the city, but was repulsed and inflicted on heavy losses by our joint forces.

Our sector command, under the leadership of Lt-Col Jama Ali Jama, have confirmed us through telephone on yesterday night the Mujahidin gallant forces have killed over 20 and wounded over 50 pro-Puntland Abdullahi Yusuf dervish mercenaries.

The Boosaaso victory over the evil followers of Abdullahi Yusuf [of] Puntland is the beginning of a new kind of jihad liberation not only in northeastern regions but in all parts of Somalia , as well as the Somali inhabited regions occupied by Ethiopia and Kenya African colonialists.

We call upon those who share with us [the] struggle and destiny to wage a total jihad against Abdullahi Yusuf`s regime and similar groups, such as the so called Somaliland and Somali Reconciliation and Restoration Council [SRRC], who are all Ethiopia `s agents.

We particularly appeal to those forces in Transitional Government of Somalia, who are based in Mogadishu the capital, to organize their military and economic power in order to liberate the whole country and establish and alternative real Islamic state in Somalia .

Allahu Akbar [God is great]

Boosaaso, London .

Source: web site in English 24 Aug 01.

[ supports deposed Puntland leader Col Abdullahi Yusuf]

© (c) 2001 The British Broadcasting Corporation [date of publication].

Deposed Puntland leader warns islamists over planned meeting in Garoowe
BBC Monitoring Africa – Political
August 25, 2001

Text of report in English by Somali pro-Puntland web site on 25 August

Puntland state of Somalia declares the joint plans of Al-Ittihad [armed islamist] movement and minority supporters of Arta faction [interim Somali government] to hold a non-participatory and undemocratic congress in the city of Garoowe [administrative capital of Puntland region] illegal and extremely provocative. This Al-Ittihad move to undermine the existing democratically-elected administration is a recipe for civil war in a regional state known for peace and stability.

Puntland State of Somalia, therefore, shall not accept the installation of a radical, fundamentalist and extremist regime, as it will not allow the expansion of Arta faction to the territory of this state.

To counter this threat, the leadership of Puntland state of Somalia reserves the right to self-defence and shall take all the necessary measures to restore law and order in the country.

Puntland state of Somalia warns, in the strongest terms, all external forces including all Al-Ittihad, Arta faction and certain Arab countries that they will bear the full responsibility for any consequences arising from holding illegal gatherings to attempt to undermine this State.

Neighbouring states of Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti should not be misled and misinformed about Al-Ittihad conspiracy in the sub-region in general and developing security situation in Puntland state and Somaliland, in particular.

Signed by: [deposed Puntland leader] Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmad. State president.

Source: web site in English 25 Aug 01.

© 2001 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Al-Ittihad active in Puntland, says ex-official
October 03, 2001

Excerpt from report in English by Somali pro-Puntland web site on 2 October

The claim by the Arta faction [transitional government] and some rebel traditional elders in Garowe that there was no Al-Ittihad movement in Somalia holds no water. In fact, this organization with its worldwide connection and network is now more assertive and aggressive than ever before in its manifestations to establish extremist state in Somalia ; a state led and ran by dark forces of terrorism and tyranny never experienced before in Somalia .

The leadership of the Arta faction draws its security and financial support mainly from Al-Ittihad membership and all colours of the same movement like Al-Islah to which Abdiqasim Salad Hassan [president of the transitional government] himself belong to.

Conglomerates of Al-Barakat [international Somali remittance bank] finance the destabilization policy of the so-called the TNG [Transitional National Government] against other peaceful parts of Somalia .

Yesterday`s statement by some confused Puntland elders denying the existence of Al-Ittihad movement in Puntland state shows the power and influence this radical group has even on the traditional system and the extent this extremist organization has managed to infiltrate into the body fabric of our society.

The statement issued by Garowe elders could not mislead the international community into believing a fiction on the non-existence of an illegal organization whose track record of terrorism is known throughout the sub-region. These elders cannot deny the fact on the ground including Al-Ittihad attempt to overthrow the state government of Puntland and its known connection with terrorist networks worldwide.

Moreover, Al-Ittihad membership are now engaged in a campaign of displaying pictures of Usamah Bin-Laden, affixing them on walls, cars, lorries and buses in the Puntland port city of Boosaaso.

Al-Ittihad Al-Islami is in the move not only in Puntland State , but also throughout Somalia . Simple denial of their existence is a naive attempt to cover up acts of terrorism and destabilization of Somalia `s only peaceful recovery zones like Puntland State of Somalia ...

[Signed] Isma`il H. Warsame, chief of cabinet

Source: web site in English 2 Oct 01.

