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Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Axmed Harti
By M B Dubbe

Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Maxamuud Harti
By M B Dubbe







Iran President Urges Muslim Nation To Unite Against West`s `Plots`
Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 1
Monday, December 10, 2012

Iran`s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks during a media conference at Iran`s embassy after he attended the Developing-8 summit in Islamabad November 22, 2012. Israel has a “childish” desire to attack Iran and Tehran is capable of defending itself, Ahmedinejad said on Thursday. REUTERS/Mian Khursheed

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. (He recites some prayers in Arabic). I thank God and I am sincerely happy that he gave me this opportunity to meet the dear and proud people of Pakistan. In the eye of the Iranians, the people of Pakistan are great, faithful, assiduous and honest. They are monotheist, justice-seeking and against tyranny and discrimination. Wherever there is a need to support truth and righteousness, the people of Pakistan are present. I am thankful to God for granting me the blessing of this visit.

Our meeting is a very good one. Scholars, scientists and intellectuals spoke about very useful and worthy subjects. I am sure that if we had had enough time to let every single attendee speak, we would have listened to lots of interesting and useful comments and I would have enjoyed their comments fully. I hope God Almighty will give me a chance to listen to all your comments in near future.

I humbly ask for your permission to make some remarks in this meeting. In meetings like this, speechmakers such as me are supposed to talk about issues which address the root causes of problems in the world. The issues of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Palestine and Gaza and other global issues were discussed here very well. My question is whether the other parts of the world are in a better situation than the situation in Afghanistan, Palestine and Gaza? Do the Europeans live in complete prosperity and health? The people of Europe are tired of tyranny and no one listens to their shouts (of protest). What is going on in the USA? Who cares for people`s voice? The problem is that today the entire human society lives under suppression and tyranny. What can be done?

I am going to speak very briefly about the roots and causes of the current situation in the world. Is our current situation much different from what the mankind has experienced in history? The answer is evident. The human society has suffered tyranny and suppression in the entire history of its existence. Man is the most supreme creature in the world. The God Almighty created the entire whole world for the sake of human beings. Human-beings are the only creatures for whose creations God was proud of Himself. Are the human beings we see throughout the history the same creatures for whose creation God felt proud of himself. Definitely, the answer is no. Human beings have a divine nature. God has granted man a talent which enables him to represent God. Man can become God`s viceroy.

How can mankind reach that status? In my view man can reach that status with the help of a few factors. The fist factor is monotheism. Monotheism is at the centre of all that is good and all human perfection. All prophets invited their followers, first and foremost, to monotheism. Monotheism is the backbone of humanity. The second factor is justice. Justice is the only way to reach prosperity and human perfection. The second mission of divine prophets was to invite their follower to administer justice. Administering justice is the starting point of the move towards perfection. It is only when justice is established that humanity starts to blossom. The third factor is kindness and love for humans and goodness. When there is no love for other human beings, a person is not a human.

My dear ones, monotheism is propagated through love, kindness and forgiveness. Monotheism is heartfelt faith. It was the kindness and love of our prophet that spread monotheism in the world. All prophets came to promote monotheism, love and kindness.

The Satan stood against monotheism from the outset. The Satan`s most important plan is to separate humans from their own sense of humanity. I do not want to review history here. I just want to briefly mention history in the last 400 years. The last 400 years have been about the rule of an anti-humanity minority over the entire world. There was a long period of slavery. They made slaves out of the deprived and innocent people of Africa and colonized the world for several hundred years. They advertise their wealth as something that was resulted from their own efforts and hard work.

Our region was plundered for more than a hundred years by the old colonialism. We went to Indonesia. A small European country had ruled Indonesia for more than 200 years and plundered its wealth. Anti-slavery and anti-colonialism movements started in the world and countries became independent. On the surface, slavery and colonialism were uprooted, but salve drivers and colonists remained and change appearance and dominated the world using a different method. A country such as America is sitting at the highest level of the Security Council and is bullying all other nations. Africa`s major mines and wealth are in the hands of American and European companies. They have been our enemies since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, we know why. It is because of oil and mines. Please pay attention to these statistics. From the victory of the revolution until now the maximum amount of oil we have produced has been 4 million barrels, 1,750,000 barrels of which is for domestic consumption. In other words, we export around 2,300,000 barrels.

