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Somalia`s New Tongue Twisting Names
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Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Axmed Harti
By M B Dubbe

Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Maxamuud Harti
By M B Dubbe







The Shabab Conglomerate Indoctrination
Roobdoon Forum
January 05, 2011



This year, al-Shabab`s conglomerate indoctrination reached at its zenith. Roobdoon Forum is discovering how expanded are the horizons of al-Shabab Movement and its indoctrination apparatus. It is their strong determination that enabled the Shababs to publish magazines and Islamic books; produce videos and films; and most importantly, establish numerous re-orientation and rehabilitation camps for its new recruits, so that Somalis as a whole could “benefit” and get “enlightened”.

Indoctrination camps (Tabliq camps)

As professor David Laitin once described, Siyaad Barre`s regime established in early 1970s orientation centers, in which the issue of “national identity” was seen as a “conditio sine qua non” (a condition without which you cannot move forward). “The fascist-built military camp “Halane” has been turned into a reorientation center for all government officials and would-be officials, and recruits go through para-military and ideological training and supposedly return to their government jobs better socialists”. Halane instructors considered “Scientific Socialism” to be one of the pillars of maturity and prospects of Somaliweyn. And for euphemism purpose, Halane was named as the Institute for the re-evaluation of National Heritage and Mental Decolonization.

These indoctrination campaigns was supposed to halt spread of Western ideas and therefore the youths and government officials who go through these camps are required to attend long political indoctrination sessions everyday, until they spend months being indoctrinated as revolutionaries.

Paradoxically, the numerous “mental decolonization orientation centers”, including Halane camp, became the place to incarcerate opposition groups, including legitimate clan-chiefs and religious leaders.

Sheikh Hassan Turki and Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys in “re-orientation and rehabilitation” camp in somewhere Jubaland.

Today, according to al-Shabab teachings, Somalis are living in an era of void of Salafi teachings. Therefore, the Shabab leaders advocate that Salafi Jihadism is the way which the Somali youths need to take to heart for Somalia to re-appear. However, Roobdoon Forum stresses that to re-appear a functioning Somalia it is needed to analyze the concept of Salafi Jihadism with the utmost circumspection.

To illustrate a good example, Sheikh Hassan Turki and Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys who had cooperated with the Shabab Movement for many years are now placed in solitary confinement camp (some say somewhere in Kismayo) because they probably have refused to cooperate in anymore the Shabab`s sectarian indoctrination campaigns. What both Sheikhs learned then is 180 degrees reversed today by the Shabab, thereby becoming victims of the most vicious sectarianism of Somali history.


The impact of the media (websites, electronic magazines, radios, and televisions) in Somali wars is no secret to anyone. In the past, media defended ludicrous messages that included warlords` personal interests. The Shabab media of today propagates messages virtually identical to the propaganda preparations for the wars in the era of warlordism in Somalia.

The media campaigns that the Shababs launched lately is surely being coordinated from outside and is according to the intensity, brutality, and tone very similar to the days of the Kacaankii (“Revolution”). The significance of their messages is enormous; and using fox tricks, they often aroused many poor people`s sentiments and thus temporarily gave the Shababs an occasional support.

The Shababs view the media as the frontier of disseminating their version of Islam and depicting other Muslim sects of falsehood who distort religion. They call to the people that “Salafists are part of a trend of turning back to conservatism and religion”.

For them, the internet has become a blessing to the Shabab youths who know how to use it. Internet offered them the opportunity to recruit youths around the dar-al-Islam as well as dar-al-harb.

Al-Shabab media is a mixture of outlets. There are, for instance,,,, etc. All these websites are close to the Shabab and “report news with clear bias towards al-Shabab".

As our readers will see in the following news-articles, the Shababs not only run websites and radios but also launched recently their own television. In other words, Shabab indoctrination conglomerate compose a variety of media entities aimed to contribute to one goal, which is promoting a jihadist agenda that covers the Shabab activities and wars in Somalia.