[ supports deposed Puntland leader Col Abdullahi Yusuf]

© 2001 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Clan Elders Elect President in Somalia `s Puntland Region
November 14, 2001

MOGADISHU, November 14 (Xinhua) - Jama Ali Jama was elected as president of Somalia `s autonomous region of Puntland at a congress of clan elders on Wednesday.

Jama is a former military officer in the army of ex-dictator Mohamed Siad Barre, who was toppled in 1991.

The congress attended by 452 delegates representing the various Darod communities, also elected Ahmed Mohamed Gonle as vice president.

Likewise all of the traditional leaders have been present with the chairmanship of Islan Mohamed Islan Muse, the most powerful traditional leader in Garoweh town which is the headquarters of Puntland.

The chairman of the conference, which continued since August 26, has congratulated the winners and urged them to serve the people to the best of their ability.

After election, New President Jama Ali Jama told reporters that his priority will be the restoration of peace in the region.

However, the ousted former president of Puntland Colonel Abdullahi Yussuf Ahmed has dismissed the meeting and its outcome.

In a letter he distributed to the media organizations, Colonel Abdullahi Yussuf has characterized the entire meeting as illegal and therefore he does not recognize its outcome.

Colonel Abdullahi Yussuf said the meeting in Garoweh town has been sponsored by what he called Al-Itihad Al-Islam, a Somali Islamist group which the United States recently put on its list of terrorist organizations.

Abdullahi Yusuf emerged as president when the northeastern Somali region was founded as an “autonomous state” in August 1998.

© Copyright 2001 Xinhua News Agency

It is a New Dawn for the People of Puntland State
November 19, 2001

Galkaio City, Nov 19, 2001 (Somali Peace Rally/All Africa Global Media) - The people of Puntland have elected a new President, Mr. Jama Ali Jama, and a Vice-president, Mr. Ahmad Mahmud Goonle. The new administration was elected by delegates from the five regions that make up the autonomous state of Puntland.

The delegates were convened in Garowe, the regional capital city of Puntland ,in late August, 2001, and have conducted the Puntland conference with political maturity, and with great tolerance for difference in views on building the society of Puntland state.

The election of new President of Puntland is a profound manifestation of the Puntland people`s great desire for a change in the day-to-day management of the previous Puntland administration which has failed to fulfil the fundamental principles agreed at the Garowe conference in 1998.

Contrary to the so-called Transitional National Government (TNG) in Mogadishu, the Puntland election was one geared up from the bottom-up, made at home, and funded locally by the people of Puntland themselves.

Indeed, the Garowe convention had to be brought to a halt a number of times in order to solve problems connected with the legitimacy of some of the delegates. It was agreed from the beginning that the conference would not proceed unless the legitimate concerns of the delegates, whenever they surface, are addressed and solved to the satisfaction of the majority.

This is quite different from what we have seen in Arte , Djibouti , where the TNG was born with all the trappings of foreign money that funded the Arte conference, and the obvious strings attached to such donations. The TNG and it`s so-called parliament still live in rented hotels and furnished apartments after almost a year and half of its inception, just like tourists.

The new PL administration has a formidable task ahead. Enhancing and maintaining the security of the region is of paramount importance.

Establishment of institutions with capacity to plan and coordinate, and that can effectively devise policies of Puntland`s local government would be a daunting challenges for the new administration. Managing very well the financial sources of the regions as well as using the resources for rebuilding the Puntland State `s shattered infrastructure are equally important.

Crafting major policies with key features such as building and strengthening the integrity, efficiency and effectiveness of future Puntland civil services, and legal certainty for all Somalis in Puntland is very essential for facilitating sustainable regional institutions.

Creating a health environment conducive for investment by all Somalis and foreign companies alike is indispensable. Also, giving much effort to promoting a culture of peace and reconciliation throughout the regions to heal the wounds of the civil war, which the last Puntland administration has added some salt, is very crucial for establishing a long-lasting peace.

Mapping out a long-term strategic policies for all administrative sectors of Puntland State (such as in the area of urban and rural management, water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment, solid waste disposal and energy systems and environmental protection) and for social programs such as health and education services are necessary for the improvement of Puntland people`s livelihoods.

There are a lot of regional challenges on the horizon: thousands of militiamen need to be demobilized and productive work have to be found for them, i.e., the socio-economic and political facets are in desperate need of restructuring.

Finally, the Puntland administration should take the lead in searching an everlasting solution for the country and the people of Somalia . It absolutely makes no sense for the regions and the people of Puntland to try to enjoy a relative peace, tranquillity, and democracy while the rest of the country remains in the hands of gangs, warlords, or worse, in the hands of the remnants of the old regime.