Today, Iran`s population is 75m. Look at Iran as it is today and compare it with the way it was before the revolution. The population has doubled. Oil exports are less than half. Progress and prosperity have grown ten fold. Whose pockets were being filled with the difference? America`s. Now, let me explain to you another method of plundering, which is very modern. That is plundering through the dollar. The dollar is the dominant currency in the world. The American treasury decides how much money it should print and where it should be distributed. In 1929, when it was decided that dollar should become the international currency, the American government was committed to save one ounce of gold for every 35 dollars.

From 1970 to 1973 the US government breached that agreement unilaterally. From that date to this day they have printed more than 2,000 billion dollars in notes. A hundred dollar note costs five cents to print but it is sold for 100 dollars in the world. This is the biggest robbery in history. Right now, the US government`s budget deficit comes to 1,600 billion dollars every year. How does America make up the shortfall? From the pockets of you and me. They persecute any country or nation, which wants to make progress and has passed a certain line. They make up an excuse, a nuclear excuse, a human rights excuse, and then impose sanctions and stop their progress.

The important thing is to know what we should do today. First of all, we have to learn the enemy`s methods. In my view the enemy`s biggest plan is to create discord among nations. How do they create discord? First, they establish a Zionist regime. You all know how deceitfully they imposed this regime on others. The most important mission of the Zionists is to create discord between the nations of the region. Look at the situation in Gaza. Gaza was attacked. What should regional nation do? Shouldn`t they unite and defend the people of Gaza? Some of these governments are against Gaza even though they are Muslims and Arabs. Who has created this situation?

We are sitting here witnessing homeless Gazan women and children being hacked to pieces. How else do they create discord? They create tribal discord. I am an Arab but you are a Persian. I am from this tribe, you are from another. Another way of creating discord is by making religious divide. How many prophets do we have? We have one prophet, one book, one God. They take the money form Muslim`s oil and wealth and spend it on ways of creating discord and carrying out massacres. Whose work is this? Obviously, the work of the Zionists, enemies and colonialists. They need to create discord and then inflict harm on people the way they have done in Afghanistan and Iraq and the way they bomb Pakistan every day. If Pakistan and Afghanistan get together with us, which power in the world can confront us? (Audience clapping)

They have come 12,000 km from the other side of the world to slaughter people here. I would like to tell you that any nation or government which is only thinking about saving itself, will be defeated. There is one way to save ourselves: We should all join hands to save the world.

As long as the Zionists are dominating the world`s key centers, there is no rescue. We all have to join hands to ensure that justice prevails in the world. Once the Security Council is put right and the United Nation is fixed and the media is corrected, there will be no room left for domineering powers.

My dear ones, we must join hands and eradicate all inhumane and unfair boundaries from humanity. What will happen if all regional nations join power? Will the American government dare to set up military bases in 5,000 spots in the world? We have to join hands.

We should give our hands together. My dears, if we do not reform our understanding from Islam, we will be always under pressure and dominance. If we are thinking to reform the world, Islamic countries will be reformed as well. Almighty God`s promise is that tyranny will be eliminated.

The entire world is awakening. Borders are being removed and all the nations` demand and slogans are one truth. Today, the wave of justice-seeking and reform is taking over the world and this is a sign of the destruction of tyranny. I am sure that Zionists will go away (will be demolished). They are building cement walls around themselves in the Palestinian land. The wall is for someone who has been in humiliation and defense situation. God willing, very soon the root of Zionism will be eliminated in the world. I tell you that the dominance of America will be eliminated too. I promise you it will go away. I am going to read you a poem from Allameh Eqbal. Our connection does not come from being Arab or Roman; our connection does not come from family. We gave our heart to a loved one (Islam prophet Muhammad) from Hejaz (Saudi Arabia), Because of this reason we are connected to each other. (Poem ends)

The prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, is the linking chain between us all. (Reads poem in praise of the prophet) But the last subject I would like to mention here. Well my dears, now that we are all united with each other, we need an axis for unity. The Almighty God has said (says verse in Arabic) that in the era of Prophet Muhammad, everyone gathered around the prophet. Who should we gather around today? There should be a divine human being to create unity. Our prophet was a divine being. Can we imagine that God has ordered us to follow a prophet but there is no one to follow now? Definitely not. If God Almighty has invited us to unity, he has definitely created the axis of unity. Well, now we need to look for a person who is divine. We believe that God has created such a person. God has pledged on behalf of all his prophets including the prophet of Islam. He has said that one of the children of the prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, will establish peace in the world. He will appear anytime that nations realize the necessity to establish peace, (REFERENCE to the twelfth Shi`ite Imam, Imam Mahdi). My friends, you are all in favor of knowledge and science.

