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Zooming into the Past

Zooming into the Past


With these interviews and joint communiqués, Roobdoon Forum begins what it anticipates will be a continuing series (of zooming in previous speeches and interviews) in weekly conduct.  The entire series will exclusively be published in Biyokulule website.  The series was compiled under the direction of the Forum and contains a wide range of references in which a large junk of interviews and statements were transcribed, translated, and deposited by FBIS.


The purpose of zooming in our recent past is simply to let ourselves find solutions for the current tragic situation we as Somalis are in.  This forwarded anthology of speeches, joint communiqué, and interviews from Somali leaders might help to those who seek solving the problem to search for an interpretation of the ongoing civil wars.


Here, Roobdoon Forum is not rendering a moral judgment and therefore willing to go out of its usual way by not commenting the interviews and statements presented by Somali leaders and faction spokespersons.


N.B. anyone having contemporary letters, speeches, and other historical sources pertaining warlords is courteously requested to contact the Forum. *

More coming........

 Week 65 & 66  & ....


 Yes, this is the Year


 Parliament Plagued by Bickering


 Clandestine Somalia missions yield AQ targets


 Don`t Force Statehood On Somalia - in Defence of Richard Dowden


 The Secret War: How U.S. hunted AQ in Africa


 Clan and Conflict in Somalia: Al-Shabaab and the Myth of “Transcending Clan Politics”


 “Oil Sheikhs” Imagination Runs Deep in the Horn


 Somalia of the 1960s: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V


 Somalia`s New Tongue Twisting Names


 Formaggio in the Mousetrap


 The Duo-Sharifs Dancing on the Volcano


 How to Start Your Own Xubin and Waax Country


 The Paler Side of the King of Kings


 Chain of Protests Against Somaliland Atrocities


 Corporate Mercenaries in Somaliland!


 The Shabab Conglomerate Indoctrination


 The Birth of Two Decades of Mayhem: Part I & Part II & Part III & Part IV & Part V


 Puntland’s Dual Track Greed Policy


 Puntland Commitment Withers Untimely


 Déjà Vu: The Farole – Sharif Debacle


 Sushi Dot So Domain


 Saracen-Villa Somalia Agreement


 Marauding Saracen: A Mercenary by Any Other Name


 The Mushrooming of Cabbie Statelets


 Which Way to the Sea, Please?


 Mukhtar Robow: The Dark Horse of 2011


 Aydeed Family’s Secret Pact with Ethiopia


 War-profiteering politicians


 Galgala: Farole’s Waterloo


 Clan Wars with Religious Coloration


 What If Canada Would Have Sheltered Abdullahi Yusuf


 SNM and SSDF: Were they the earliest predators?


 Zooming Today &Yesterday: Shaykh Sharif Shaykh Ahmad


 Kulmis and Kulmiye: The Mujahidiin of Horn of Africa


 UN Envoy to Somalia Ahmad Ould Abdallah


 Yemen’s Marginalized Class


 It`s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World


 Carrab Lo’aad Caws Looma Tilmaamo


 Ten sheikhs were executed in Mogadishu in 1975


 Idi Amin: I was forced to be a President


 Puntland: A Quisling Scheme


 Somali Independence Week


 Hammiga Waliid & Hangoolka UNPOS


 Piratestan [ 1 ]


 Qaylo Dhaanta Waa Maxay?


 Ethio-Djibouti Relations to Union


 Back to the Drawing Board


 SYL Letters in the 1940s


 Week 63 & 64


 The 1978 Attempted Coup


 Infidel Fidel iyo Geeska Afrika


 Week 59, 60, 61 & 62


 Budhcad Badeed Weli Qiil Ma Leeyahay?


 Who is This ‘Mad’ Mullah ?


 Grievances Against Bosaso Police Misconduct


 Puntland prepares to Take the Lone Path


 Week 55, 56, 57 & 58


 Somali Legal Integration Systems


 Labadeenna Ra'iisal Wasaare Alloow Daa Ma Dhahnaa?


 If Somalia is Divisible Somaliland is Divisible


 The Fall of Sanaag


 Week 53 & 54


 Is China Good For Africa?   [ 1 ]   [ 2 ]        


 Puntland Mineral Exploration Series [ 1 ]   [ 2 ]   [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]  [ 5 ]  [ 6 ]  [ 7 ]                


 Week 51 & 52


 China: New Power in Africa Series – Part 1 [The Pursuit of Oil in Chad].


 China: New Power in Africa Series – Part 2 [Chinese Entrepreneurs in Malawi].