We strongly recommend the UN security Council and its specialized agencies to support a regional institutional buildings of Puntland State aiming at strengthening the foundations of the civil administration to meet the fundamental desire by grassroots level and the expected demand of the international community for peace, stability, security and prosperity in the region of the Horn of Africa.

Good luck and God bless Puntland.

Good luck and God bless Puntland.

© Copyright Somali Peace Rally. Distributed by All Africa Global Media.

Ethiopian troops enter Puntland: witnesses
November 23, 2001

MOGADISHU, Nov 23 (AFP) - Some 1,000 heavily armed Ethiopian troops entered the Somali autonomous region of Puntland on Friday at the invitation of the administration of Colonel Abdullahi Yussuf Ahmed, one of Puntland`s leaders, witnesses said.

The Ethiopian troops entered the town of Galcayo, some 500 kilometres (300 miles) north of the Somali capital Mogadishu. They were supported by heavily equipped armoured vehicles and pick-ups mounted with heavy machine guns, witnesses who declined to be named for security reasons said.

Witnesses told AFP that Galcayo locals, who support Abdullahi Yussuf, welcomed the Ethiopian troops.

Prominent Galkacyo elder Islam Bashir Islam Abdule -- one of a group of Darod clan elders from Puntland who visited Ethiopia last month to urge Addis Ababa to intervene militarily in Puntland to resolve the constitutional crisis there -- said the troops were invited by Puntland elders and supporters of Abdullahi Yussuf.

During last month`s visit, the elders told Ethiopia that Abdullahi Yusuf had been attacked by an extremist religious group, which tried to overthrow him in August.

Their accusation was a reference to the Al Itihaad Al Islamiya, a Somali Islamic extremist group which the United States recently put on its list of terrorist organisations.

But a senior Ethiopian official denied that troops had moved in.

“We don`t have a single soldier there,” said the government official, who asked not to be named. He said Addis Ababa was “committed to peace and security” in Somalia.

Puntland, once an island of peace in war-torn Somalia, has been embroiled in a major power struggle over the past three months.

On Wednesday, 13 people were killed when fighters backing Abdullahi Yussuf raided the capital Garowe and seized it from supporters of Jama Ali Jama, who was named president by a congress of elders of the Darod clan on November 14. Abdullahi Yusuf immediately rejected the appointment.

Jama is a former military officer in the army of Somalia`s ex- dictator Mohamed Siad Barre, who was toppled in 1991.

“The people of Puntland recognize the leadership of Puntland which has been popularly elected, and they will not give attention to an illegal conference funded by religious extremists of Al Itihad Al Islam,” a senior official at Abdullahi Yusuf`s office said at the time.

But the Somali Transitional National Government (TNG) Prime Minster Hassan Abshir Farah, who is currently in neighbouring Djibouti, warned Abdullahi Yusuf in an interview over the BBC Somali service to leave Garowe immediately, or “face the consequences.”

Abdullahi Yusuf emerged as president of Puntland when the northeastern Somali region was founded as an “autonomous state” in August 1998.

Under Puntland`s constitution, his mandate was due to end in August, but parliament voted to extend it for another three years in June …  

© Copyright 2001

Puntland leader denies existence of terrorist base
BBC Monitoring Africa – Political
December 12, 2001

Text of report by Somali newspaper Ayaamaha web site on 12 December

The newly elected regional president of Puntland [northeastern Somalia ], Ali Jama Ali, has held a press conference in Boosaaso [commercial port town]. Mr Ali explained issues affecting the Puntland region, saying that Abdullahi Yusuf [deposed Puntland leader] was planning to cause unrest among Puntland people.

The Puntland leader denied Abdullahi Yusuf`s allegation that terrorist groups were present in Shimbiraale [village near Boosaaso].

“You saw the place you were taken to with your own eyes, and witnessed that Shimbiraale is not a terrorist camp,” said Mr Ali.

Mr Ali said that he would do everything possible to restore peace in Puntland. He called the Puntland people to be on the watch for war-mongering activities advocated by Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmad.

Source: Ayaamaha web site, Mogadishu , in Somali 12 Dec 01.

© 2001 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Government reportedly sending arms to Puntland
BBC Monitoring Africa – Political
December 29, 2001

Excerpt from report by Canada-based Somali web site on 29 December

The Transitional Government of Somalia has sent assortments of weapons to Boosaaso town of Puntland [regional administration].

The assortment from Mogadishu was being loaded today at Ceel Macan [sea] port, and heading to the Boosaaso port.

The weapons, reportedly to be delivered by Col Bashir Salad Duliye, are being taken to the Puntland president, Jama Ali Jama...

Source: web site, Ottawa , in Somali 29 Dec 01.

