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Angola: Article Says President `Dictator,` `Compulsive Liar,` `Usurper`
Folha 8
Wednesday, December 5, 2012

President of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos

Unattributed article: “Jose Eduardo dos Santos Wants To Take Angola Down Path of Total Ruin”

In the recent past and after the event of harmful electoral fraud, the usual detractors of national political truth have made suspicious moves in a vain attempt to divulge distorted information lacking in objective truth thereby trying to mislead the entire political country as part of an orchestrated maneuver gone out of control that tries to pass off untruths about the country being well, alive, and kicking.

In truth in Angola we are living disastrous times full of surrealist social measures redolent with poisonous lies that do nothing to help the country find motivation and balanced as well as sustainable development. It is also impossible for the government on its own merit to set down additional rules designed to guarantee implicit governmental tranquility and to dilute the current movement of social and political conflict experienced by those living in Angola.


The aim of those mediocre reports is to camouflage the shameful situation that Jose Eduardo dos Santos, his cohorts, and family are going through because they are so attached to power. Today there is no disguising the fact that there is turbulence in the country`s administrative and political structures, and in the MPLA`s (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola) political and party structures. That turbulence is bound to disfavor Jose Eduardo dos Santos and his cohorts leading to a growing loss of credibility at home and abroad.

No one wishes to hear any more oft-repeated and blatant lies by Jose Eduardo dos Santos and the current MPLA leadership intent on staying in power at any cost even without a sense of direction and conditions.

Jose Eduardo dos Santos has come to the end of the tolerance line drawn by those who believed in him as the savior of a fatherland in construction. Today he is aware and certain that no one else in this country believes in his words. He has lost the right to audit and he is now audited by those who he and his children have jointly exploited for 33 years. Jose Eduardo dos Santos is in an impossible position because he has no audience anymore and he only listens to himself. He has placed the country and those Angolans who own the country in a situation so difficult as to border on the abyssal and on saturation and any time soon we might witness the fall of those Angolans and of one of the most terrible and accursed dictators in black Africa, our own dictator Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Thank God, power-hungry Jose Eduardo dos Santos` megalomanous and arrogant nature is coming to an end for the joy of all Angolans who suffer the infamy and ignominy of the illegalities that his accursed monarchic regime commits against all Angolans in breach of the law and of the paralytic atypical Constitution he created.

He has rendered unviable any path that might make it possible for him to live in peaceful coexistence with Angolans and in the very near future he might not even coexist with universally accepted democracies within the context of the planet`s free nations.

It is my belief that Jose Eduardo dos Santos has no way out of the corner into which he has painted himself, there is no exit at all that will allow him to live in peace in Angola in the future whether or not he is forced to leave the country`s leadership. He will drag with him his troupe of relatives and direct aides who have helped him put in place an iniquitous inquisition that has persecuted, abducted, detained, tortured and killed the people of Angola who welcomed them.

His direct relatives, in particular his daughters Isabel and Tchize (Welwistchea) dos Santos and his sons Zenu (Jose Filomeno) and Zedu (Paulino) dos Santos have been in the public eye for negative reasons like sacking or transferring the wealth of Angolans to countries that do not identify at all with our way or life or our spiritual and Angolan values.

The questions that have to be asked are: Why is it that to this day Angolans do not know what happened to money made from the sales of crude (oil) and diamonds, among other minerals mined and exported over the last 37 years? Why are we not told the source of all the US dollars and euros that keeping lining the pockets of Jose Eduardo dos Santos`s relatives and direct aides? His government and he need to clarify that disturbing national and international fact.

How can the people of a country be governed by persons of such dubious character? There is no longer the coherence needed to hide the skeletons of the deadly and degrading political system that Jose Eduardo dos Santos and his party have imposed on the country for 33 long and difficult years.

How can we accept such deviations from ethics and truth when the United States is investigating senior officials and even in what has become Jose Eduardo dos Santos` colony in Europe, Portugal, it is inadmissible for officials accused of theft, corruption, assassinations, laundering money stolen from natives of Angola, and even persons accused of international terrorism to be part of the Angolan Government`s top structures? For a great deal less than that (founding National Union for the Total Independence of Angola, UNITA leader) Dr. Jonas Malheiro Savimbi was hunted down, detained, tortured, and killed with the approval of international powers.

