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Saracen-Villa Somalia Agreement
Biyokulule Online
January 06, 2011

The Saracen collaborators


In the beginning, Villa Somalia refused to comment on the nature of Saracen International`s operations in Somalia and rumor has it that Saracen International has a multi -million dollar contract with the TFG. The latest news affirm that the UAE brokered the final Saracen-Villa Somalia contract.

Last week, TFG Minister of Information, Abdulkareem H. Jama, issued a puzzling news release about Saracen and who is behind it. He states unequivocally that the maintenance of Saracens contract and their presence in Somalia is essential to the creation of law and order in Somalia. In pointing the finger to anybody other than his fez-wearing boss, as his habit is, he said that “the minister of finance, Hussein Abdi Halane, was the one that signed the agreement with foreign firm.” However, in an interview he gave to VOA earlier, Minister Halane said that President Sharif has signed the agreement.

Biyokulule Online demands the immediate termination of the TFG-Saracen contract. This controversial contract was intended for the hire of mercenaries to help fez-wearing sheikhs to fight against those with rags around their heads. We ask a public disclosure of the contract with the quasi-private security company. The presence of such firm violates our sovereignty. Making no attempt to be accurate, here are what appears to be the “copies” of Saracen-Villa Somalia Agreement.



Herein represented by His Excellency Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, President of Somalia
Republic of Somalia
(The “State”)


Address: Saida-Lebanon Fakher Dine Street, 4th Floor, Office 402
Herein represented by Mr.Lafras Luitingh
in his capacity as Chief Operations Officer
(the “Company”)

WHEREAS the State and the Company have agreed that the Company will provide security services;

AND WHEREAS the parties wish to summarize their administrative responsibilities in terms of the agreement.



As used in this agreement, the following terms shall have the meaning shown below.

Affiliate means a legal entity which Controls, or is Controlled by, or which is Controlled by an entity which Controls, a party. “Control” means the ownership directly or indirectly of fifty (50) percent or more of the voting rights in a legal entity. “Controls”, “Controlled by” and other derivatives shall be construed accordingly.

Company means Saracen International s.a.l.

Effective Date means _____________________.

Force Majeure means any event or circumstance that (i) prevents or significantly impairs the ability of the affected party to perform its obligations under this agreement other than the obligation to pay any amounts due, (ii) is beyond the reasonable control of the affected party, (iii) is not due to the negligence or willful misconduct of the affected party, (iv) cannot be avoided by the affected party by the exercise of due diligence. Subject to the satisfaction of the conditions set forth in the sections (i) through (iv) above, Force Majeure shall include: (a) riots, coup d`etat, political unrest, community actions, terrorist actions, national emergency, war, act of foreign enemies or powers, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), acts of terrorism, civil war, revolution, insurrection of military or usurped power, pirates; (b) acts of God, including earthquake, tidal wave, epidemic, flood, fire, explosion and/or other natural physical disaster; (c) strikes, picketing and industrial disputes of personnel; (d) act or failure to act of any Governmental Authority (whether legal or illegal), inside or outside of Somalia; (e) maritime or aviation disasters. Governmental Authority means, with respect to any party and property, any national, state, provincial, county, department, city or other political subdivision (including any court, agency, department, commission, board, bureau, or instrumentality of any of them) which (i) has legal authority over such party or property in respect of any activity to be undertaken pursuant to this agreement or (ii) is otherwise legally entitled to issue any authorization, consent, order, approval, resolution, license, exemption or permission with respect to such party or properly legally required for the performance of any activity to be undertaken pursuant to this agreement.

State means Republic of Somalia.


The Company shall:

2.1 Provide a command, administration and training team (“CATT”), to train the State`s police and security forces.

2.2 Ensure that all company personnel, including CATT, utilize a State Identity Card to be identifiable.

2.3 The training which Company shall offer company includes the following:

2.3.1 anti-terrorist training program to train the State`s police and security forces in providing anti-terrorist protection services.