Roobdoon Forum
Toronto, Canada


Al-Shabab Launches New Television Station in Somali Capital
Thursday, February 3, 2011

Text of report by privately owned website on 1 February 2011.

The Al-Shabab Islamic Movement has launched a new television in Mogadishu, which is currently on test.

The newly established TV station, known as Al-Kataaib, reaches Mogadishu and its environs and is accessible to everyone who has a television set.

Among the programs being aired by the new television include war movies, such as clashes that involve Al-Shabab, as well as Al-Qaidah battles in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Apart from this new television station, there are several media networks belonging to Al-Shabab in Mogadishu and in other regions.

The name Al-Kataaib was taken from the Al-Shabab website, which had been shut by the US.

In Mogadishu, people used to watch privately owned Shabeelle television, which airs news and live football matches.

© Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.

Somalis reportedly appreciate news from Al-Shabab controlled radio stations
Holy Koran Radio
Thursday, September 30, 2010

Text of report by Somali Holy Koran Radio on 28 September

(Presenter) Muslim society in Mogadishu said they recognized the false propaganda that are being propagated against Islamists in Somalia, appreciating the Islamists radios that operate in Somalia, our correspondent Salah Nabhan has the details.

(Salah) though our Muslim society said that they earlier understood what the few radios that work for the apostates and Christians that operate in Mogadishu which they want to mislead out Muslim society.

They indicated that the radios in Mogadishu disturbed Lower Shabeelle Region`s peace after they exaggerated and broadcast that unidentified helicopter struck on residence by Al-Shabab Islamic governorate officials in Marka town, southern Somalia.

“This is what infidels` radios are going to use in order to harass Muslim civilians mentally, it is also a method used by apostate governments and their Christian allies to disturb peace and security in Lower Shabeelle Region,” one of the residents said.

Another one says, “this is what the apostate government wants to disappoint the Muslim civilians in parts of Lower Shabeelle Region.”

Another woman says, “I urge Muslim civilians in Somalia not to listen the radios that work for the apostate government and their Christian allies because they are regret the implementations of Islamic teachings in country.”

This comes at a time when the transitional government and AU peacekeepers were defeated in the fighting in Mogadishu and now they have turned to media propaganda.

(Description of Source: Mogadishu Holy Koran Radio in Somali -- FM station that indentifies itself as “the voice of Ahlu Sunnah Waljama, Mogadishu,” a Sunni Islamic organization. Station includes regular newscasts in its programming, but generally steers clear of controversial subjects. Station is also known as IQK)

@ Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.

Somalia: MYM Media Section Presents First Issue of `Millat Ibrahim` Magazine
Jihadist Websites
October 14, 2008

MYM Media Section Presents First Issue of “Millat Ibrahim” Magazine On 4 October, the Mujahidin Youth Movement (MYM) Media Section posted on a jihadist website an article entitled “Millat Ibrahim”, in which the group presented various links for downloading the magazine. The posting is attributed to the Sada Al-Jihad Media Center of the Global Islamic Media Front.

The following is a summary of the posting and contents of the publication:

“In the name of God, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

“Mujahidin Youth Movement (the Al-Usra Army in Somalia) Media Section presents the first issue of “Millat Ibrahim” magazine.

“A monthly magazine published by the Al-Zarqawi Center for Studies and Research, which belongs to the media section of MYM.

“We apologize for the delay of the first issue due to personal reasons and we promise you new material, God willing.” Summarized Editor`s Note:

“The religion of Abraham is the religion Almighty God has ordained for his prophet and to the believers after him. It is very clear and pure of all suspicions and flattery. A religion that differentiates between those whom we support - even if they were related - and those we are hostile to. It is the criterion and difference between the followers of the Compassionate (God) and the followers of Satan. Therefore, the highest priority of our center was to publish and follow the religion of Abraham, peace be upon him, to urge following it and to consolidate the principle of allegiance and enmity.