 China: New Power in Africa Series – Part 3 [China Is Both Benefactor and Competitor].


 Week 49 & 50


 The Dark Continent – Electricity in Africa.


 Egypt and The Horn of Africa.


 Puntland2001 in Turmoil.


 Aidid's bloody legacy; Qanyare and Ato Interviewed on Aidid's Death.


 Aideed Profile: How to Turn a Warmonger into a Hero.


 Week 47 & 48


 Ali Mahdi said: the Habrgidir are only one-third of the Abgal.


 USC’s Abdi Osman Discusses Relations with Aidid, Ali Mahdi.


 SSDF Spokesman, Mohamed Abshir, Expresses Support for UN Actions.


 Bari-Bari Says UN Wrong To `Overrate' Aidid.


 Week 45 & 46


 Somalis put aside their guns, and let Clint Eastwood do the shooting.


 Operation Desert Gypsy.


 Managing in Mogadishu.


 Week 43 & 44


 Slavery, Murder, and Beatings in Banana Plantation


 UN Retreat from Somalia


 Nearly everything in Somalia is now up for grabs


 Suicide Of A Nation


 Somalia: Hell On Earth.


 On Mogadishu’s Green Line Nothing is Sacred


 Arteh Ghalib Discusses On Peace Prospect


 Week 41 & 42


 ‘Why do Somalis kill each other?’


 Somali Alliance Calls for Talks as UN Goes


 UN Peace Talks Doomed as Fighting Erupts


 Somalia And U.S. War On Terrorism.


 US Stirring Pot In Somalia.


 Week 39 & 40


 Aydeed: Arms Given as Gifts


 Arteh Ghalib Calls for Imposed Peace Force.


 Somalia, US and The Horn of Africa.


 Week 38


  Civilians Lose Hope.


  Somaliland Embraces Evicted White Zim Farmers.


 Week 37


The Somali people love keeping small arms, camels and horses with them”.


 Somalia, the United States And the Horn of Africa.


 Week 36


 General Aidid Interviewed on Mogadishu Plight.


 Somalia has ceased to exist."


 Mogadishu chokes in despair.


 Rakiya Omar: World Ignores Slaughter in Somalia.


 Aydeed Faction: “there is no point in meeting with Ali Mahdi”.


 Week 35


 Factional Fighting in Somalia Terrorizes and Ruins Capital.


 We Must Take Care of Ourselves.


 A Turning Point: Ethiopia Hits Somali Targets, Declaring War.


 Mogadishu Subdued.


 Week 34


 Somalia Self-Destructs.


 How memories of Black Hawk Down cast shadow over hopes for peace.


 A Glimpse of Cultural Restoration At York University.



 Week 33


 A Luncheon Reception Seen as a Milestone Gesture.


 Perils of Somali Flood: Hunger and Beasts.


 Somalia’s Islamists and Ethiopia Gird for a War.


 Regional War May Loom in Africa.



 Week 32


 Arteh Ghalib: I repeat here to the whole world that instability in Somalia is a mere rumor.


 US Marines' "Mystery" Mission in Northern Kenya raises Eyebrows.


 The Ethiopian Factor in the Rise of the union of Islamic Courts.




 Week 31


 Ali Mahdi: Forces loyal to Gen. Aydid have tried to jeopardize the stability.


 Renegade Somali lawmaker agrees to explore ways of sharing power with Islamic militants.


 Week 30


 Arteh Ghalib: Secession is Not a Solution.


 Al-Jazeera Broadcasts in English.


 A Question of Balance (about The Union of Islamic Courts).


 Week 29


 Ali Mahdi: I am a Democrat.


 The Speaker of the TFG of Somali Republic.


 Week 28


 The Arabs and the Great Game in Somalia.


 Smuggling Season


 The Canadian Connection


 Cape of Less Hope


 Somali Extremists Emerge. [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]


 Week 27


 Life Behind the Wheel


 Ogaden Draws in Tension Once More


 Ramadan Chronicles: [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]  [ 5 ]                     


 Week 26


 ZOOMING IN SOMLILAND: 1    2   3    4    5   6  7    8   9   10    11    12                                 




 Islamists Calm Mogadishu


 Week 25



 Factions Disagree On Government


 'A Flower of Paradise'!


 Sheikh Sharif Ahmed Profiled.


 Intolerance is okay if you're the Pope.



 Week 24


MARCH 1991

PM Arteh Ghalib: I Am the SNM, I Created It in 1964.