My question now is: Why is it that the very international community that allowed Jose Eduardo dos Santos to kill Jonas Savimbi now does nothing to prevent him killing Angolans indiscriminately and stealing their wealth? What is that same international community waiting for to halt Jose Eduardo dos Santos and his dictatorial regime? What do powers that make up the credible international community need in order to detain, charge and try Jose Eduardo dos Santos, his offspring, and other cohorts in the dilapidation of national property, and above all for exporting corruption to democratic countries, conventionally the credible segment of international community?

There is the recognized need for some moral truths to remain alive in the consciences of people and that situation is not any different for Angolans even if many of those truths might have execrable connotations. It is well known that Jose Eduardo dos Santos has used the oil of all Angolans to force the international community to bow to him and his court of deceivers and corrupt.

Angolans have never been told officially why Jose Eduardo dos Santos does not declare his assets, unlike what other leading opposition figures have done. Only a man afraid of the wisdom of Angolans can resort to subterfuge not to clarify his billionaire status to the very people he swore to govern equitably. Monarch Jose Eduardo dos Santos is rated one of the planet`s richest men. Angola is a rich country but, sadly, he has turned it into a nation of beggars in debt with all international credit institutions. Today he looks for listeners but it is hard to imagine who will listen to a compulsive liar and a maniac usurper who has taken over all the property and wealth of Angolans during his reign, thereby murdering Angola`s dream of prosperity and self-sufficiency.

(Description of Source: Luanda Folha 8 in Portuguese -- Privately owned weekly carrying political reporting and commentary that is highly critical of the government)

© Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.

Angola: Article Condemns President`s Foundation Funding Casino
Folha 8
Monday, December 3, 2012

President of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos

Report by William Tonet and Arlindo Santana: “Angola on Verge of Explosion”

Angola as everyone knows or should know is a country of contrasts, opulence and poverty cohabit among the party champagne bubbles in the heart of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos`s elite court and the food leftovers taken from waste bins and eagerly devoured by the hungry that still survive. The champagne bubbles are for a few hundreds of thousands of people, the leftovers for the more than, many more than, 10 million Angolans.

In Angola, those in power say that the social inequality is a hoax set up against the Dos Santos/Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) regime. The magnificent president has already commented on this and promised that it was not his or his party`s fault; blame can only rest with the colonists or ... God.

However, we should think about the most recent investment made by FESA (Eduardo Dos Santos Foundation), worth over $500 million. It is said and can be seen from the information given to Folha 8 by a source close to the institution, that the whole thing comes from (state-owned oil company) Sonangol, in other words from public coffers.

Typically, the funds are not for an initiative connected to knowledge, education, science or another relevant specialty, the training of young people or of Homo “Angolanis,” as other billionaires do worldwide, but for a game of chance - gambling, the monetary opium that perverts the minds of the poorer, since those of the rich are pre-formatted for this pastime. “I never thought that the main mission of this foundation could be the building of the first international casino in Angola. This shows clearly what the current leaders think, therefore it is not surprising that the gambling houses are linked to them,” Osvaldo Vieira Dias told Folha 8.

The first international casino is almost finished, on a road, typically on a plot of land that was public, according to the confiscation and nationalization law, but, according to our source, it was granted to FESA without a public tender and at zero cost.

And the appetite and greed for money is running high. This means, the first major work of what is described as Angola`s biggest foundation, is linked precisely to gambling, a sophisticated practice of taking from the poor what little income they have, in the false hope of becoming rich in the blink of an eye. All this is misleading publicity.

They want to sell an image of modernity, with no concern for the majority of the poor people, who do not lack casinos, but schools, hospitals, jobs, and dignified housing. But it would seem that now it is all FESA, and in terms of health, we have another “political confiscation” of the only public company for the manufacture and sale of medicines, Angomedica, at zero cost, seized by the Health Ministry.

The current situation is an almost paralyzation because FESA leaders embarked on a commercial partnership with a Brazilian public company, according to our source, but this achieved very little due to the weakness of the new owners` project. Thus we have another former public asset not fulfilling the purpose for which it was set up.

The problem is that Angola`s wealth, firstly should be distributed in line with expired Marxist-Leninist precepts, but it has all, really all, been set aside to be distributed among the bags (some colored sky-blue) of the former-Marxist and current capitalist, ultra liberal MPLA and CIA Ltd.; secondly there is no end to the huge queue of vultures that have gathered to grab future assets.

(Description of Source: Luanda Folha 8 in Portuguese -- Privately owned weekly carrying political reporting and commentary that is highly critical of the government)

© Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.