The domineering powers manage the world with theories and hypotheses. They say that they want human rights and democracy to rule the world. What message do we Muslims have for the world? Our message is nothing but the fact that we want to establish monotheism, justice, compassion and freedom. We also want to have plans and a message for the world. Western countries say that democracy means human rights and the key to democracy is in the hands of Mr Obama. We believe in monotheism, justice, love and compassion. Who is holding the key to these? You should introduce the key holder to the world. Today, the two nations of Pakistan and Iran are two brotherly and united nations. In the same way that you are sensitive towards the incidents in Iran, we are sensitive towards the incidents in Pakistan. We will be disturbed if any damage is inflicted on the Pakistani nation and feel that we are damaged ourselves. The relation between the two countries is good and I hope that it will turn to the best. At the moment, what we feel in Pakistan today is that we are in Iran. We feel that we are among our best brothers and sisters. Until the flag of monotheism and justice is flown over the whole world`s centers of power, the Iranian and Pakistani nations will remain together.

(Description of Source: Tehran Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 1 in Persian -- state-run national television, officially controlled by the office of the supreme leader)

© Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Fast Facts
By CNN Library
December 10, 2012

Here is a look at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad`s life.

Personal: Birth date: October 28, 1956

Birthplace: Aradan, Iran

Father: Ahmad Saborjhian, a blacksmith. Ahmadinejad`s father changed the family name from Saborjhian to Ahmadinejad after the family moved to Tehran

Mother: Seiyed Khanom

Marriage: Married

Children: two sons and a daughter

Education: Iran University of Science and Technology, Bachelor`s and Master`s, 1986 (in civil engineering) and Ph.D, 1987 (in transportation engineering) Other Facts: He is a member of the Abadgaran party and is considered ultra-conservative.

He is a very loyal supporter of Iran`s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Several of the 52 Americans held hostage during the 1979 Islamic Revolution claim Ahmadinejad was one of their captors. Former hostage takers in this incident, who are now political opponents of Ahmadinejad`s, deny he was involved. Timeline: 1986 - Joins the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Late 1980s-Early 90s - Governor of Maku and Khoy in Iran.

1993 - Advisor to the Minister of Culture and Higher Education.

1993-1997 - Governor of Ardabil Province in northwestern Iran.

May 3, 2003-2005 - Appointed mayor of Tehran.

June 24, 2005 - Wins Iran`s presidential election by a landslide, defeating Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani. Ahmadinejad gets approximately 62% of the vote and immediately begins stating his desire to restart Iran`s nuclear program.

August 3, 2005 - Sworn in as president.

October 26, 2005 - During a speech at the World Without Zionism conference in Tehran, he states that “Israel must be wiped off the map.”

December 14, 2005 - Speaking to thousands of people in Iranian city of Zahedan, Ahmadinejad states “Today, [Europeans] have created a myth in the name of Holocaust and consider it to be above God, religion, and the prophets.”

April 11, 2006 - Announces that Iran has produced low-grade enriched uranium that can be used for nuclear power.

September 19, 2006 - One of two featured speakers on the opening day of the United Nations General Assembly. The other is President Bush. The two men do not meet.

September 24, 2007 - Speaks at Columbia University. Ahmadinejad denies having ever denied the Holocaust, saying he actually had just introduced “two questions” about it. He is also booed after saying “we don`t have homosexuals [in Iran] like in your country.”

September 25, 2007 - Speaks to the UN General Assembly.

September 26, 2007 - Christiane Amanpour interviews Ahmadinejad. He unexpectedly gets up and leaves after only a few minutes.

March 2-3, 2008 - Ahmadinejad visits Iraq; this is the first-ever visit to Iraq by an Iranian president. He meets with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President Jalal Talabani discussing topics such as oil production and development, border demarcations, and Israel`s excessive use of force in Gaza.

June 2, 2008 - According to Islamic Republican News Agency, at a ceremony honoring Ayatollah Khomeini, Ahmadinejad says that Israel “has reached the end of its function and will soon disappear off the geographical domain.”

June 13, 2009 - Is re-elected president of Iran as demonstrators fill the streets.

August 5, 2009 - Is sworn in for second term as president of Iran.

October 13, 2010 - Arrives in Lebanon for his first state visit, to meet with the president, prime minister, and to be received by members of the militant group, Hezbollah, with whom Iran has a strong relationship.

April 17, 2011 - Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi is fired by Ahmadinejad; the action is vetoed by the country`s religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

May 2011 - Media reports circulate that top aides of Ahmadinejad are being arrested for sorcery.