2.3.2 armed body guard, chauffeur and guard training program to train the State`s police and security forces in providing armed body guard, chauffeur and guard services.

2.3.3 concierge and reception security, alarm and emergency response, badging and identification services, control centers and closed circuit television operations, x-ray, magnetometer, metal detector and wand device operation and fingerprinting training services program.

2.3.4 executive protection services training program,

2.3.5 fire safety director, officer and guard training.

2.3.6 first aid and CPR-certified officer training program.

2.3.7 Create and implement security guard, security inspection, security patrol and K-9 patrol training program

2.3.8 a VIP protection, special event security, aviation and maritime security and mailroom security services training program.

2.3.9 an international protection training program to train the State`s police and security forces in providing international protection services.

2.3.10 a vulnerability assessment, security plan development, perimeter protection, recruiting and providing cleared personnel, access control and physical security training program.

2.3.11  an escort and patrol (vehicular and on foot) services and security vehicle procurement training program.

2.3.12 a security compliance audits and security consultations and risk assessment training program.

2.3.13 a technology security solutions, surveillance and counter-surveillance and electronic counter-measures training program.

2.4 The State and Company shall agree from time to time on which training programs Company with furnish the State under the terms of this agreement.


The State shall:

3.1 Register the approved personnel of the Company as Special Constables;

3.2 Issue badges, symbols of authority or other appropriate identification to such personnel;

3.3 Grant to the approved personnel of the Company licenses to carry arms;

3.4 Ensure that its Police and Security forces cooperate with the Company`s personnel;

3.5 Appoint a planning team to, liase with the Company`s personnel;

3.6 Notify the relevant State Departments that import of equipment will be free from duties. However, other services that might be levied by ports etc cannot be waived;

3.7 Furnish multiple entry visas to approved company personnel;

3.8 Supply the company with the necessary End User Certificates for the procurement of specified equipment.

3.9 Notify the customs officials that the Company personnel may move aircraft, vehicles and water vessels across the State`s borders and airspace.

3.10 Notify the Customs Officials that Company personnel will be allowed to free-movement (visa-free) inside the State`s territory.


The Company may freely assign and transfer all of its rights and obligations under this agreement to any third party of its choosing with the approval of the State.


5.1 The term of this agreement shall begin on the Effective Date and continue for a period of Ten (10) years thereafter.

5.2 The compensation due Company for the training services provided under paragraph 2 shall be as agreed to between Company and State from time to time.

5.3 This agreement may be terminated by the State at any time upon notice given to Company thirty (30) days in advance.


6.1 Each party undertakes to keep and shall procure that its Affiliates, sub-contractors and business associates keep the contents of this agreement confidential and not to disclose it to any person or institution without the permission of the other party. Except in the case this information is needed by either party to seek legal remedies or redress.

6.2 This clause shall continue to bind the partied notwithstanding termination or expiry of this agreement.

6.3 The provisions of this paragraph 6 shall be subject to the provisions on public announcements of paragraph 10.8.


7.1 This agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of UAE as a interested and neutral partner

7.2 In the event of any dispute arising in relation to this agreement, the parties shall first try to resolve it amicably, failing which it may be referred to and finally settled  by  arbitration  under  the  Rules  of  the  UAE  Court  of  International Arbitration.

7.3 The   arbitration   shall   be conducted   before an arbitral tribunal   (the Tribunal) composed of three (3) arbitrators. Each party shall nominate one (1) arbitrator not later than fourteen (14) days after service of a written request by either party to do so. The two arbitrators appointed by the parties shall, within thirty (30) days after the second arbitrator`s appointment, jointly appoint the third arbitrator, who shall act as the chairperson of the arbitration.  If  any  of  the  parties  fail  to  appoint an arbitrator within the fourteen (14) period,  one  shall  be  appointed  by  the  UAE Court of International Arbitration.   Similarly,   if   the   two   arbitrators   already appointed fail to appoint the third arbitrator, the third arbitrator shall be appointed by the London Court of International Arbitration.