© 2001 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Eyewitnesses Report `Few Hundred` Ethiopian Troops Moving Into Somalia
Beijing Xinhua in English 1439 GMT 07 Jan 02
January 7, 2002

Mogadishu, January 7 (XINHUA) -- As the fear increases in Somalia that the United States might be setting up its plans to strike Somalia sometime soon as a part of its war against the international terrorism, the government of Ethiopia is also increasing its military presence in the Horn of African nation.

The last of such activity is the arrival on Sunday night of a few hundred well-armed Ethiopian military men into the town of Garoweh, the capital of the semi-autonomous administration of Puntland.

According to eyewitnesses in Garoweh town, the Ethiopian forces have reached the town shortly after Sunday`s midnight.

One of the eyewitnesses, a businessman who asked not to be named, said he could not figure out the exact number of the Ethiopian troops who reached Garoweh town Sunday night.

But the man said he has seen 12 big trucks transporting uniformed infantry troops, more than 4 battle wagons together with two more lorries apparently carrying with them the fuel, ammunition and spare parts.

The new military movement of Ethiopia seems to be concentrated in Puntland and in Bay region. Similar number of Ethiopian troops is currently in Baidoa town.

Officials of the Ethiopian-backed Somali Reconciliation and Restoration Council (SRRC) have admitted the Ethiopian military presence in Bay region.

But in Garoweh town, the ousted president Colonel Abdullahi Yussuf keeps denying that there are Ethiopian troops there.

There is also no official confirmation of Ethiopian military presence in Somalia from the Ethiopian side so far.

According to reports reaching here, the Ethiopian troops who earlier opened a training camp for the SRRC militias have again opened one more camp in Daynunay, just outside the town.

With the hearsay that America is going to strike Somalia, many people believe that Ethiopia is planning itself to lead what could be the “northern alliance of Somalia” by training Somali militias opposing to the current Transitional National Government.

However, Somali Prime Minister Hassan Abshir Farah has denied rumors, saying that America is paying 200 US dollars for each militiamen to be trained by the Ethiopians in Bay region.

“The US has been with us in Nairobi for the reconciliation between our government and some of the factions opposing to us,” he said.

(Description of Source: Beijing Xinhua in English -- China`s official news service for English-language audiences (New China News Agency))

© Copyright © 2002 NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.

Puntland leader Yusuf refutes his allegations on presence of terrorist groups
BBC Monitoring Africa – Political
May 11, 2002

Text of report by Somali pro-Puntland web site on 11 May

Col Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmad [former undisputed Puntland leader] has held talks with clans in Bari Region [eastern Puntland] over the role of his militiamen in Boosaaso. He promised to move his forces out of the town.

Asked by the clan elders in the meeting on the issues of his allegations about terrorism in Boosaaso and its environs, particularly, Shimbiraale area, and how he intends to act against religious leaders, Col Yusuf replied that there are no Al-Qa`idah-linked groups in the country. He said, however, his previous allegations [on the existence of terrorism] were directed to [his rival] Jama Ali Jama and his associates. Col Yusuf said he would not target any religious leader, except one whom he is not happy with.

Speaking in the meeting, Col Yusuf said a government would be formed in the upcoming Nairobi reconciliation talks, in which he would hold an important post. He said if the talks failed, the country would be captured by foreign forces.

Source: web site in Somali 11 May 02.

© 2002 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Somalia`s Puntland says “rebels have been soundly crushed”
BBC Monitoring Newsfile
January 01, 2003

Text of statement in English by the Presidency of Puntland State (northeastern Somalia ), published by Somali pro-Puntland web site on 31 December

There was a heavy fighting yesterday, 30 December 2002 in and around the village of Dhuuda [name as published, other sources have given it as Dhuubo], 160 km to the south of Qardho [Puntland, northeastern Somalia ]. This was started by anti-Puntland rebels [led by Jama Ali Jama] to break through the siege of Puntland forces.

This resulted in the surrender of 185 rebels` militia and capture of almost all their military hardware. Only two technicals [battlewagons] fled to the eastern coast area of the country. They are being chased and will be likely captured shortly.

Details of casualties in life are still inconclusive.

The new development will hopefully close a chapter in Puntland stability as rebels have been soundly crushed and law and order fully restored throughout Puntland State .

In another unrelated development, the parliament of the state of Puntland will convene in the capital city of Garoowe shortly in an ordinary session of the house as the entire executive branch of the government has moved back to Garoowe. The president of the state [Col Abdullahi Yusuf] will attend this opening session of the house.

Source: web site in English 31 Dec 02.

© 2002 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Galgala, Puntland hegemony


Sawirro Somaliya


Muqdisho of Yesteryears and Today’s Muuq-disho



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