May 2011 - Ahmadinejad accuses Western countries of using special equipment to cause a drought in Iran.

September 22, 2011 - Speaks at the UN General Assembly.

March 14, 2012 - Ahmadinejad summoned before parliament to answer questions about domestic and foreign issues. It was the first time since the Iranian Revolution in 1979 that the parliament had summoned the country`s president to answer questions.

September 24, 2012 - Gives a speech at the United Nations during which the ambassador from Israel walks out. Later in the day is interviewed on CNN`s Piers Morgan Tonight.

© Copyright 2012 Cable News Network. All Rights Reserved.

President talks about meaning of “awakening” at Tehran conference
BBC Monitoring Middle East
December 10, 2012

The following is the Text of President Mahmud Ahmadinezhad`s address to a conference in Tehran entitled “Islamic Awakening and Muslim University Professors” on 10 December. Ahmadinezhad talked about the meaning of the word awakening and why today`s societies needed to return to human values such as freedom, justice and love on their path to full awakening. A recording of The speech was broadcast by Iranian English language news channel Press TV on the same day, subheadings inserted editorially.

[Presenter in English] We are now going to cross over live to that conference that has been held right here in Tehran entitled Islamic Awakening and Muslim University Professors. Iran`s President Mahmud Ahmadinezhad speaking. Let`s listen in:

[Ahmadinezhad in Persian with English voiceover] Dr Velayati, Mr chairman, distinguished members of the presiding board, ladies and gentlemen greetings to you all. I would like to warmly welcome you all to your home Iran. I thank God Almighty for granting me the opportunity to attend this valuable gathering as your humble colleague and student addressing my professors. I would like to refer to the title of your gathering “the Scholars, Professors, Academics and Academicians and Islamic Awakening”. This is an important title. There is no doubt and of course one should have no doubt that science and wisdom and knowledge are the origins of all the blessings and if any positive development is to unfold in the world, it must originate from knowledgeable people and scholars. The role of academicians and professors in reforming the society and materializing human goals is unique. Islamic awakening is an important topic. I want to say a few words about awakening. What is the meaning of awakening? It does not mean that there are some people who are asleep and we want to wake them up. This is a natural act that happens on a daily basis. Does it mean raising people`s awareness about political issues in order to change the circumstances? Or does it mean that the people become aware of economic issues leading to a change in circumstance? What do we mean by awakening?


I believe that by awakening we mean the return of humans to their humane reality.

Almost ten thousand years have past since the emergence of humans and in fact I believe that for most of that time humans have been in a deep sleep. Let`s assume that people have become familiar with political and economic issues. Will that resolve the world`s problems? In fact, a major part of world problems emanates from people who are fully aware of economic and political issues. Negligence towards the humane nature of humanity has been man`s main problem throughout history and of course the most important issue in this universe is humanity. If you exclude humans from this universe, other creatures will become meaningless. Human being has the most sublime status and is the most sublime creature created by God. So what do we mean by humans? Do we mean humans that merely seek pleasure? Or do we mean humans that in fact focus on the inherent nature of humanity. I believe that all prophets have conveyed the message of awakening. Awakening means man becoming aware of his true nature, mission and obligations in this world. Life would have no meaning for a person, who has forgotten himself. Reform would have no meaning for him. What would be the meaning of perfection for such a person? All prophets have come to awaken humans. That means reminding them of their divine nature. Now, what is that divine nature and what is human?

Human nature

The root cause of human problems throughout history has been the fact that humans have forgotten themselves. The Satan has always sought to make humans become negligent towards themselves. You see the problems today, the acts of tyranny, aggression, massacres, occupation, the issue of Palestine, slavery, colonialism, systematic plundering of other nation`s wealth, killings and bullying are all due to the fact that there are some people who have forgotten their humane nature. The question is what is this humane nature? I am telling you my personal beliefs. Human being is the most important creature on this planet and can be considered as a reflection of God Almighty in this universe. Man can reach a point where he can act as a mirror reflecting God Almighty. Humans have the capacity to introduce God. All God`s features are reflected in man`s divine nature and in fact this is a talent existing within all human beings to move in the direction of divine perfection. A human being can go through an ascending trend, reaching the point of becoming God`s successor in this universe. What does a successor mean? It means, firstly, to be similar to the point of origin and secondly, have part of the capabilities, abilities and authorities of that point of origin. A human being can and must reach a point where he will be able to reflect all the divine features, knowledge, wisdom, power, innovation and affection.