7.4 The   arbitration   proceedings   shall   be conducted  in  the  English  language and  the arbitrators shall be fluent in the English language. The seat of the arbitration shall be in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

7.5 The   parties   waive   any   right to seek ruling from any court on issues of law that arise during   the  arbitration  or  to  challenge  the  award  on  the  grounds that the Tribunal made errors of law or fault.

7.6 All costs of the arbitration proceedings, including attorneys` fees and costs shall be borne in the manner determined by the Tribunal.

7.7 Judgment upon an award may be entered in any Court having jurisdiction over the person or assets of the party against whom the award is issued, or application may be  made  to  such  Court  for  judicial  acceptance  of  the  award  and  an  order  of enforcement, as the case may be.

7.8 The parties agree that the Tribunal shall have the power to make such orders and any provisional, interim or partial award as it considers just and desirable.

7.9 The State, to the extent that it may claim sovereign immunity for itself or any of its assets hereby waives any such immunity to the fullest extent permitted by the laws of any applicable jurisdiction. This waiver includes immunity from (i) any arbitration proceeding commenced pursuant to this agreement; (ii) any judicial, administrative or other proceedings to aid the arbitration commenced pursuant to this agreement; and (iii) any effort to confirm, enforce or execute any decision, settlement, award, judgment, services of process, execution order or attachment (including pre-judgment attachment) that results from arbitration or any judicial or administrative proceedings commenced pursuant to this agreement. Each party acknowledges that its rights and obligations hereunder are of a commercial and not a governmental nature.


8.1 Any notice or other communication to be given under this  agreement shall  be given in writing in English and may be delivered in person or sent by courier or facsimile or e-mail to the relevant party as follows:

(a) to Saracen International s.a.l at:
Saida – Lebanon, Fakher Eldine Street, 4th Floor, Office 402
Fax: +96 772 3006
Marked for the attention of: Mr. Lafras Luitingh

(b) to the Republic of Somalia at:
Hussein A. Halane
Minister of Finance
Villa SomaliaMogadishu, Somalia
Tel: +25261819909
Fax: + 2525941001
Marked for the attention of: Hussein Halane

or such other address as a party may designate by notice to the other party for receipt of notices under this agreement.

8.2 Any notice or document shall be deemed to be given:

(a) if delivered in person, at the time of delivery; or

(b) if sent by courier at 10h a.m. (local time at the place of destination) on the fifth (5th) business day after it was sent by courier; or

(c) if sent by facsimile or e-mail, on the date of transmission if transmitted before 4.00 p.m. (local time at the place of destination) on any business day, and in any other case on the next business day following the date of transmission.

8.3. In proving service of a notice or document it shall be sufficient to prove that delivery was made or that the facsimile or e-mail was properly addressed and transmitted.

8.4. The parties agree that the provisions of this clause shall not apply to the service of any   writ,   summons,   order,   judgment   or   other   document  relating   to  or  in connection with any legal proceedings.


9.1 Any waiver of any right under this agreement shall be in writing and signed by or on behalf of the parties.

9.2 Not failure to exercise or delay in exercising any right or remedy provided under this agreement or by law constitutes a waiver of such right or remedy, nor shall it prevent or restrict any future exercise of that or any other right or remedy.

9.3 No single or partial exercise of any right or remedy under this agreement shall prevent or restrict further exercise of that or any other right or remedy.


10.1 Further Assurances.  Each of the parties shall do all such acts and execute and deliver all such documents as shall be reasonably required in order to fully perform and carry out the terms of this agreement.

10.2 Joint Preparation.   Each provision of this agreement shall be construed as though all parties participated equally in the drafting of the same. Consequently, the parties acknowledge and agree that any rule of construction that a document is to be construed against the drafting party shall not be applicable to this agreement.

10.3 Severance of Invalid Provisions.  If and for so long as any provision of this agreement shall be deemed to be judged invalid for any reason whatsoever, such invalidity shall not affect the validity or operation of any other provision of this agreement except only so far as shall be necessary to give effect to the construction of such invalidity, and any such invalid provision shall be deemed severed from this agreement without affecting the validity of the balance of this agreement.