“Al-Zarqawi: Adopting the name of the martyr of the nation Shaykh Al-Zarqawi - God`s mercy be upon him - as a name for the center is our declaration that we are following his path in monotheism and jihad, and his path in slaughtering the people of falsehood and deviation. Through this name the reader will see that we will not accept an armistice or half-solutions even if the nations unite against us. The shaykh - may God have mercy on him - was a symbol of the religion of Abraham at the time. He said to the Arab and non-Arab tyrants loudly while the strikes were increasing upon him and darkness surrounded him as Ibrahim, peace be upon him, said to his father and his people (God said): ` Verily, we are quit of you and of all that you worship instead of God: we deny the truth of whatever you believe; and between us and you there has arisen enmity and hatred, to last until such a time as you come to believe in the One God!` (Partial Koranic verse; Al-Mumtahinah, 60:4)

“In an attempt by us to connect the Islamic world from east to west and to be a bridge and link between jihad in the Horn of Africa and jihad in the Islamic world, we followed the doctrine of unity of efforts under the banner of monotheism and we directed the path of jihad and strikes towards one target, which is the Crusader enemy that is spiteful towards the Islamic nation. Our logo is “Together we face the nation of the Cross”, in which we say that the enemy we face is the nation of the Cross that has invaded our territory, countries and people with its horses and caravans, which required us to think deeply and conduct a thorough study of its cunningness and plotting. We at the Al-Zarqawi Center for Studies and Research - with God`s power and strength - will reveal through our various means these plots and offer them to the Islamic nation after studying and presenting radical solutions to them so that the ways of the criminals can be identified.” Table of Contents:

1. Editor`s Note

2. Warning message to the Re-liberation Party (Allainace for the Re-Liberation of Somalia, ARS)

3. Biography of the martyr - Shaykh Adan Hashi Ayrow (Abu Muhsin al-Ansari

4. Pictures from the Islamic/Secularists Asmara Conference

5. Magazine`s comparison between MYM and Somalia Re-liberation Party

6. Muhajirin`s (immigrants) Forum

7. Question and answer

- Do the mujahidin consider Muslims in general as non-believers?

- How to identify the truthful group so that I can work with them?

8. (God said): `but the plotting of Evil will hem in only the authors thereof.` (Partial Koranic verse; Fatir, 35:43).

9. Some of a mujahid`s morals

10. Our jihad is as (God said): `until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere.` (Koranic verse; Al-Anfal, 8:39). (excerpts from the audio message of the Amir of the Mujahidin Youth Movement, Abu Zubayr).

11. Reading from the book “Dawaat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyah al-Alamiyah” (Call for Global Islamic Resistance) by Shaykh Abu Musab al-Suri.

12. O people of the tribes

13. Dialogue between the eruption of jihad and the soul of a mujahid

© Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.

Al-Qaedah reportedly creates new website for Somali Islamists
Friday, December 25, 2009

The Al-Qaedah network has set up a media organization to support the Al-Shabab Islamic Movement. It is known as Al-kataa`ib and will be responsible for the collection and dissemination of reports and videos on operations by Al-Shabab.

In a written statement issued by Al-Qaedah`s information section, Al-Raxaab, it was stated that Al-kataa`ib will officially carry reports, videos and (?military) operations by our Al-Shabab brethren. (sentence as published)

According to Al-Raxaab, the Al-Kataa`ib website will carry through the internet reports about jihad and Mujahidin (holy warriors). Al-Kataa`ib has been established so that the voice of the Al-Shabab brothers can reach fellow Mujahidin around the world. The ongoing jihad and difficult circumstances (in Somalia) do not accord Al-Shabab the time to put much effort towards the processing of information (hence the creation of Al-Kataa`ib).

Al-Raxaab added in its statement that videos and news about Al-Shabab will be posted on the Al-Kataa`ib website starting 1 Muharaam 1431 (18 December 2009). However, Al-Shabab will not be responsible for information not contained in the website, added the statement.

This is the first time that Al-Qaedah is setting up a media outlet independent of Al-Raxaab. The motive behind its formation is unclear. However, it is evident that the new website will be beneficial to Al-Shabab, which since 2008 has lacked its own source to disseminate news and ideology.