Dear participants, our first point of difference with the bullying and arrogant powers relates to the definition of human being. This is our point of difference with those who merely seek worldly pleasures. So if this definition of human being is corrected, all other issues will be corrected as well. [verse in Arabic] The first step for improving this situation in the world is to correct humans and the first step for this is to correct the approach of humans towards themselves. Other creatures and other developments will come next to humanity and if you exclude humans, all other things become meaningless. Imagine beauty, for example, beauty in this word. What would be the meaning of beauty if you exclude humans? If you exclude humans, all other things will become meaningless. This is a talent enjoyed by humans. Humans enjoy the highest status of dignity and a human being can reach that point. In fact, humans have been created from soil and in fact that talent for reflecting the divine nature has been placed in this soil and human beings must take this upward journey from this very soil reaching for that point of perfection. You know better than me that people have lived before us and they will live after us and in fact humanity is eternal. And because it is eternal it means that it dates back to the very origin of the universe. Against this view, we have the materialistic approach. This approach focuses on animalistic instincts, carnal desires, selfishness, tendency for dominating others, self-centredness and engaging in worldly pleasures.

Freedom, justice, love

God has created this universe for humans and has created humans for themselves. This world paves the way for human perfection. However, in order to promote their status, humans are in need of several elements. The first element is freedom. God has created man free. Any selection made by man is only valuable if it is done freely. And if one makes a selection reluctantly, that lacks any value because it will not lead to perfection. Our decisions will bear fruits and will lead to perfection only when they are made freely. Reluctance will not lead to perfection. The best actions done out of reluctance, will not contribute to human perfection. Freedom is the best blessing granted by God to humans. Freedom will bring about emancipation for humans. We should move beyond ethnicities, race and nationality. And in this way, humans will be able to attain pure freedom. Without freedom humans will not grow. Why do we appose tyranny, occupation and aggression? Because these things will restrict human freedom.

The second element is justice. Justice creates conducive grounds for human perfection. Any creature in this world physically and spiritually will grow in a just environment. When you plant a seed, if there are no moderate environmental conditions, it will not grow and will not bear fruits. The talents within that seed will blossom only when there is a just atmosphere. The same is true of Human spirit. Justice contributes to human perfection. Why do we oppose bullying actions and aggression? Because these things will create an unfair environment. Why do we oppose oppression? Because it will deviate the oppressor and will also hamper the development of others. The third element is love and kindness. Dear brothers and sisters. Human being means love, God means love. Humans have been created by God on the basis of love. One cannot attain perfection through a spiteful approach and in fact human perfection can be attained through love and affection towards others. Our dear prophet, Prophet Muhammad, blessings of God upon him and his progeny. has attained the point of perfection and he has sought proximity to God. Our prophet is a manifestation of God`s affection and kindness. His existence is the manifestation of love towards humans and divine affection. Who is more perfect? The person, who has more love for humans. Who has reached the most sublime point of perfection? The person, who has nothing but love in his spirit.

Let me make one more point here, you are all scholars and thinkers. My dear ones, guidance cannot take place without love and affection. You cannot guide a person by force. You can prevent one`s decline by force. You see a person falling, you may make use of a sword to prevent his decline [as received]. But in order to guide and promote a person you need to show love and affection. Freedom, justice, love. In order to achieve these three elements you will need two other factors.

Serving God for freedom

One is serving and worshipping God. Freedom will be attained by worshipping God. What do we mean by that? It means getting rid of all the worldly tendencies and selfishness and surrendering to God. So, you will attain freedom based on how much you serve God. Without worshipping God you will find no freedom. You may publicize certain political freedom in a society but that would not make humans free. Prophets were sent to us in order to free humans [verse in Arabic]. The Prophets have been sent to us to free us and genuine freedom will be attained by serving God. This was the message conveyed by all the prophets, to worship God in order to become free. By worshipping God you will be filled with love towards humans. Our prophet is the manifestation of love towards other people because he has fully worshipped God. And what is God? God is absolute love. And if you become the servant of God you will become absolute love. That is the meaning of worshipping God.

The second factor is the rule by competent and just individuals. You all know the role of government. Human society without governance means chaos and collapse. The materialization of justice and freedom will take place under governance by free and just individuals and rulers. If there are arrogant people ruling the society [The broadcast was interrupted here by the presenter summarizing the speech`s highlights and moving on to other news]

Source: Press TV, Tehran, in English 0800 gmt 10 Dec 12

© 2012 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.





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