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Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Axmed Harti
By M B Dubbe

Silsiladda Taxataran ee Beesha Maxamuud Harti
By M B Dubbe







Karzai accuses foreigners of trying to divide Afghanistan through Qatar office
BBC Monitoring South Asia
June 26, 2013

Afghan President Hamid Karzai speaks during a joint news conference with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen following a security handover ceremony at a military academy outside Kabul June 18, 2013. Afghanistan will send a team to Qatar for peace talks with the Taliban, President Hamid Karzai said on Tuesday, as the U.S.-led NATO coalition launched the final phase of the 12-year war with the last round of security transfers to Afghan forces. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani

[Presenter] It is clear now that the foreigners in Qatar are trying to create dispute among Afghans and to weaken Afghanistan. President Karzai emphasized that the foreigners tried to create a dispute between Afghans by setting up an emirate [Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan] in Qatar and an Islamic government in Afghanistan. Speaking at a meeting with elders and influential figures of eastern Khost Province at the presidential palace, Karzai said that he wants peace only for a united, central and strong Afghanistan. The US embassy in Kabul says Washington did not intend to divide Afghanistan. Wali Aryan reports.

[Correspondent] Peace with the Taleban amid ambiguous and futile efforts has left behind several tests. The Taleban`s political office was opened in Qatar with Washington`s support, but this issue has seriously angered Afghanistan.

[Hamed Karzai, president, captioned, speaking at a meeting in Pashto] Peace process is our hope, but we do not let it be used by the foreigners for their objectives. There is a meaning behind this. I could not tell you about this as I was not sure, but the Qatar process made it clear the foreigners want to weaken Afghanistan from within itself. They set up an Islamic emirate there and built an Islamic government here. Now, they are observing silently and saying they did not do anything and the Afghans themselves do what they want. Did you get it?

[Correspondent] Opening an office for the Taleban under the title of Islamic Emirate of Taleban in Qatar is considered an attempt to divide Afghanistan as the Afghan government and political opponents of this government consider this office a parallel institution to the Afghan embassy in Doha.

[Monawar Shah Bohadori, Herat MP, captioned, talking to camera] The US`s peace without the involvement of the Afghan government is not a real peace. This will only create tension in the region and disunity among the Afghans. This will slowly push Afghanistan towards partition, but we tell the foreigners that Afghanistan cannot be divided.

[Correspondent] Earlier the US also said that its conditions for opening this office were not taken into account, but does Washington really want to divide Afghanistan?

[US ambassador to Afghanistan, James Cunningham, captioned, speaking at a news conference in English superimposed with Dari translation] Actually, we do not intend that the opening of this office should lead to partition of your country or to create disunity among you. We are hopeful that such moves will further strengthen Afghanistan as a united country and the Afghans will become further united.

[Correspondent] Afghanistan and the international community, particularly Washington, have been trying to reconcile with the Taleban for years, but the Taleban even in the opening ceremony of their office in Qatar insisted on fighting.

Source: Tolo News, Kabul, in Dari 1330 gmt 26 Jun 13

© 2013 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

US deceiving Afghans, world by trumpeting democracy, human rights- paper
BBC Monitoring South Asia
June 26, 2013

Text of editorial in Dari headlined “Double-policy and deceit being unveiled” published in afghan newspaper Weesa on 23 Jun

Talks about the Qatar office have not ended and yet there are rumours about Taleban cancelling talks with the United States. This is because both sides assume that they will exploit each other. The United States is particularly playing a deceitful role as it gives one kind of assurance to the Afghan side and makes a different kind of pledges to other parties. It wants to use each party against the other.

The Qatar office caused much claptrap. Despite the fact that the people of Afghanistan have suffered from war and violence for the past several decades and are fed up with it, the Qatar office did not raise much hope for peace. Why? The Qatar office, which should have been opened as the start of a transparent peace process, was, instead, opened in a fashion that sparked suspicion and negative reactions. All the hopes tied with the office were dashed.

It is very likely that this is what the United States wanted. It had made one kind of pledges to the Taleban and Qatari officials and another kind of pledges to the Afghan government. We believe that the United States does not want the war in Afghanistan to come to an end. They only want to reduce their losses and casualties while the war continues to rage on. They are in love neither with Karzai nor with Mullah Omar. They do not attribute importance to a government where men wear neckties or to a government where men wear turbans and beards. Human rights and democracy have only one interpretation in US lexicon and that interpretation is centred on US interests seen from the lens of US power not from the lens of humanitarian values, peace and prosperity. The United States looks at the world from the lens of its Special Forces, CIA and drones. It is only using a few allies by blowing the trumpet of democracy and freedom of expression. A nation would be very unfortunate to be deceived by a few slogans. The intoxication of Qatar office lasted only two days for the Taleban Islamic Emirate. Afghans should think deeply about these realities and think about their future in a calm fashion. They should choose their own path and rid themselves of the fires of foreign wars.

