Who’s to Stop the Country’s Crazy Man?

King Alpha Condé will go all the way and get his 3rd term mandate.

Who to stop the madman at the helm of the country

October 28, 2019 (Aminata.com) – I had already asked myself questions following the very shameful interview he had turned into a fight between him and colleagues in the French press, but his words in a recent interview with the newspaper Le Monde convinced me that Alpha Condé is mentally ill. This man is crazy!

The dozen demonstrators with their bare hands coldly murdered during marches to prevent his third term, he says without blinking, were killed by the organizers of the demonstrations: “We know that it is they [the organizers of the demonstrations] who shoot people. When people die, it impresses the international community. These are attempts to destabilize a democratically elected power. The opposition has always been a coup leader and it thinks that if there are deaths, it is on the government’s shoulders.”

And he added, as if what he had said before was not already scandalous enough: “In other countries where there are new constitutions, there have been many demonstrations, there have been deaths, but they have done so”. This has the merit of clarity. More deaths won’t change anything.

King Alpha Condé 1st will go all the way and get his 3rd term mandate. It reminds me a little of the statements made by his close friend, the Gbagbo war criminal, who said after each opposition demonstration that there were still several deaths, that it was the militants of President Ouattara’s RDR who were shooting at their own comrades, in order to discredit the government … and it was still 2000, long before the rebellion broke out.

ECOWAS is shamefully silent. The African Union is voiceless, as usual. When the UN finally reacts, stupid pan-African sovereignists in the 25th hour will get on their high horses and pull out the same antiphon: “No interference! African problems must be managed by Africans.”

In the meantime, the old fool (years), a former Democrat who has turned into a bloody dictator, can continue to massacre his own people with impunity.

By Saïd Penda

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