Angola: Article Urges President To Usher In Changes, Step Down `Gracefully`
Folha 8
Friday, September 21, 2012

Article by William Tonet: “Losing Would be Impossible, Wining in This Situation is Always Possible

Here and now, as a citizen committed to democracy, peace, conciliation, and a real national reconciliation, I am telling you that, despite the way that the whole atypical electoral process occurred, my personal position is to recognize your ascention to top position.

Congratulations on this victory, but especially on turning 70 on 28 August 2012, in the heat of the election campaign. I hope you continue to have the strength and lucidity to usher in from now on the changes that the country so needs.

I would like you to be my real partner, committed to real democratic institutional reforms, a partner who did not fear democracy, had the gift of forgiveness, and did not persecute those who think differently.

It would be good if through your own initiative the non-politicization of the Armed Forces and the National Police would be undertaken. And if the judiciary were independent, truly independent of the party and presidential authorities, that would be a truly great gain.

In the meantime, we believe that the standards set by the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) as a governing target for the next five years were too high, and as it is up to the president to take all the risk, we think it is time that the highest dignitary in the country should be able to prove that he is up to the challenges and is capable of detaching himself from the cover of the MPLA and become, for the first time in 33 years in power, the president of all Angolans, as a politician committed to transparency, the fight against corruption, the end of the illegal enrichment of some close to him, a better distribution of national wealth, and a real openness of the media by it ceasing to be a party cell.

At the moment Mr President, at the old biological and political age you have reached and surrounded by favoritism - please do not take my words as a hint of cynicism but of realism - in good time you will be able to detach yourself from an old routine and at the same time avoid the siege of those who for personal benefit are drawn to you, and embark on a new path toward stepping down gracefully allowing you to remain in the memory of all Angolans as someone who in the end tried and established something that transcended his ideological ties. If you are able to do this Mr President, I believe that Angola will not plunge into social turmoil over all the types of inequalities in the country, between the few who have millions of dollars, and the millions who have a little under a dollar a day to survive.

It is necessary to see beyond time and your vision when you break through the horizon, you do not have much time. There are many examples of this.

Salazar did not read the signs of history and its irreversible winds, and 500 years after being invaded by slave traders and when all was expected to be well, Angolans showed him that his “Catrineta” ship (literary reference) had many holes and was very rotten inside.

Humberto Delgado proved, despite paying for it with his life, that with a politician like Salazar, he would never be able to organize free, fair, and transparent elections... Salazar did not want to change his mind and history showed him a red card (soccer reference) of fundamental devaluation. Dictator, here is your final epithet.

Unlike you, a 33-year-old Jesus Christ thinking about the majority of his compatriots and others, chose nobility in an unparalleled attitude of sacrificing his life for us. His gesture changed the world forever and more than 2,000 years later he is the most referenced and talked about personality in centuries. He is the only product that does not expire. And it is not difficult to find some of the reasons for this!

Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela showed that it is possible to fight for freedom, democracy, peace, and national reconciliation without violence, and they will never stop being a positive reference for all men and women, regardless of their ideology.

Thus, urging you to see clearly what is changing in Angola Mr President, as Angolans we hope, and I hope, that as you go over 70 you will leave a legacy for all Angolans and not just those belonging to the MPLA.

I am one of these skeptics who still believes that it is possible to draw close to you people who do not kowtow to you, so that the president of all of us can bring balance to his entourage and image as a leader, and assert himself through his actions and not through fake support, force or absolute power.

To be a truly God-fearing man, as former Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere was, would give you great protection.

I know that after so many years of absolute power, during which you went to sleep and woke up to the sound of flatterers who told you, and still tell you, only what you want to hear, it is difficult to be a normal citizen and take normal decisions, but believe me it is possible, and that is and will always be the best shield for a forewarned and coherent politician.

Do not support the uncontrolled persecution of your opponents. Do not support more fixed trials, or the selective assassination of your opponents, because when this happens it is your image that suffers the most.

Mr President, now that your power has been consolidated more than ever, try and show the Angolan people and be the pioneer of real positive transformation and change for the sake of your future and that of Angola.

All because those who choose to be ruined by praise, will never be saved by criticism.

Believe what I say. We stand side by side for Angola.

The indigenous leader William Tonet

(Description of Source: Luanda Folha 8 in Portuguese -- Privately owned weekly carrying political reporting and commentary that is highly critical of the government)

© Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.






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