Source: Weesa, Daily in Pashto/Dari Languages, Kabul, 23 June 13, p. 2

© 2013 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Taleban office a US conspiracy against Afghanistan, paper says
BBC Monitoring South Asia
June 25, 2013

Text of editorial “A new phase of betrayal and conspiracy” by pro-government Afghan newspaper Weesa on 22 June

The opening of a Taleban office in Qatar and different reactions to it by different parties show the degree of American betrayal of the Afghan nation.

Peace and understanding with the Taleban and restoration of peace and conclusion of war in Afghanistan are the biggest hope of every conscientious Afghan. Even if we sacrifice governments, it will be worth it provided true peace is restored and the misfortune which has entrapped Afghans ended.

But the betrayal the United States is committing to Afghans in the name of peace and understanding is unprecedented in history. On the one hand, the Taleban are made to believe that the United States is defeated in Afghanistan and is fleeing. They are made to believe that everything is going as planned. On the other hand, the anti-Taleban front led by warlords has already been strengthened, weapons have been distributed and efforts to spread hatred have been spread to pit Afghans against one another and bring them to the point to believe that the United States is their saviour.

If Afghan authorities are accused of ineptitude and ineffectiveness, it is true. There is no need for an academic analysis or other forms of reasoning to prove this. However, the main reason why the Afghan government is weak should be established. The biggest reason is that the international community intentionally kept it weak according to a well-developed plan. Even if geniuses and not the current government officials were in power, the government would still be weak because this was the objective of the conspiracy.

When the foundations of the new government were laid at the Bonn Conference 12 years ago, it was part of the conspiracy to make sure that a large segment of the population was excluded from the political process, that the government was prevented from extending its influence among the public and that the Afghans were disabled from thinking about their future in a responsible and free fashion. It was part of the plan to create multiple centres of power so that the government fails to have influence among the public. This was accompanied with a vague and undefined war which aimed at eliminating Afghan leaders.

There is no precedent in history showing that an entire village is destroyed for one Taleb on one occasion and then the same Taleban are giving an embassy-like building to compete against a government formed under international auspices all because the government does not allow continuation of terror. The architects of terror are now taking revenge from the entire nation of Afghanistan.

We believe that all Afghans including the Taleban will come together one day and all conspiracies will be foiled. The sooner the Afghan nation realizes the degree of conspiracy hatched by the United States and neighbouring countries, the sooner will this sad story of Afghan death and misery be brought to a conclusion.

Source: Weesa, Kabul, in Pashto 22 Jun 13 p 2

© 2013 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Iran: Commentary Says US Must `Officially Admit` to Defeat in Afghanistan
Resalat Online
June 26, 2013

Afghan President Hamid Karzai, right, shakes hands with NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen after a press conference during a ceremony at a military academy on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, June 18, 2013. Afghan forces have taken over the lead from the U.S.-led NATO coalition for security nationwide, Karzai announced in the significant milestone in the 12-year war. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

Commentary by Alireza Sadeqi entitled: “America`s Admission to Defeat in Afghanistan”

The United States` defeat in Afghanistan is an issue that even members of the Republican Party, who initiated the war in this country, have admitted to. The Obama administration`s action in negotiating with the Taliban truly indicates how far the United States and NATO have become caught in Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent. Under such circumstances, US public opinion must prepare itself for an official declaration of defeat in Afghanistan. Obama, who has been unable to prevent defeat in the war in Afghanistan, is trying to reduce the costs of this defeat. Under such circumstances, Western political and military officials have basically been unable to account for their crimes. In any case, the West does not intend to simply leave the Indian subcontinent and merely wishes to continue its long-term presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan by changing its mission in the region. Afghanistan`s government and parliamentary officials must not remain silent in the face of the West`s dangerous plans and must even adopt a stance against those who are in agreement with long-term Western presence in their country. The criminals of the Afghan war are trying to create judicial immunity for themselves and to prevent the revelation of truth related to the war in this country; although NATO`s occupying forces have committed the worst crimes in Afghanistan. Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, has warned against the sensitive issue of judicial immunity for US military or NATO forces established in Afghanistan after 2014. At the end of 2014, more than 100,000 NATO forces under US command are due to put an end to their fighting operations in Afghanistan, but it is expected that thousands of military forces will remain in this country in order to train and help Afghan forces.

Ron Paul, the Republican senator from the state of Kentucky in the United States has written in his weekly column in the Washington Times that although more than a decade has passed since the US war in the Middle East, this country has learnt no lessons whatsoever. In the rest of his article, the Republican senator has referred to the recent opening of the Taliban office in Doha, the capital of Qatar, and has written that although the objective behind this move has been declared to be the establishment of a new location for negotiations over how to put an end to the Afghan war, it resembles the establishment of a government in exile. Paul mentions an important point in this respect: “For years, many of us have reasoned about the necessity of leaving Afghanistan, and during all these years, we were told that we cannot leave this country. We were told that if we leave Afghanistan now, the Taliban will return. You can guess that after 12 years, spending trillions of dollars, the death of more than 2,200 Americans, and the probable death of more than 50,000 Afghan civilians and fighters, the Taliban are in any case returning!”