10.4 Modifications.  There shall be no modification of this agreement except by written consent of all parties.

10.5 Priority of agreement.  In the event of any conflict between the provisions of the main body of this agreement and its exhibit, the provisions of the main body of the agreement shall prevail.

10.6 Interpretation. 

(i) Headings. The topical headings used in this agreement are for convenience only and shall not be construed as having any substantive significance or  as indicating that all of the provisions of this agreement relating to any topic are to be found in any particular Article.

(ii) Singular and Plural. Reference to the singular includes a reference to the plural and vice versa.

(iii) Gender.  Reference to one gender includes a reference to the other.

(iv) Paragraph or Exhibit.  Unless otherwise provided, reference to any paragraph or an exhibit means a paragraph or exhibit of this agreement.

(v) Include.  The words “include” and “including” shall mean to be inclusive without limiting the generality of the description preceding such term and are used in an illustrative sense and not a limiting sense.

10.7 Counterpart Execution.  This agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts and each such counterpart shall be deemed an original agreement for all purposes; provided that no party shall be bound to this agreement unless and until all parties have executed a counterpart.

10.8 Public Announcements.  No public announcement or statement regarding the terms or existence or this agreement shall be made without prior written consent  of all parties; provided that, notwithstanding any failure to obtain such approval, no party shall be prohibited from issuing or making any such public announcement or statement to the extent it is necessary to do so in order to comply with the applicable laws, rules or regulations of any government, legal proceedings or stock exchange having jurisdiction over such party or its Affiliates, however, any such required public announcement shall include only that portion information which the disclosing party is advised by written opinion of counsel (including in-house counsel) is legally required. Such opinion shall be delivered to the other parties prior to any such public announcement.

10.9 Entirety.  With respect to the subject matter contained herein, this agreement (i) is the entire agreement of the parties; and (ii) supersedes all prior understandings and negotiations of the parties.

10.10 Force Majeure.   If  as  a  result  of  Force  Majeure  any  party  is  rendered  unable, wholly or in part,  to carry out its obligations under this agreement, other  than  the obligation to pay any amounts due,  then  the  obligations  of  the  party giving such notice,  so  far  as and to the extent  that  the  obligations are affected by such Force Majeure, shall be suspended during the continuance of any inability so caused and for  such  reasonable  period thereafter  as  may  be necessary  for  the party  to put itself in the same position that it occupied prior to the Force Majeure, but  for  no longer period.   The party claiming Force Majeure shall notify the other parties of the  Force Majeure  within a reasonable time after the occurrence of the facts relied on  and  shall  keep  all  parties  informed  of  all  significant  developments.   Such notice  shall   give   reasonably  full  particulars  of  the  Force  Majeure  and  also estimate  the  period   of   time   which   the   party  will probably require to remedy Force  Majeure.  The affected  party  shall use all reasonable diligence to remove or overcome  the  Force Majeure  situation  as  quickly  as  possible  in  an  economic manner  but  shall  not  be  obligated  to  settle  any  labor  dispute  except on  terms  acceptable to do it, and all such disputes shall be handled within the sole discretion of the affected party.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF the duly-authorized officers of the parties hereto set their hand on the day and year appearing first on page 1.

His Excellency Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
Born 25 July 1964
In his capacity as President of Somalia

_________________________________________ (signature)
DATE: ……………………………………………………


_________________________________________ (signature)
DATE: ………………………………………………



For Saracen International s.a.l (Offshore)

_________________________________________ (signature)
NAME: Mr. Lafras Luitingh
CAPACITY: Chief Operations Officer
DATE: …………………………………………………


_________________________________________ (signature)
NAME: ……………………………………………….
DATE: ………………………………………………..

(Description of Source: London (Ontario) SomaliTalk Online in Somali -- Independent internet site;











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