The move by Al-Qaedah is a response to the resumption of transmissions by Radio Mogadishu, the voice of the Somali government. Al-Qaedah views this station as a threat to its political policies and interests in Somalia.

Text of report by US-registered Somali Dalkanews website on 22 December

© Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.

Somalia: Website Posts `Public Alert Notice` Warning Against Fake Jihadist Sites
Jihadist Websites
April 13, 2009

On 9 April a jihadist website posted a public alert notice to its audience warning them of suspension of jihadist websites by opponents who then post fake ones posing as jihadist sites.

A translation of the notice follows:

“May peace, mercy, and God`s Blessing be upon you.

“Mujahidin brothers

“Somali Mujahidin.

“Muslim Supporters of Mujahidin.

“All Interested in Mujahidin News.

“We are issuing this alert to warn against the existence of websites on the Internet that are not genuine and that do not belong to the Mujahidin Youth Movement (MYM).

“Lately there have been excessive and relentless attacks against MYM websites, often in the form of domain suspensions. However, now attackers are using a new method: They are posting websites pretending and claiming to belong to the mujahidin for the sole purpose of creating confusion and misinformation.

“We are therefore informing everyone to be aware of this and to be alert to the many schemes and attacks against the mujahidin.

“Many phony websites get broadcast on the internet claiming to be run by MYM. They would then publish news stories that mislead the audience.

“To the above mentioned brothers, we are informing you to be vigilant to the ever-changing maneuvers on the jihad battlefield. They could not defeat us in the conventional war. Now the media and information wars have begun. As you may be aware, some mujahidin websites were already knocked off the internet, such as those listed below:  (latest)

“As soon as they shut down authentic websites, they create fake ones that will stir up conflicts and chaos with the intention of frustrating jihad efforts. So brothers, be careful.”

© Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.

Somalia: Islamists Using Internet To Disseminate Propaganda
Thursday, February 15, 2007

Somalia: Islamists Using Internet To Disseminate Propaganda, Issue Threats The routed Council of Islamic Courts (CIC) is using pro-CIC websites based in North America and Europe to spread its propaganda and issue threats against the US, Ethiopia, and the Transitional Federal Government (TFG). The CIC claims its fighters have captured and killed US soldiers and that the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) has committed abuses against Somalis. Al-Qaedah`s second-in-command Al-Zawahiri urged Islamists to “continue Jihad” in Somalia in a video released on 13 February.

The CIC, which now calls itself “The Popular Resistance Movement in the Land of the Two Migrations,” is using websites operated by sympathizers in the Somali diaspora to allege that it has captured and killed US soldiers and to inflame anti-Ethiopian and anti-TFG sentiments.

The websites and, based in Bellevue, Washington, and Copenhagen, claimed that CIC Executive Committee Chairman Shaykh Ahmed met with US Ambassador to Kenya Ranneberger to discuss “how to free 11 US soldiers” that pro-CIC forces allegedly abducted (1 February, 18 January).

The London-based website reported that Islamists killed 40 US soldiers, wounded 30, and captured 10 in Raas Kaambooni. The websites and, based in Los Angeles and London, reported CIC claims that it was responsible for recent attacks against TFG and Ethiopian targets in southern Somalia along with exaggerated ENDF casualty figures (14 January, 1 February, 25 December).

On 26 January reported that CIC Deputy Defense Chief Shaykh Mukhtar Robow delivered a speech urging Somalis to support “the Mujahadin of the Islamic Courts and defend the country.” reported CIC warnings that it would “shoot down any airplane operating from Mogadishu Airport” and allegations that the ENDF plans to “execute” prisoners accused of working with the CIC (11, 7 February).

In a video posted on the internet Al-Zawahiri praised CIC leader Ahmed and what he called jihadists in Somalia. He said that “Islamist fighters are in holy struggle with foreign occupiers” (jihadist websites, 13 February).

© Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.