The United States` desperation in Afghanistan is so extensive that it has been emphasized by the most skilled foreign policy strategists in this country such as Brzezinski. During Obama`s first term as president, we witnessed the continuation of the strategies and even tactics of Bush Junior in Afghanistan. In an ill-advised move, Obama even issued the order for the dispatch of thousands of new forces to Afghanistan. Nevertheless, we ultimately observed that the scope of US defeat in this battlefield has expanded. The revelation of the issue of negotiations between the United States and the Taliban, indicates how serious US defeat in Afghanistan is. Taliban leaders were extremely suspicious about taking part in the negotiations and they believed that the United States is seeking to use these dialogues to create division among Taliban forces. However, after only three meetings since these secret negotiations began, details of meetings in Germany and Qatar, which had taken place in March and April of the current year, were revealed by the US newspaper the Washington Post and the German publication Der Spiegel. “Tayyeb Aqa” was introduced as the Taliban`s main negotiator in these dialogues. Other analysts also believe that Obama`s declaration of readiness has taken place with the aim of preventing the United States from becoming caught in a quagmire similar to that of the Vietnam War, and to bring about a face-saving deliverance.

Accordingly, the United States has already determined a goal for itself in Afghanistan. For a long time, US allies have been looking for Washington`s “ultimate objective” in Afghanistan or in other words, they want to know what it is that the White House is seeking in this country. An important point is that Obama`s strategies regarding Afghanistan contain paradoxes that are completely unjustifiable. US and NATO costs in Afghanistan are increasing exponentially and they also possess two psychological and material aspects. Intensified opposition by global public opinion to the presence of occupiers in Afghanistan is fully perceptible, and Western governments that support direct military presence in Afghanistan have been challenged more by European and US citizens.

In any case, defeat in Afghanistan is a point, concerning which both US parties have jointly reached an agreement, but neither side has the audacity to admit to this defeat. Ultimately, Obama will be forced in the near future to declare the United States` official defeat in Afghanistan; a failure that will belong to both the Democrat and the Republican parties in the United States. The Afghan defeat will remain as a black mark in the track record of the Bush and Obama administrations` foreign policy; a terrible defeat in the realization of which both Republicans and Democrats have played a part.

(Description of Source: Tehran Resalat Online in Persian -- Website of conservative Tehran daily, owned by the Resalat Foundation; associated with conservative merchants and clerics and the Islamic Coalition Party;

© Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.

Pakistan: Report Says Taliban, US Employing `Pressure` Tactics Ahead of Talks
June 25, 2013

Report by Masud Asim: “Taliban To Open Offices in Pakistan, Turkey, Abu Dhabi”

The dialogue has apparently been stalled due to the US demand that the Taliban take down flag of Islamic Emirate Afghanistan and remove the nameplate inscribed with the words Islamic Emirate Afghanistan from the office gate in Qatar. However, observers who have closely seen Afghanistan jihad claim that both the Americans and the Afghans are attempting to pressure each other before they start negotiations.

According to sources, it has been decided that the Taliban will open their liaison offices in Pakistan, Turkey, and Abu Dhabi in addition to the Qatar office. They will establish contacts with the international community.

According to reports received by daily Khabrain, the Taliban have assured the United States as well as Iran that they would not spread their ideology beyond Afghanistan`s borders. India, too, has been told that its fears are groundless. The Taliban have assured that, if they form government in Afghanistan, no neighboring country will have any fears.

Sources said that the Al-Qa`ida had already moved to Syria and Libya from Afghanistan. Now there are very few Arabs in Afghanistan, so there will not be any pressure on the Taliban regarding Al-Qa`ida. According to the sources, Afghan Taliban have not used any Arab suicide bomber or militant in their recent operations.

According to reports, the Taliban plan to initiate Khalid Bin Walid operation ahead of the holy month of Ramadan (fasting month). The operation is named after famous military commander Khalid Bin Walid, a companion of the Holy Prophet. On the other hand, the United States has adopted carrot and stick policy to build pressure on the Taliban. According to the Taliban, they are now resolutely launching Khalid Bin Walid operation after Al-Faruq operation has successfully concluded.

(Description of Source: Islamabad Khabrain in Urdu -- Islamabad Khabrain in Urdu News, a sensationalist daily, published by Liberty Papers Ltd., generally critical of Pakistan People`s Party; known for its access to government and military sources of information. The same group owns The Post in English, Naya Akhbar in Urdu and Channel 5 TV. Circulation of 30,000)

© Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.




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