Somali Women's Role in UIC


 Week 23


MARCH, 1991

USC's Aydid Not to Recognize Interim Government


 Week 22


FEBRUARY 09, 1991

National Movement Leader Interviewed on Situation




 Week 21


JANUARY 30/31, 1991

Reaction to USC Presidential Appointment Noted 



 Week 20


JANUARY 29, 1991

Somalia Gets New Interim President


Chronology of Oil and Gas Exploration Agreements  Part II


 Week 19


JANUARY 28, 1991

Aydid has not been part of USC structure


Chronology of Somalia's Oil and Gas Exploration Agreements  Part I


 Week 18


JANUARY 09, 1991

SSDF Rebel leader on Collaboration with USC


 Week 17


JANUARY 05, 1991

USC Rebel, Government Spokesman Interviewed


 Week 16




JANUARY 01, 1991

USC Spokesman on Mogadishu Battle, Future Plans


 Week 15

Late Appeals That Fell on Deaf Ears

Part III


President Abdiqassim Salad Hassan


 Week 13 &14

Late Appeals That Fell on Deaf Ears

Part I  &  Part II

 Week 12   

An Aura of Eid al-Fitr Verbal Habits

 Week 11   

The Somali Manifesto I

Part II of Discontents








 Week 10   

Discontents and Open Letters Discounted

Part I

Prime Minister Abdirazak Haji Hussein

 Week 9   

Dr. Gacaliye Hints of Regional Confederation

 Week 8   

Dr. Ali K. Galaydh Scores on Somali Statecraft

 Week 7   

Prime Minister Ali Samantar on Historical Account


Defense Minister Comments on Ethiopia and the Abortive Coup

PM Samantar: Ethiopia is the Only State that Supports the Dissidents

 Week 6   

The BBC Somali Service:
Informative or Failed “Soft Power” Command

Bush House

Mogadishu Radio Accuses BBC of Misreporting SRSP Congress

Ali Mahdi Radio: BBC ‘Nakedly Siding’ With Aydeed

Ali Mahdi Radio Says BBC Reportage ‘Far From Reality’

SNA Denies Civil War ‘Raging’ in Mogadishu

SNF Spokesman Denies BBC Report on Security in Baardheere

Ali Mahdi Radio Comments on Media Reports

SNA Spokesman on ‘Fabricated’ Western Media Reports

Aydeed Spokesman Rejects BBC ‘Fabrications’

BBC Called ‘Imperialist’ Propaganda Tool

USC-SNA Branch Denies Committee Meeting Report


 Week 5   

Armed Factions and Their Moralizing Efforts:
From National Liberation to Clan Sovereignty


Part III


 Increasing Influence of Islamic Radicals Viewed

 Northeast Officials Opt for Islamic Law

 Pro-Aydeed Demonstrators Call for Shari’ a Law

 Political Islam and Aydeed’s Opportunism

 Islamic Courts, Reconciliation Councils Viewed

Week 4   

Part II


 USC Chairman Opens Islamic Court in Mogadishu

 Somali Islamic Union’s Qawiyy on Relations with General Aydeed

 Mohamed Abshir : Islamic Group Expelled From Port

 Attacks on U.S. Forces Said Launched by Islamic Groups

 Sunni Leader Calls for Jihad against ‘Infidels’

 General Jilaow Notes Growing Fundamentalist Influence

 Religious, Political Leaders Address Rally

 Oppositionist Seeks Islamic Government, Foreign Pullout

 Islamic Group Calls for `Holy War’ Against U.S. Troops

Week 3

Part I


 [SSDF] Rebels Urging ‘HOLY WAR’

 [SSDF] Calls for Fight against SIYAAD

 [SNM]: We are the Mujahidiin of the Horn of Africa

 SNM Soldiers Explain Motivations

 SNM’s Abdirahman [Tuur] on Islamic Shari’ a

 Somaliland Republic to Institute Islamic Law

Week 2


Mr Abdiraman Tuur SNM Chairman

 SNM’S Tuur: Barre’s Regime Has to Go

 PM’s ‘Umar Mu’allim: the Country Needs a Change

 USC’ Ali Wardhiigley: Gaalkacyo is in the Hands of the USC.

 SNM & SPM Joint Communiqué 

Week 1

 President Barre 1969-90            SNM Chairman Mr Silanyo

1987 – 1988

 Siyaad Barre: No Need to Initiate a Dialogue

 SNM’s Silanyo: He Has Done to the People Things Which the Colonialists Never Did.

 Siyaad Barre: Ali [Khalif] is a scoundrel and a rascal



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