The Islamist Internet instrument
The Indian Ocean Newsletter
February 03, 2007

The main Internet web site carrying the communiqués and videos of the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) calling to fight the Ethiopian army and its allies in Somalia has been created by an association based in the United Kingdom. To be sure, the site was registered by Abdirahman Hassan in December 2005 on behalf of the Northampton based association Dacwa. Moreover, Hassan is the agent in this English town for the funds transfer company Al-Mustaqbal Express headquartered in Dubai. advertises another web site,, which carries video clips supporting Somalian Islamists. This was created in January 2007 by a company called Maison Tropicale SA registered in the British West Indies and presenting itself as “a service company in the French language for the West Indies”. Maison Tropical gives a postbox in Anguilla in its contact details, which is the same as that of the law firm Webster Dyrud Mitchell.

However the telephone number given by Maison Tropicale SA is located in The Netherlands and corresponds to the web hosting company Host Department LLC. The web site also carries advertising for the auction site created in August 2006 by Mohamed Hersi, a Somalian living in London, and for Phone Atlantic Company Ltd, a company selling mobile telephones registered in London in June 2005. Phone Atlantic`s company secretary is a British citizen from the Horn of Africa, Liban Osman. Its director, Abdul Kadir Osman Ossoble, also from the Horn of Africa, is a 31 year old truck driver with Dutch citizenship.

© Copyrights 2007 Indigo Publications All Rights Reserved

Renamed Somali Islamists still active on the web despite military setbacks
BBC Monitoring Africa
January 19, 2007

Although the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) has been defeated on the battlefield, and no longer controls any broadcast media, Somali Islamists continue to maintain an active presence on the internet. Existing Somali Islamist and pro-Islamist web sites have now been joined by a new one.

According to these sites, the Islamists have changed their name from the UIC to the “People`s Resistance Movement in the Land of the Two Migrations”.

This “Resistance Movement” also has a new logo and slogan: “Jihad is Our Path - Death for the Sake of God is Our Highest Aspiration.”

Active websites

The most active Islamist website since the start of fighting in Somalia on 19 December and the subsequent routing of Islamist forces by the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and their Ethiopian backers has been Qaadisiya ( Although its operations appeared to be somewhat disrupted in the last few days of December and at the very start of January (following the UIC retreat from Mogadishu on 28 December) this site has been active since then with a regular series of news reports.

On 14 January, Qaadisiya reported that 40 US soldiers had been killed, about 30 wounded and 10 captured by Islamists in fighting at Raas Kaambooni (Ras Kamboni) in the extreme south of Somalia two days earlier. On 18 January, Qaadisiya reported that one of the US soldier said to be held prisoner by Islamists had died of malaria. (The same day, the Reuters news agency quoted a US defence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, as saying: “We don`t have any US service members that have been captured or killed in southern Somalia.”)

In addition to Qaadisiya, the UIC has used two other sites: and The latter, the UIC`s official website, was still active on 9 January (when it reported that Islamist fighters had escaped US air strikes) but is currently inaccessible. has been inaccessible for a longer period.

Other Somali sites that have been observed recently with pro-Islamist news reports are Goobjoog ( and Halgan (

New website

The latest addition to the Islamists` web presence is KismaayoNews (, first observed by BBC Monitoring on 10 January.

Kismaayo, the capital of Lower Jubba Region, is the largest town in the far south of Somalia.

According to, the site is registered to an A.B. Abdi. A contact email address of and an incomplete postal address and telephone number in Bristol (UK) are given in the registration details.

The KismaayoNews site is - according to - hosted by a Copenhagen-based organization.


During the second half of 2006, when the UIC controlled Mogadishu, it was in charge of the government`s Radio Mogadishu FM station (based at Villa Somalia, the former presidential palace in the capital) which it had renamed “Voice of the Somali People”.

Radio Mogadishu changed hands on 28 December when it was taken over by allies of the TFG. news website reported on 1 January that the TFG interior minister had formally taken over Radio Mogadishu on behalf of the government.

Source: BBC Monitoring research 19 Jan 07

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